scary gym times...

sometimes you may find yourself paralysed by fear

too scared to do what you said you were going to do

Let's say you wanted to train 3x a week, joined a gym, set out your gym clothes and set your morning alarm.

Then, you wake up early, start to worry about walking into the gym and being the most unfit person they'd ever seen

The most out of shape

The weakest

The slowest then roll over and set your alarm for another 90 mins sleep.

This is common!

And easily avoidable.

But what do you think is worse than letting fear stop you achieving success?'s when you then feel GUILTY for being SCARED

You spiral downwards in an anxious, fast drop to rock bottom.

Getting started is much harder when you feel lower and lower each day.

STOP - breathe :)

There is a far better way my friends.

At RSG we overcome the fear AND the guilt by firstly helping newbies get started in a relaxed way.

First, we undertake a consultation and talk about their goals and current fitness levels, if we can help we help. We usually can.

Second, we don't throw them into an intense session, they get a small group orientation with basic lifting technique on free weights, how to start our nutrition system, how to stay safe in the gym and how to track progress (& body scans not weighing, see yesterdays email!)

Third, we put newbies into a group of other people who were also newbies at one point, everyone has felt the same: nervous, understandably unfit and a little self-conscious. Like-minded people make them feel welcome rather than intimidated.

Finally, we continue to monitor attendance, give motivation to those who need it, and try to make every member at RSG fully engaged with the program, their performance, their results in the mirror and give them the mental strength to make 'hitting the gym' a little easier than last week.

Success builds success

A good team will help you

Anyway, here's something you could try this week:

TIP - get a training partner who is better than you. Not someone the same level than you, but someone who will bring you up to their level and call you out on your bullshit. Hanging around people with the same mindset, diet and fitness level as you will NOT be helpful!

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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