Rugby Strength Show #6 - Optimum Weekly Training Splits

Ever wondered how you can schedule your workouts and team training nights so that you can get the quickest gains possible?! In this video I set out a few ways that I like to split the training loads of my athletes (and myself!).




So you could train using the following schedules:


3 days a week – Mon, Tues, Thurs


2 days a week – Mon and Wed OR Tues and Thurs (Try to train on the SAME day that you have rugby training. A whole day off is better for your recovery).


Lifting weights 4-5 days a week whilst in-season is usually a bad idea, it’s only really possible if you limit yourself to a strict maximum of 2 sets at a high intensity for 2-3 exercises. Then go home and recover!


Recovery/rest days are IMPORTANT as this is where your body will adapt and improve, if you keep adding more work and training harder without giving your body recovery time, you won’t improve!


As usual, find out which way feels best and allows you to play the best rugby!


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Train Hard!