The Shadow Watcher

Now I don’t know if this is a ‘man’ thing or not


Out of all the ladies and fellas who sign up to our body transformations

The women just see our adverts, or our website and go right ahead and join

But the men…

….oh boy

They lurk in the shadows for months


Literally the first question we ask on a consultation is:

‘How much do you know about our program?’

…And the girls will be like, ‘oh I just saw it and wanted to get in shape’

….but the men will be like, ‘I have been watching you for 6 months now and thought it’s finally time to do something about my body’

Hey, that’s better than not joining for sure

But why wait 6 months?


Are you one of the ‘shadow watchers’ ?

Fact finding, perhaps?

Or waiting for ‘the right time’?


Let’s face the music together, right now

> There is never a good time to improve your life

> There is never enough time in the day to train hard & eat clean

> There is never a perfect moment where your life is clear of other responsibilities

> You won’t have a balance of work, life, sleep and relaxation when you want to make a change



Which is why our programs are designed with the absolute minimum time-investment

Just 3 hours per week of training and coaching


The rest of the nutrition program, answering questions, and helping you with everything else you need to drop 1-2 stone over the next 12 weeks…

….well, that’s all done online


We have 18 training sessions for you to book in and be coached through each week

All completely private

And you’ve only gotta make THREE of them



*** We have 6am and 8pm sessions available EVERY DAY, if anyone tells me they can’t make both of those times, then they’re full of shit. We can all get up earlier, or make that extra effort after work to get training in ***


You have 168 hours in a week

This program requires just 3

165 hours is then left for you to sleep, eat, work (30-40 hours?) and then what else….?




Turns out you DO have enough time

Not once in the history of coaching have I seen anyone NOT have enough time to train and eat right

It’s not a time issue, it’s a scheduling issue

‘Budget’ your time better my friends

And stop lurking in the shadows!


SO when we open the applications today...



If I don’t know who you are, we can’t even discuss the possibility of working together can we?

Here's the link to apply:

Once you've contacted us, we'll arrange a consultation call and go through your goals in more detail. 

See you on the other side!