SEMINAR on 17th April - How to Create Awesome Programs


 The Seminar

Wednesday 17th April – 8pm-9pm

£8 via paypal – only 15 places MAX so book now!


I’ve worked as a strength coach for the last 5 years (3 of those years I’ve owned my own gym) and I’ve studied training and athletic development since I was 16. During that time, the main thing I’ve learned is this:




Having met with a ton of other coaches, whether skills coaches, physios or fellow S&C coaches, one thing is pretty consistent….during the first stages of their coaching careers they went straight from university or college and began working using academic knowledge along with trial and error, because that’s all they had!


But an academic based education can only teach you so much, you have to get out into the real world and try a few things before you really know what works! Conducting your own experiments is liberating and can make you feel like a world class coach….but this can be a trap….


A BIG mistake that coaches make is thinking that just because their method works it suddenly becomes ‘The Only Way’, they then shut their minds off to all other training methods and become grumpy old people who don’t like change. If you’ve ever tried to suggest a new idea to someone like this you know the difficulty!


So we have a nation of coaches who’ve learned their preferred methods through direct contact with athletes. Naturally you have to be conservative with your early coaching ‘experiments’, as you don’t want to break your clients, so you find a couple of methods that work and stick with them, often for the rest of your career.


Even if your way was the best method at one time, having a closed mind leads to stagnation, tired old programs and eventually other coaches producing better results than you.


To become an INCREDIBLE coach you must learn from others on a higher level, you must ALWAYS try new methods (and be prepared to fail sometimes), you HAVE to learn from OTHER coaches and intellectuals, discuss your mistakes AND your triumphs and be open and honest.


At the How to Create Awesome Programs Seminar you will learn:


    • How to prepare your athletes for competitions and training using smart warm-ups and excitation methods for the CNS
    • How to assess your athletes for ‘readiness’ using a couple of simple, take anywhere tips
    • How to write quality programs using the fundamental rules of strength training
    • How to analyse your sport and customise your training and conditioning to match physical demands
    • How to maximise training efficiency
    • How to mobilise and stretch soft tissue to improve speed and performance
    • We’ll finish with a Q&A session where we can go deeper into certain topics and help you understand anything you want to learn!


I don’t understand the mindset of coaches who keep their methods secret; we aren’t splitting the atom or competing in the space race! We are trying to make better athletes and change peoples lives! I can guarantee that every training method or workout you think you ‘invented’ has been done a thousand times before, centuries before you were even born.


The only things that are cutting edge in training are technological advancements; heart rate monitors and readiness scores, hormone and blood tests, supplements and steroids. But most of this has been around for at least 50-60 years too!


So the ONLY way to create better results for you and/or your athletes is to talk to other coaches, read books, watch videos and share decades of training information with each other.


And if you want to really accelerate your learning and make huge breakthroughs in your results then you MUST go to people who are getting daily results with high level athletes. People who DO spend their time reading, talking and learning about training and are willing to teach you some KNOWLEDGE and to save you from making YEARS of mistakes!


I spend a great deal of my time talking with other coaches (many of whom are now good friends of mine), reading books, watching videos and DVDs and ACTUALLY WORKING WITH ATHLETES EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!


I’ve made so many mistakes and tried so many stupid training methods it could be an entire book of stories! I’ve eaten raw eggs, starved myself, trained 3 times a day - 7 days a week, squatted till my shoulders broke and many more idiotic things to list!


This has added up to a bucket load of knowledge, and I’m still learning and working with my clients. I progress so quickly that my clients who join now can achieve the same level of results as a client from 2 years ago in HALF the time. Seriously. This isn’t because I’m so amazing now (I’d simply consider myself 'pretty good'), it’s because I was making mistakes back then. Mistakes that you’re likely still making now!


So come along and join in the SHARING. I’ll teach you a load of new stuff that you can take home and start using IMMEDIATELY. I’m a huge fan of simple, no BS methods, and that’s what I’m going to teach in this seminar.

If you have a certain question or topic that you’d like me to cover then sign-up and shoot me an email @ I’ll add it to the seminar or we can cover it in the Q&A!


I hope to see you soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Raw Strength Gym