PS I don't blame you

ever seen someone who eats well & trains every week like clockwork but who isn't in shape?


me neither


you can say you want a better body all day long but it's the DO-ing that lets most of us down.


rant over


now let's break down WHY we all fail to stay on track




A crap gym experience (think of any of the major chains) will be detrimental to your success.


Sorry to break the news if you've joined a gym for the New Year


But it's true, why would you want to train in a place where:


> the trainers don't have a clue

> the men are creeping all over the women

> the music is quiet AND crap

> TV screens ruin your focus (can't train hard whilst watching corrie on the screen guys)


and believe me, I could go on and on - the lonely, shallow feeling - the queues for equipment - blah blah blah


take my word for it, you won't be able to maintain motivation


because you'll sit on the sofa, think about going to the gym, then think "F-that" and grab the remote.


PS - I don't blame you.




Imagine the perfect diet.....


You're sat on the top of a beautiful mountain in the sunny Mediterranean coast.


There you are, smiling, with a huge spread of green, red and orange veggies covering the table


Your family are helping themselves to massive helpings of freshly caught fish, ripe fruits, olives and goats cheese


Everyone's happy, connected, and healthy.


Pretty cool, right?


**Now snap back to the reality**


You get home from work/taking the kids to their clubs


You've been up since 6am


You've got work projects spinning around your head


It's 10pm


Do you think it's realistic to then go and prepare meals and make a big clean spread for the family?




ain't gonna happen


it's pizza and bed, like every one of us does in that situation.




My point is this:


We all know what to do in order to feel and look healthier


We know we'd be happier if the foundation to each day is good food and an energetic mood


But the reality is most people are trying to fix this with a solution that has been mis-sold 


Modern fitness is broken.




If you want to rise above the crowds, hide away in a private gym, have a nutrition education where I'll pull the wool from your eyes and teach you how to eat well for the REST OF YOUR LIFE rather than a 7 day juice-blitz-detox....


...well, drop me an email:


let me know you're interested


as we have a 6 week introduction course that will change your life


> every session is coached by an expert

> you'll lift weights and learn from scratch the right way to train

> you'll be inducted into our 5-level nutrition plan - from simple daily habits all the way to personalised diets for your goals


....oh and we have a great community, everyone knows each other well it's an incredibly supportive, motivating place to train.




let me know and I'll send the info pack right back for you






Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym