Salad, vomit, and going too far.

"yo Ant, you look like you've put some weight on!"


There was a time when that would be a compliment to me.


Back when I played rugby, being heavy was a GOOD thing.


Yet I struggled to gain weight past a certain point, and you may laugh at this, but if you haven't actually TRIED to get heavier in a short space of time, you'd be surprised at how tough it can be.


Anyway, I devised a wonderful meal plan:


1) 6 egg omelettes, covered in olive oil and cheddar cheese


2) uncle bens beef chili and rice, for a family of 4, just for me


3) a pasta bake, can of tuna mixed in, covered in cheese


I stuck to this for MONTHS!!


It was fantastic!


Yes, at first I burped and felt sick every meal, but then I started to get stronger in the gym, gain some real weight and people started to notice!


'Yes mate, looking good Ant' I thought to myself.


In reality...I was getting fat to try to perform better at rugby.


My health was shocking, and a year later I went to America for a few weeks and came back even heavier.


It was only when I puked in my mouth during a warm-up that I realised I'd gone too far.


Yet, if there was one positive we can take from this story it's this....




I used to eat an omelette before going to work, did it fit the schedule? CHECK


Then beef chili for lunch, nice taste, fit the schedule? CHECK


Then the big slog through an entire pasta bake dish, lovely, and did it fit my evening schedule? DOUBLE CHECK


Imagine if I had tried to gain weight with 6 small meals, or tried to prep 7 days worth of pasta bakes, or eaten foods I couldn't stomach (like smelly fish and almonds)


I probably wouldn't have stuck to that for months, doubt I'd even make it to the first Thursday doing that.


Let's bring this round to my point for today.


You want to lose weight and get in shape, right?


You know you need to diet and eat less, we all know this part.


So if you constantly struggle to eat to a plan, maybe it's not your fault. Maybe it's a shit plan.


Here’s what to do about it:


1) Make a plan that fits your day


2) Put foods into your plan that you like the taste of!


3) Check the calories are in line with your goal


4) When you want to cheat on the diet, it's not your willpower, it's boredom. Change the plan up!


There are quite literally, millions of brilliant healthy and low calorie food ideas on the internet. Google em.


But above all remember this:


If you want to implement a new, good habit. You must find a way to make it enjoyable.


You're too smart to trick yourself into eating salad every day.


Your brain will find a reason not to do something it doesn't like.


And hey, if you can make being in shape and eating clean more enjoyable than being overweight and eating crap every day. Well in my experience, that's when you start living the fit life.


Have a good day




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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