Here is an UNMISSABLE interview I’ve just done with sports nutrition expert Ben Coomber. This guy works every day with champion athletes and generally turns people into BEASTS. Great info here for you rugby players!  

In the video below Ben discusses LOADS of great things you can do TODAY to build muscle, strip off fat and most importantly, improve your HEALTH! I can’t recommend this info enough so check out the vid now!


The main ACTION points Ben brings up are below, LOADS of info here!


Read through them all and just take one or two things and start implementing them TODAY!! I want everyone to take action on this information, start taking control of your health and diet today and you’ll play harder and perform better!


  • Eat more veggies, eat protein from good animal sources and limit sugar intake.


  • Eat healthier and you will lose weight and improve your body composition.


  • Cycle carbs throughout the week.


  • Experiment and find out what works for you regarding how much carbs you can take in without feeling sluggish and sleepy. Some people can eat carbs and have high energy levels, some can’t. Know thyself!


  • Say to yourself before you eat, “What is the value of these calories that I am about to eat”, the foods you eat must serve health, performance and longevity. If they don’t serve these values, DO NOT EAT THEM.


  • Have a protein heavy and fat heavy breakfast to control body composition and insulin levels…..he recommends a cheesy omelette with vegetables


  • Lunch should usually be meat heavy with veggies, like a nice BIG salad with loads of meat.


  • Have protein and healthy fat based snacks between meals, like a protein shake and a handful of nuts.


  • After training have a shake that includes fast acting carbs (sugars) and protein, I use chocolate milk and Ben approves!


  • The meal following your workout is when you can have your carbs, but stick to healthier options like brown rice and sweet potatoes, and as always get in loads of vegetables!


  • Eat a variety of foods to provide the body with all the vitamins and essential stuff it needs


  • To maintain and increase strength and muscle DURING a competitive season you gotta manage your stress levels, relax each day and work on incorporating recovery methods into your program


  • For the majority of people…..20 minutes into a game, start sipping your sports drinks or popping jelly babies down your neck. If you eat them BEFORE the game you may experience a drop in energy as the body digests the sugar. But again, experiment and see how your body reacts, do what works for YOU.


  • Educate yourself about diet, experiment with what works and tweak your diet until its perfect. Your diet may not be perfect straight away so use trial and error until it works great for you.


  • If you find a vegetarian person, ask them why they don’t eat loads of amazing meat! We are meant to eat meat so question their beliefs because they are missing out on ESSENTIAL nutrients.


  • When making changes to your diet take little steps but make constant changes and slowly you’ll create a great diet. You’ll see progress but you won’t have noticed the changes!


  • Have faith that the positive changes you make will work. Being healthy should be a LIFESTYLE choice, not a 3 month trip before going back to your old unhealthy ways. Stay positive, have faith.


  • Build a strong and healthy foundation and you will be in a much better place to achieve any training goal that you want to focus on.


  • Before you take supplements, start eating healthy and give your body time to adapt. If you’re unhealthy your body won’t be able to digest those expensive protein shakes!


  • Once you have your healthy foundation, then and ONLY then should you start taking supplements. Ben recommends vitamin D and fish oil because we don’t get enough of them in the foods we buy.


  • When you look at taking supplements, look at your whole diet and see what areas are lacking and need help.


There are loads of QUALITY tips and info here for you to take home and take action.


The video goes much further in depth and has a load of great info that I simply couldn’t put into a bullet pointed format, if you haven’t watched it yet scroll up and watch it now!


Please share this article with your friends and coaches and lets all start eating better and playing harder! Drop any and all comments below J


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