My Advice on Eating Clean Foods

Be honest, do you struggle to eat healthy foods every day?


I sure as hell do.


Today I share the secret to staying on track.


I've always struggled to eat clean foods, in the amounts that would support my training goals.


A problem I've been aware of since starting training years ago.


A problem you're likely experiencing right now.


But the thing that fixed it for me is not what you think.


You see...


I first thought the problem was me not knowing what to eat, when, how much. etc.


So I made plans


Searched for recipes


Made a meal schedule


All that good stuff.


Yet I still seemed to find a way to eat cheesecake and huge portions of homemade curry, chili....stuff that drove my caloric intake through the roof. I saying that planning, recipes and schedules don't work?


Well, they kind of do.


But I was missing one key piece of the puzzle (and you might be too)....




The diet you will do is the one that is most convenient.


If you wake up in the morning and you're planning on making an omelette and prepare your lunch, snacks and protein shakes.....


What happens when you're hungover one morning?


Or the washing up hasn't been done and you can't find a frying pan or any clean lunchboxes?


Or you wake up late?


AKA - real-fucking-life!


Well, then you're fucked.


If you're anything like me you'll nip through Starbucks drive through for a caramel macchiato and a bagel for breakfast.


Some sandwichey, sugary meal deal for lunch


Then a frozen pizza and some ice cream on the way home from work.


^^^ real examples from my life by the way haha


Great work Ant, you've just consumed 4000 calories, mainly sugar.


That's set me back a few days then.


just ONE day like this each week seriously reduces results.


Two more more days like this means zero fat loss is happening, probably joint inflammation, poor recovery from training...


.....basically a load of bad shite.


But what do you notice about my starbucks-meal deal-pizza kind of day?


It's convenient right?


So if I'm going to stick to my recipes, meal plan and schedule it MUST BE CONVENIENT for me.


That said, here are a few things I do to make food more convenient:


> buy no-drain tuna


> eat microwave rice and microwave veggies


> make slow cooker meals (waiting for me when I get home whoop!)


> make wraps (gluten free if you like) with pre-cooked slices of beef, with cheese, olives, mixed salad. Grab out the fridge and slap it together.


> use a nutribullet for protein shakes


I bet you can think of loads of cool ideas too


The main focus is on 'time to plate'


If a pizza takes 15 mins to cook and be on my plate


Then I'll eat that over a clean meal that takes 20 mins to prepare, say lamb chops, halloumi cheese and spinach.


Damn. I really wanted those abs.




I won't wait that extra 5 minutes.


I'm not disciplined enough to withstand a sugar craving


I'm not focused enough to prepare 4-5 days worth of meals in a row


Some of my clients are better food preppers than I will ever be!


But if I surround myself with clean foods that are easy to grab and stay on track, well then I know I'll be successful no matter what.


Hope that helps a few of you today :)


Train hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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