ONE Thing to Transform Your Day & Your Life



There I was, the last person sat in a coffee shop at 9.30pm on a Friday

Working on my business

Looking at all my projects I was yet to finish

….but I couldn’t even START any of them

I was just staring at a blank page

Ever felt like that?

The thing is

Today I work less hours than a few years back

But I get MORE done!

Stay with me here > >

…..because this could will certainly change your life…..

Once I realised that I had allowed myself to accept a TON of projects

without saying NO

I’d reached a state of OVERWHELM

where I couldn’t FOCUS on any one thing

Being overwhelmed is kind of a mix between excitement and terror

I could see what I needed to do but couldn’t do it

I talk to hundreds of frustrated people every month who can’t get in shape

So I know this is really common when starting out to achieve a new fitness goal

…and let’s face it

The main part of the overwhelm comes from sorting out your nutrition

But there is a way to fix it and get rapid, long lasting progress

So you can see visible changes in your body in the fastest possible time

those changes must be supported and improved by a lifestyle switch

Kind of like you’ve taken out the old operating software and updated to a new efficient system!

To do this, it’s simple

To explain it, let’s go back to me sat in a coffee shop getting nothing done….

I had about 20 projects to finish

I was overwhelmed and getting nothing done

So I just made a list of each project

And then crossed out the ones that were NOT essential

For you, this could be ‘get new gym kit’ OR ‘get a juice machine'

Nice, for sure - but not ESSENTIAL

Then, I picked out the MOST important projects

For you, this could be ‘throw away all sugary foods and go on a healthy food shop’ OR ‘go to bed one hour earlier so I can get up and walk the dog early'

By now, I had about 5 projects that were absolutely criticial

IS this good enough?

Can we stop here?

Hell no!

Can you do 5 things at once?

It’s only one, right?

So those 5 things had to be trimmed down to one MAJOR project


“Pick just ONE thing, that when completed, will have the BIGGEST impact on your goals"

What will that be for you?

Suddenly, things became crystal clear for me

And I knocked out that one thing until it was done

Once it’s done?

Pick the next high priority thing and CRUSH THAT TOO!!

then bit by bit you build momentum

see progress

feel clarity and relaxation

instead of confusion and stress

And you shall smash your fitness goals!

Not sure what the next step should be to transform your body?

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington