Why Being too Comfortable makes us WEAK


What's up Raw Strength Fans!




Simply put, every week you need to refocus


Get back on track


Set your sights on goal once again


And ultimately, make sure your actions are aligned with your goal.


I can tell you from experience that working 24/7, super hard on the WRONG actions has taken me away from my goals many, many times.


It can be crushing to realise you're working on the wrong thing


Working hard yet seeing no results


Maybe you feel like that right now in the gym? 


Well, let me ask you a question....


In the last 7 days, how many completed positive actions did you take on your goal?




Meals prepped?


Recovery work, stretches, walks and chill-out time scheduled in?


Go on, answer the question in your head....




If it ain't, step it up this week.


As time flies by when you're avoiding success. 


Before you know it, you may find yourself in a position where you CAN'T get to the gym and build strength and fitness because you are too weak and missed too many opportunities to train and eat right.


I ran a nutrition seminar for our members this past weekend


One comment from a client really stuck in my mind...


"It's funny how people look at diets in blocks of 4-6 weeks when really we should be aiming to make changes that work for us, that we enjoy, for the rest of our lives."


Couldn't have put it better myself.


It's a new week. 


Re-focus and Go CRUSH your goals!


If you want the help of me and my team to personally coach you through a 12 week body transformation where you could lose 1-2 stone of bodyfat and add 3-5lbs of lean new muscle (AKA - radically transforming the way you look, act and feel)...


...well just let me know you want some help, it's a big step I know but you can take a positive action today...


Simply fill out this form and we'll set up a phone call to discuss where you are right now, why you want a change and we'll simply see if our programs can definitely help you.


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We only work with people frustrated with their progress and desparate to commit to a proven plan to get dramatic results.


But once you're in the inner circle you get ALL our knowledge and experience delivered in a 12 week program with 3 strength and conditioning sessions per week and our in-depth nutrition & lifestyle course.


We will literally work with you to force your body to change.


As of writing, 8 places left on this program and I fully expect them to go this week.


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Speak soon


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington