life can be a grind sometimes


we all know this


ESPECIALLY on Monday morning


Perhaps today you felt like you wanted to stay in bed and sleep


Maybe you even contemplated calling your boss and quitting


Believe me, I have been in a job I hate and I know exactly how it feels to not be living life with a purpose


So here’s the Monday Motivation


let’s STEP UP and set a PURPOSE for your life right now!


Imagine this….


You woke up this morning with your IDEAL body staring back at you from the bathroom mirror


….like the physique fairy had magically transformed you overnight….


How would you feel?!


Amazing! Right?


What if I told you it would actually be THE HARDEST transformation you could endure?


Allow me to slap you in the face with some reality...


If you DID wake up with your ideal body this morning and you CARRIED ON as you are at the moment..


…namely eating bad foods, being stressed out and skipping workouts...


Well, your ideal body would run off and leave you with it’s tail between it’s legs.


And you’d be back to square one.




If your current actions would cause your ideal body to transform back into a soft, pudgy one


Then do you realise that you’ll never get in shape unless you change your actions TODAY?


How would your ideal body like to be fed? 


Eat that way today.


How much weight would your ideal body be able to lift?


Work towards that today.


How much rest, recovery and sleep would your ideal body like to have?


Start by taking 10 mins to sit down and breathe (AKA - meditate) today.


The thing is guys:




Fundamentally, you know what result your actions are going to give you in this very moment.


That’s why we all feel guilty after eating a ‘cheat’ meal.


So change WHO you are today.


Stop waking up feeling like shit, sluggish and lazy because you have no purpose.


Start waking up and realising that you MUST change your behaviour, your mood, your posture, your habits, your sleep patterns, your words and language, your efforts in the gym


And believe me, you CAN change all this




Get excited about what you could change today


What you could experiment with


How you could work towards your fullest potential.


People think getting in shape is all about eating less and exercising more.


But it’s about CHANGING who you are


So when the day comes and you DO have your ideal body


Well, maybe you’ll be able to keep it. 


Speak Soon



Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington. 


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