my weird trick of fitness....

my weird trick of fitness....


I was walking through the park this morning


Coffee in hand


Sun a-blazing (weather's been awesome and makes you FEEL so much better, right?)


...then I saw them....


A bunch of mums, with their prams, absolutely getting after a workout


Blasting out the tunes


Burpees, lunges, bench press-ups, step-ups, squats


Good on em.


And it got me thinking....


When you enjoy your training, you will achieve your goals.


Enjoyment = success


No enjoyment, no success.


Unless you're a freakin disciplined machine. Maybe you could force yourself to get in shape that way.


Unfortunately, I'm lazy, I like to eat lots of food, I don't like to move about.


Maybe you're' the same?


Funny thing is I own a gym and I'm in shape, pretty strong, healthy.


So what's the secret?


I train with my friends, I get the coaches to train as a team


I get competitive with them and with myself


I build my diet around foods I like to eat (bacon & eggs anyone!?)


I have a spreadsheet with a list of workouts on that I satisfyingly highlight green when the workout's complete


I just lurve seein those green squares stack up!




Cos I bet you a billion dollars you aren't experiencing amazing results, fun, happiness and strength from your fitness like I am.


Are you actually experiencing:


> forcing yourself to eat food you don't like, or starving yourself?


> having one cheat meal bleed into a cheat 2-3 day bender of cheese, wine and chocolate?


> getting home from work with zero desire to get changed and hit the gym? (...another thing that gets harder when it's sunny!)


> training solo, or with a boring PT, or trying to train at home?


> not seeing results for all your hard work and wishing you could see just a little difference in the mirror?


I can solve all that.


We run a 28 day kickstart program called LEAN in 28 that will teach you optimal nutrition in a simple way, train in a fun, private gym


....and a coach will MAKE SURE YOU DO THE WORK


^^^^^ don't underestimate that last bit


how much is it?


> 3 workouts each week for 4 weeks (should be £120 for 12 sessions)

> nutrition program and 24/7 support (should be £100 for writing the plan and the support)

> fun, enjoyment, training with your mates! (priceless!)


yet this is ONLY 97 quid.


Come on, that's you stopping drinking wine, skipping a few starbucks coffees and takeaways and you're covered!!


But remember what I said about enjoyment and success?


The most common thing I hear from our clients is this:


"I never thought I'd actually enjoy going to the gym!"


Well believe it.


The catch?




meaning apply NOW to secure one of the remaining 5 places.


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