Ricardo’s flat earth theory 

Ricardo’s flat earth theory 


one of the most F*CKED up sayings is


“you’re entitled to your opinion”


in most areas of life, I agree


Of course you are entitled to your opinion on things like my writing style (doesn’t mean I’ll listen haha), or your best friends dress (how could she wear THAT again?!)


When it comes to scientific fact however


Now we’re in a different ball park


You don’t get a say in FACT


Like the sky is blue - FACT


Then Ricardo goes and says “In my opinion it’s more of a green…”


Bob looks over to Ricardo, then claims the Earth is flat. Despite fucking PHOTOS of a round Earth taken from SPACE!!!


Well, we’ll just pat them on the head and take ‘em out the back to be shot.


Because, Ricardo et al., you don’t get an opinion in fact.


Facts are proven and can’t be disproven until we have another fact.


So yes, the Earth may be flat, but up to now we have evidence it is round/globe shaped


And NO evidence that it’s flat.


Let’s bring this back to fitness my friends…


STEP 1) Look at the facts


Grab your belly flab


Look at yourself in the mirror


Ask yourself if you are truly happy in life


Facts, things you can prove your situation with.


Now on to the next step..


STEP 2) Don’t get emotional about the facts


You may not like admitting you’ve eaten too much non-human food and got pissed 4 times since Christmas day.


But them’s the facts.


So let’s use them as a compass point on the map


Get our bearings


And move on to step 3


STEP 3) Use facts to change your situation for the better


Best part about fitness is we can change the outcomes


Unlike the round Earth fact, we can’t change that


But we can drop body fat, increase mobility and strength


and feel HAPPY!


But we have to look at facts…


Someone came up to me yesterday and asked, “do we always have to do the same things at the gym, I want to do other things and have some variety”




Basically, YES, we have to do the same things, in a progressive way, over and over again


As there are two laws we MUST follow to get results (by the way, when a theory is proven it becomes a law)




"The Law Of Specificity"


Briefly, you only get fitness improvements in the exact thing you are training.


Want to run faster? Practice running faster


Want to do more press-ups? Practice your press-ups


Want to lose fat? Burn more calories than you consume


We can’t go running and expect to be better at press-ups


We can’t eat a bucket of KFC a day and expect to lose fat.


Be specific, only train what you want to improve.




"The Law of Progressive Overload"


Again, very briefly, you must push the body to it’s capacity to signal it to improve


Want to run faster? Run faster than your last session, not the same pace


Want to do more press-ups? Do a couple more than your last session, not the same amount


Many, many people get stuck in a rut, and do the same workouts week in, week out.


You must overload your system week after week.


- - - - -


This doesn’t mean training has to be boring or constantly painful though


Which is why we do squats, squats to boxes, squats to benches, squats with bands on, squat jumps, push sleds, split squats and lunges etc. etc.


This is called ‘same but different’ training


This satisfies the law of specificity AND makes training more fun


We also track our members best lifts on squat, bench press and deadlift


Then make sure they increase the amount on the bar each week


This satisfies the law of progressive overload and to be honest, makes training quite fun as you constantly see improvements!


- - - - -


To sum up


Ricardo can think the sky is purple all day long, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s blue


Your mate can do Zumba and ‘juice detox’ all they want, it doesn’t change the fact that zumba isn’t tracked, isn’t progressive and a juice detox will stress the body rather than burn fat 


Facts and laws dudes


Facts and laws


This is why I get so annoyed when I see people ‘program hopping’ from gym to gym, goal to goal


With no consistency brings no results.


If you want a program that uses evidence to help you progress


A program that will help you constantly improve and see a change (because we train specific to your goals)


Then start with our 6 week beginners program


If you email me back I’ll send you an info pack with the details


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

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