Quick Tip to Play Like a Professional


Everyone should play like a pro. I don’t mean your skills, whilst they are likely the most important part of your sport, what I’m talking about is how you behave…..


Have the attitude, preparation and focus like a professional athlete and you’ll go further! You must hold yourself accountable for everything that happens in your performance and prepare wisely for every occasion.


Here is the best tip that I’ve got for you to play more like a professional:



Seems simple, but are you doing it? Each time I see really promising young athletes that are 14-16 years old, almost without exception they have protein shakes and stretch out and cool down after competitions. Is this a coincidence? I think not!


Great athletes know they need an extra edge; they go the extra mile with their attention to detail. Do you?


  • Great athletes set goals and plan practical ways to achieve those goals, starting immediately with a small but significant action, like buying a tub of protein powder. Do you?
  • Great athletes look after their bodies, recovery, mobility and flexibility work. Do you?
  • Great athletes lift HEAVY weights and work on things in the gym that will carryover to their sport. Do you?


I could go on and on with this but it’s so important that I really don’t want any of you reading this to miss my point….the better you PREPARE yourself, the better you will play. I’m not saying you will become a professional athlete if you prepare well, I’m saying you will play better if you take on board a professionals attention to detail.


Think of 5 things you could start doing today to be more prepared for your sport and start off today with the smallest and most achievable one! Take action and play better!


In the comments section, tell me what things you do or want to start doing that will help you prepare for your sport. I wanna hear it!

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