Rugby Strength Show #1 How to release tight traps and neck

Let me present.... THE RUGBY STRENGTH SHOW!


I play rugby, I love the game. At my gym I mainly focus on training rugby players (both union AND league) and I've got a load of knowledge that I'd like to share with here's what's gonna happen:

  • Every week I'll put up a few videos showing things that I'm doing right NOW with my athletes, how I'm currently training and generally give my thoughts on a load of stuff to do with performing well in rugby.
  • I want to know what you'd like to learn. So email me a question ( Some of you will want to play at an elite level, some of you just want to have a laugh and a few pints on the weekend, it doesn't matter to me, let's create a nation of strong and healthy rugby players!
  • I'll video a couple of strength challenges that actually carry over to RUGBY and you can train along with me. No more of these crossfit/spartan challenge style fitness workouts. They're great if that's what you want to do, no disrespect, but if you play rugby then you should train for it!

If you have another idea that you'd like to see incorporated into the RUGBY STRENGTH SHOW then just let me know!

Without further is the first episode; how to release tight traps and neck muscles following a game.

You'll need to grab a lacrosse ball and find a doorway or the upright on a rack and just follow along with the video. Spend about 3 minutes each side, find the areas that are tight for you and work them, there's no right or wrong way to roll out, just do what works!


Try this out and stay mobile and pain free!