responsibility = freedom

One of my clients had a revelation this week.


She has finally been able to lose body fat consistently. Her ability to take responsibility for what she was eating was key.


I’ll share her story in just a second, but first I want you to know something. 


You can lose weight. You can get fit. You are already fit enough to get started. 


Be in the now, be in the present, step up to the mark and - if you’re not happy - do something about your health and fitness NOW.


I’m not going to sit here and write a story about how I’m so disciplined and you’re not. Or how my clients are superhuman, because any one of them will tell you - they ain’t! But what we do have at Raw Strength Gym is a culture of support and of taking responsibility for your actions. You admit when you could have done better and there’s a bunch of people to: a) listen to you and empathise, and b) train alongside you, diet with you, and get you back on track.


That’s why a team of training partners (good, positive ones) is bloody priceless.


Anyway, onto today’s lesson…


A female client of mine came up to me yesterday and said, “I’m down another pound today which takes me to the 2 stone lost mark!!!” ….she was deservedly giddy about this! 


I asked her why she thought she can now lose weight consistently, when in the past she’s had some less consistent periods of dieting. She has even admitted to binge eating after work, and that being the main reason she struggled to lose weight. 


But hey, we all do that right, so what’s been different for her?


She took responsibility for two things:


1) she wanted to eat chocolate


2) she wanted to hit her weight loss goal


Thing was, for a few months she had only done one of these things at a time. Some days she wanted to lose weight, other days she wanted chocolate.


They key change happened when she took responsibility for both things - at the same time. 


You can’t have two opposing ideas in your head at the same time and them BOTH be right, so something has to give. Often this leads to yo-yo dieting and self sabotage. Basically, you’re lying to yourself if you do this. 


But we also don’t want to ignore inner wants - like a want for chocolate - because you'd go mad! So instead it’s important to think of a solution to your seemingly juxtaposed ideas, so both ideas can live together harmoniously WITHOUT self sabotage.


So, how did she manage to eat chocolate AND lose weight?


A few weeks prior to this I’d suggested she try keeping a calorie target and make a daily chocolate bar (a small, healthy vegan chocolate bar) part of those calories. Rather than banish for a few days then binge - why not stay sane and have it little but often? 


Well, this minor tweak stopped the binge eating, stopped the chocolate snacking and has clearly got her some great results - and I know she is just getting started! 


This change is down to her discipline, her planning, and ultimately, her ability to take responsibility every day and eat to a plan.


TODAY - How could you calm two opposing issues in your head, so that both could be right?


Everything in moderation.


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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