More is More….Muscle

Increased strength AND muscle growth you say? Well you need to lift a heavy weight loads of times. Simple

But it is impossible to lift a heavy weight loads of times! How can I do this?!?!

You need to drop CLUSTERS into your workouts.

Clusters are groups of repetitions that are separated by short rest periods but count as the SAME set.

So if you wanted to achieve muscle and strength increases in the back and arms,for example, and lets say you chose to do pull-ups, you may find the problem that you can only get around 8 reps in one go, but you need to get around 40 reps as your main exercise! What are you gonna do?!

2 reps, REST 5-10 seconds, 3 reps, REST 5-10 seconds, 5 reps, REST 1-3 minutes and repeat for a total of 4 times.

You will never get close to your 8 rep limit but you will be getting 10 reps per set (2+3+5), for 4 sets, for a total of 40 reps.

For strength work try using 3 reps, resting 5-10 secs and doing 3 more reps with a HEAVY weight. You could even drop the reps to 3 or 4 and use a cluster of 1 rep, REST, 2 reps, REST, or any combination you can think of!

Clusters help solve the classic training problem of doing more work, whilst staying as fresh as possible.

Keep the QUALITY in your training.

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