Office Snacks Are Coming to Town

Evil Chuckles Burst Forth…

As we come into December this week, you will want to read this VERY PRACTICAL guide to sticking to the diet when at work.

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Stay strong guys, Xmas is only a few days and you deserve to enjoy it

You don't deserve to be dragged off track by snack-crazed work colleagues.

So here are a few ways to stay strong at work when everybody else is eating sugary, christmassy junk food.....

1) Keep a draw full of healthy snacks and when they are all stood around you eating mince pies - grab a piece of fruit or a protein bar

2) Have set phrases to say when they ask if you want cake. These must include the word BECAUSE and a rational reason. The human mind won't fight with a good reason:

> "I can't because I've already eaten my snack for this morning/afternoon"

> "I really shouldn't because I just started a new diet" (even if you haven't, just lie)

> "Better not because I ate loads yesterday!" (bit of humour, again just lie)

3) Do not miss a meal! If you're hungry you'll be mentally weak and ready to snack. See point #1 on keeping healthy snacks at your desk!

4) Keep a picture of your ideal body, or written goal, on your phone as a reminder to be disciplined.

5) Work towards a goal with a friend. Be each other's accountability buddy. You need someone you can vent to after work who is IN IT WITH YOU! Example conversation with your buddy... "those b*stards tried giving me cake again today!" "did you break?" "No I stayed strong" "Nice one" ...this makes it easier to stay strict with your eating.

6) Take your gym clothes to work and schedule a concrete time to train after work. This means you are less likely to crack and think things like "hmm, I'll just have one mince pie then go home, then I'll deffo go to the gym after that" Yeah right. Take your gym stuff, don't eat the cake. Think, "I don't want that cake before I train at 6pm." Much better.

7) EVIL TIP: Just keep a mental note of how many cakes and pies and cookies everybody in your office eats. Smile to yourself. Do you think they'll be leaner or fatter come Jan 1st? Hell yes they'll be fatter! Smile wider. Perhaps start to snigger softly.

....and in January they'll want to get in shape after 'accidentally' consuming ten billion calories of christmas cake and wine won't they? Grin like a comic book villain. Evil chuckles burst out of your mouth.

....and you'll be LEANER than you are now come Jan 1st if you eat clean, right? Good. Stick to the plan you evil mastermind. 'tis a good plan.

* * *

Hope that helps you stay strong when the mince pies come around

Or at least helped to spark some ideas of keeping your discipline

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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