Rugby Strength Show #3 – Pre Match Hip & Leg Mobility

In this video I demonstrate one of my favourite joint mobilisations and stretches for your hips.


This is what I use with my clients (usually back to back with heavy deads!) and myself, before/during workouts and definitely before a game….and if you’re playing an away game and you’ve spent 45 mins or more sat down travelling…just get this done! Sitting down tightens up the hips and almost ‘glues’ together the glute/ham/groin muscle insertions…because you’re sat on top of them!


This will loosen up your hip flexors, groin, hamstrings, hip joint and glutes.


Spend 2 minutes each side, try each position in the video BUT make sure you experiment and find out which position works the best for you….then spend most of your time mobilising it. You’ll probably find that each time you do this mobilisation you’ll have tightness in different places, so play around with it EVERY time you use it!


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