Not seeing fitness results?

Think about this....


....everything you are experiencing right now IS a result.


Not happy with your belly?


that's a result


Unhappy with your strength?


that's a result.


SOMETHING has caused these things to happen.


You may think you're doing everything right


but in fitness going 99% of the way often leads to no results.


It's the extra 1% that takes you to 100%


1-2 sessions a week can lead to zero results


but 3-4 sessions a week could be life changing!


Same with nutrition...


4-5 days a week of super clean eating could lead to zero results


But 6-7 days a week of eating spot on could give a radical improvement in your physique!


What I'm trying to say is go that extra 1% every day.


Stop blaming your scenario, schedule, other people, social events or anything else for your lack of a good physique.


You are responsible for your results.


Many people don't understand how to improve their body, I get that, that's why we teach our clients exactly how much food to eat, when and how.


We also teach how to train for a new body.


But having the information is one step, DOING the work is the all-important 'gap' that many people can't bridge.




So let me bring it back to my 'point of the day'.....


Whatever you are doing right now, whether right or wrong, is bringing a result into your life.


Are you doing good stuff that will bring the good stuff?


Or are you doing bad stuff that will bring the bad stuff?


It's common sense, but does require some self-honesty.


You see, one thing that I've noticed with successful clients, is they all take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions.


Unsuccessful clients try to blame me for not getting them results.


Life don't work like that folks.


DO the work, be honest when you don't, and take responsibility for your actions.


Don't think of results as results


Think of results as CONSEQUENCES.


What will be the consequence of todays actions?


Pizza = bad consequences (bad results)


Salad = good consequences (good results)


But don't for one second think that somehow time and life and 'the rules' don't apply to you...


consequences are coming my friend!


Be pro-active, be in control.


Train hard




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