We had a great Facebook LIVE video today


Thanks to all of you who watched it!


If you missed out, it's been recorded and you can watch it on our FB page HERE


To put it simply I covered the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Which is basically being paralysed by too much information, so nothing happens!


This is obviously bad for your health, but it also makes you feel like crap.


SO here's how I deal with this (more detail in the video):


1) Set bigger goals


Maybe counterintuitive, but I won't get up for something unless it's a disgustingly big goal.


I like to get FIRED UP!


And small goals don't motivate anyone.


In fact, most people's goals don't motivate them, aren't tied in with their true purpose in life, and the goal is too small!


Conversely, the tasks on your to-do list each day are too big!


....which brings us to #2...


2) Set tiny tasks


For example, I don't set the goal of cleaning my house and then set the task of 'clean the kitchen'


That's a big risk of overwhelm.


What if you don't have any washing up liquid?


What if all the pots are strewn throughout the house?


Even a simple task like cleaning the kitchen needs to be broken into really, really small tasks.


Let's say I want to do the washing up.


This could be broken down into a micro to-do list like so:


1) get off my ass

2) walk into the kitchen

3) clear the sink of crap

4) put the plug into the sink

5) run the water into the sink

6) squirt some washing up liquid into the water


and on and on and on....


These tasks look ridiculously small, but they're not scary.


Which means you won't get overwhelmed!


What's on your to-do list that could be broken down like this?


3) Stop giving a F*ck


Just don't care about your progress


Most people have a goal, then they look at someone who has achieved their goal and think 'wah, I want to be like them!'


Unsurprisingly, this makes you feel like crap.


Don't do it to yourself!


As long as you're taking your tiny steps each day, you'll get there.


Stop listening to naysayers, haters and (to be blunt) B*llends.






4) Change your state!


We've all woken up in a bad mood.


Overwhelm is a never-ending loop of this bad mood.


It sucks.


One of the easiest ways to feel less overwhelmed (and therefore be productive) is to change your emotional state.


Ever felt sad then someone cracked an amazing joke and you couldn't be sad anymore?!


That's a state change! It's powerful.


Here's a few things to try:


> watch a comedy movie


> phone a friend and have a chat


> get out of your normal environment, go shopping, go for a meal or a coffee


> go for a walk


> sit in the shower and meditate


> journal your thoughts - then challenge those thoughts!




1) Set huge goals


2) Set tiny tasks in your to do list


3) Don't give a F where you are


4) Change your state to a postitive one




That's the Monday Motivation


Let's have a great week!






Anthony Shaw



Raw Strength Gym

Birchwood Park, Warrington