Running is NOT Good For You!

What’s up Raw Strength Fans!

Yesterday we started off a conversation on Surprising fitness truths…



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Now let’s dive into the second mind bending truth…

** Running is NOT good for you! **


Yes, I know that YOU reading this right now have been running in the past

Maybe even in the past few weeks

You did it to lose weight, right?

But, if your goal is fat loss, and let’s face it for most people thats the prime concern…

Then running is actually NOT helping your goal

It may even be making things worse!


Allow me to explain…


The body wants to be lean

Believe me, it does.

Given the correct diet, exercise and environment, the body will naturally lean out

Meaning = you look good nekkid!

Yet there are a few, if not thousands, of mistakes that you can routinely make that can affect the body burning fat…


Let’s run through the main ones (this will REALLY help you to burn more fat once you get rid of these mistakes)

QUICK NOTE: ALL of these mistakes cause the body to go into a stressed ‘mode’ and in this mode the body will not burn body fat for fuel, but instead run alternative ways of getting energy such as burning muscle (Noooooo!!)…

….or making you crave sugar (so the ice cream you eat can be used as energy)

…And basically the body does this to PRESERVE body fat stores.

Also known as - The Worst Case Scenario!


Here are the mistakes that cause this scenario:

> Not sleeping enough hours (7 minimum)

> Not relaxing enough, or not at all (no quiet time, no meditation, no reading of fiction)

> No conversations with friends (to unwind and decompress the mind)

> Always thinking about work (the body gets ready for battle!)

> Not eating enough (we covered this yesterday)

> Too much cardio work like RUNNING

SO yes, running can and does put the body into a stressed state and for most people…

…Stops fat loss!


Now, I’m not going to say stop running if you love it, because of course it’s better than sitting on your arse watching re-runs of Friends on the TV

What I am saying, is that for your goals of a leaner, better looking body…

Shouldn’t we be looking to OPTIMISE fat loss?


In that case, understand that running causes a stressed state (impact on the joints, increased rate of breathing, increased heart rate, mental pain from ‘the burn’)

This stressed state stops fat burning and the body must recover from the constant, grinding impact of each step 


Compare that to lifting weights, where the movement is relatively slow, controlled and we know exactly how to stimulate each muscle for growth

And we can train the WHOLE body every workout without pounding the joints and lengthening recovery time

Whereas running only really trains the legs (and not all of the leg muscles either)

We can progress the weight week upon week and burn MORE calories every session

Whereas with running, after increasing your distance and decreasing your time…. There ain’t a lot more you can do to progress

With weight training you can change exercises, vary the same exercises, there’s literally an infinite amount of options


To sum up:

> Running is one-dimensional, no real way of progressing for years and years

> Running causes the body to enter a stressed state that takes a while for the joints to recover from

> Running is boring for most people, and is not a life long habit you will maintain

> Running DOES NOT burn fat as well as other methods


So remember, OPTIMISE your fat burning

Don’t just run because everyone else is


Final food for thought:

> If all the bodybuilders, fitness models, magazine muscle men and celebrity fitness trainers recommend that you should be lifting weights and NOT running, as I am recommending, then don’t you think it’s time you lifted weights?!

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> Tomorrow we are going through the THIRD surprising fitness truth


If you currently have back pain, you won’t want to miss this.


Speak soon!

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach
Raw Strength Gym, Warrington