no gym makes me sad 😔

A few weeks ago I went for a run


Now this is amazing for two reasons:


1) I was anti-running for a long time. Thought it would affect my strength & muscle.


2) I just got up off the sofa and did it, outta the blue, no planning or thought.


You know what?


I felt awesome.


Normally I overthink my training and try to make it perfect.


I use the exact sets/reps and effort scales that the research dictates


But that day, I just thought ‘fuck it I’m going for a run’ and I went


Took my doggy


I walked and jogged and sprinted and just played about all the way


Went along a river and through some trees and had a great time


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it


Yet it’s quite normal really.


For thousands of years humans have been hunter-gatherers, only recently (evolution-wise) moving to agricultural jobs and very recently to industrial and technology based jobs.


Probably everyone your grandad knew was a farm labourer or equivalent


Probably everyone you know works at a desk


So we are confined indoors for most of the year, most of the day, most of every hour.


To take an hour out of your day and go for a walk or a run through nature is really helpful


Your brain needs it, all the stimuli (sights, sounds, smells) are so different from the city/desk life that something deeper arises


Breathing fresh air and getting out of breath stresses the body in a good way


In fact, aerobic trained athletes have been shown to live up to 8 YEARS LONGER than non-aerobic trained athletes


This is because modern life signals the ‘fight or flight’ response in our bodies - STRESS


Part of that stress response is inflammation in the cells (to prepare for damage from a hunt, fight or run)


Aerobic training reduces inflammation - it’s like the antidote


Or kind of like your body is gearing up for a threat that never comes, so the stress hormones remain in your body in some form


Aerobic training resets the button


So this week, get outside, go for a walk or run, get some alone time


You’ll feel miles better for it


Be different


Rise above




Anthony Shaw 


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym



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