RSG fitness TIPs of the week

What’s up team, hope you’re having a wonderful sunny Friday.


We are getting a taste of summer now, it’ll soon be tops off time.


Are you happy with your body?


Getting stronger, fitter and healthier means you’ll have a leaner body - these things go hand in hand.


SO here are the top tips we’ve sent out this week in a nice easy summary 😃


Have a read - go and DO!


- - - - - - -


1) THE PILLARS OF LIFE - AKA “How to fix the CAUSE of fat gain, bad moods and tiredness"


> eat to a calorie target


> be positive


> sleep well


> meditate (breathe and be quiet) every day


- - - - - - -




A good morning routine will cover all the pillars of life (food, mindset, sleep and stress)


Some days you may miss, that’s OK. Just get back on track the next day.


Let’s do this - answer the questions in your notes and you’ll have a solid morning routine.


A) What time will you go to bed?


B) What time will you get up? Set your alarm now.


C) What will you have for breakfast? Go and buy the foods today.


D) How will you meditate? Headspace app, youtube, sitting and breathing etc. Choose a method now. 


E) What will be your calorie target to stick to? Use an online calculator or go to our FB group (


F) What will be one positive thing you will focus on all day long? Pick someone you love, or a big goal, or something to look forward to, or some self-talk.


- - - - - - -




Don’t try and “do” fitness for a little bit.


Make your plan B the support plan for plan A.


Make plan C and D the same too.


Get rid of your old, bad eating habits FOREVER - and you will live the life you want, with the body you want. 




> CALORIES - don’t do a diet - instead find a calorie target for your goal (ask a coach or work it out online)


> WILLPOWER - find 10000000000 ways to hit your calorie target whilst eating the foods you want (“meet you for tea? Of course. I’ll just skip the bread and have one small glass of wine thanks”)


> LET GO - truly let go of your old life, once and for all. You know where those habits are getting you, and it ain’t pretty.


Now go live a life that supports the body you want and MAKE IT EASY TO DO.


- - - - - - -


Rise above




Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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