Rugby Strength Show #10 – Stop Stupid Shoulder Injuries!

If you play rugby or a contact sport, the chances are that your shoulders are going to get hurt sooner or later. Lots of impact force going through a very mobile shoulder joint…hmm….something’s gonna give!

Fortunately there is something we can do to protect our super shoulders, and it doesn’t involve wearing pads and a helmet like those American Football lads ;) Watch the video below to see a couple of movements I use DAILY with all my clients, whether they play a sport or not, these are essentials for healthy and pain free joints:


1. No-Moneys


This simple movement strengthens your rotator cuff and restores a hell of a lot of movement to the glenohumeral joint capsule. No equipment necessary, no excuses then!


2. Ball Roll Chest


Grab a hard lacrosse/cricket/hockey ball and roll out your chest muscles. I’ve seen this soft tissue release cure back pain, shoulder pain and even tight necks….all caused by chronically tight chest muscles. Having your chest muscles forcibly lengthened in every crunching tackle you make (or receive!) puts more than a few spots of tough scar tissue and tight muscle fibres. Roll it out guys!


3. Thoracic Extensions


Your spine gets some serious loading throughout a game of rugby. It’s safe to say 99% of the forces your body receives will go through the spine, and if it isn’t up to the challenge…well…you can kiss an injury-free season goodbye. The thoracic spine is very commonly immobile and rigid in a lot of people, let alone rugby players, if you struggle with overhead movement, sort this area of the spine out and marvel at your new found movement (and happiness!).


So there are three awesome movements to prevent AND cure your shoulder injuries.


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