Sharpen Your Axe

Have you started off 2017 with a fitness resolution?


If so…


is this a complete reboot for you?


Maybe you’ve spent a few months, even years, of doing nothing? No training hard, no eating right?


First off, WELL DONE.


I’m proud of anyone who’s confident enough to stand up and say “I’m not happy and I want to improve!”


That takes guts.


But here’s the problem:


tons of people MISTAKENLY jump into a new fitness program and choose one that WILL NOT WORK.


You’d achieve so much more spending time thinking things through and choosing a training plan and diet that fits you


Old Abe Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”




Don’t sharpen your axe and you’ll waste time


Embark on the WRONG, ineffective fitness program and you won’t see results for a long time.


Or (more likely) you will QUIT.


It’s so much easier guys, to find a way of training you friction’ LOVE


A way of eating food that doesn’t make you feel guilty, that gets results yet somehow ‘clicks’ with you.


I’m willing to bet there’s at least one person reading this who’s starting jogging and eating salad. 


Look, that approach won’t work. Because you’ll quit.


It’s too painful. Too boring. Too cold and wet outside right now. 


Considering that cardio and limited calories brings slower results compared to eating more and lifting weights (because weights+food boosts your metabolism and REQUIRES fat for fuel)….


Why would you want to do the slower, harder method? 


Remember, we’re humans


We’re lazy


We’re bloody smart too and we’ll figure out when something isn’t worth the effort.


So guess what?


Tons of people, me included, have worked out how to train as little as possible, getting to eat as MUCH as possible, without having to run or eat salad.


Basically, lift weights and eat a ton of protein and fats, limit carbs.


Eat lots of veggies for your nutrients.


Sleep more, de-stress yourself with slow walks through nature.


That’s a blueprint for a strong, lean, healthy body


And a happy, fulfilled, relaxed mind!


It’s simple, but the hard part is the accountability, motivation and knowledge of the little details (how many calories per day? grams of protein? etc.)


That’s why a coach is vital if you want to get in shape fast AND for the long haul.


Lifting weights is awesome because:


> every session you will feel stronger and see more weight go up (for beginners/intermediates at least)


> every session is fun, you get to train with training partners and support each other 


> you can only go your own pace, lift what you can lift, it’s a nice ‘black and white’ indicator of performance


> It burns the most calories AFTER training, meaning you sit at your desk the day after training and you can bet your body is burning body fat (if your nutrition is smart that is)


…oh and BEST OF ALL?


Lifting is something that’s rewarded by a long-term approach, longer you do it the stronger you get.


Wait a sec…


Fun? Effective? Works long term?


trust me guys


Be lazy, be strong, be healthy. IT WORKS.


If you’re hating your fitness regimen right now, hit me up with your goals and we can talk about getting you into one of our programs.


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Hope you’re having a great week so far! 


And let’s keep this January fitness push going guys


Be smart


Train Hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington