Sale Sharks Prop Lee Imiolek on Training, Mindset and Nutrition



Here is the ULTIMATE blog post! In this video I chat with Sale Sharks and England Under 20's prop Lee Imiolek and he gives YOU his tips and experience on mindset, training and nutrition. Watch this now, grab some paper and a pen and take notes!

Lee's main points were these:


  • Do not train like a bodybuilder. When rugby is the main focus you MUST train like an athlete, strength and speed are much more important than looking good on the beach.


  • Time your carbohydrate intake around workouts, before and after training. If you're sitting on your arse all day, don't eat a load of rice and pretend that you're 'reloading' carb stores. Earn the carbs!


  • Eat more protein. Lee tries to eat protein every 2 hours! Take the hint


  • It's easier to get bigger than to get better at rugby. So work hard on your skills.


  • Core strength is VERY important. Get stronger in the abs and lower back and total body strength and performance will improve.


  • Get people around you that share the same goals and you can trade ideas, train together and push each other further. When you have to make sacrifices for your goals, stay away from people that bring you down.


  • Recover! Ice baths and hot showers back to back, massage or foam rolling for soft tissue work and just basic stretches. Look after your body and you can play harder for longer.


  • Write down your 12 month goals, 6 month and weekly goals and stick them somewhere that you will see them every day. Lee sticks his up in the kitchen. You gotta know what you want!


  • To put on size, barbell complexes, strength work and high rep squats WORK.


  • Front squats are one of the main exercises Lee does for lower body strength. Increased core activation and less work for the back (better for recovery from rugby) means a healthier and stronger body.


  • Build up your strength and mass in the off-season, but when in-season you must give yourself time to recover, relax and play good rugby.


  • Maintain your size and build strength and power  in-season with an intelligent program


  • Power and speed work bridges the gap between lifting weights and playing rugby. Get strong AND quick and your performance will improve. VERY IMPORTANT!


  • Work on your specific needs in the gym, for props, extra neck and shoulder work is needed. Find out what extra work you need, and what other players aren't willing to do and you will set yourself apart.


Loads more info in the video, like I said, you need to take time out of your day and study this information! Take notes and start applying this today. As always, taking action is the only way to achieve your goals. If you have any questions or comments, just put them below this post!

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