Smart People Do Dumb Things...


But you wouldn't boil a Turkey and expect a roast dinner.


* * * 


It was really early one morning.




Love getting up early as I can get some focused work in and DONE. 


I also love coffee


So I boiled the kettle, poured the water into the coffee filter and...








...hmm, my sleepy brain thought...


Coffee don't normally make these noises....


Ah shit, only gone and poured boiling water OVER THE DIGITAL SCALES.


Forgot to put a cup under the coffee filter paper.


Cooked the damn scales.


..there are fundamental principles in all things.


For coffee, you need a coffee cup


For fitness, we go!


* * *

Rather than fitness, which for some reason makes things unclear


Let's compare cookery to fitness....




There are an infinite amount of ways to roast a turkey


Also, an equally infinite amount of ways to NOT roast a turkey, AKA fail.


Your recipe may differ to mine, but if we both make a nice tasting meal, we both win.


Make sense?


Now, I'd be willing to bet we'd both have similar FUNDAMENTAL princples.


Things like:


  • a turkey
  • an oven
  • herbs and spices


^^ from there it can go anywhere yet still be succesful.


Stay with me dudes...



Now, let's say we both want to get a six pack, or an awesome boo-tay (for the ladies)


Same thing applies, there MUST be fundamentals!


  • clean, smart diet
  • strength training
  • conditioning/fat loss work


You can't cook up a six pack or a nice ass without these.


Yet there are an infinite amount of ways to get there.


This is why fitness gets confusing and why you may opt for a personal trainer or coach.


But if your program does not have a nutrition element you will fail


If you aren't training for strength and muscle gain you will fail (yes, even women, especially women should gain muscle. Muscle makes you look like a woman, not a man.) 


If you don't do any conditioning or fat loss type of training, you will fail


Now let's do some program bashing, both because it's fun and because it'll help these concepts sink in


DO these programs have all the required elements to create a six pack or bootay?


Do they have nutrition, strength and conditioning elements?




> slimming world, weight watchers, herbalife = FAIL.


^ no strength or conditioning



> crossfit = FAIL


^ no nutrition, imperfect strength program



> zumba = FAIL


^ no nutrition, no strength



> spinning = FAIL


^ no nutrition, no strength



> HIT training (like insanity or P90X) = FAIL


^ no strength  





Yes, these programs may get you a result you're happy with


Which is awesome


But looking at a long-term, lifestyle that you're happy with


Something that will support your health and mind for the rest of your life


Well, there's no way these 3 things can be neglected.


Go take ACTION!  


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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My aim is to fill our program with 10 new people, then close the doors and spend 2016 getting phenomenal results with these people.


On this program you will get:


1) Our habit based, rule based nutrition system


2) Your own coach for every step of the program,


3) You will learn how to lift weights from scratch, or advance your skill to a higher level, whilst building strength, muscle and having FUN doing so 


Each week you’ll train 3 times in our private facility, with a highly experienced coach showing you our program so you can rapidly lose unwanted lbs, develop whole body strength like an athlete, and simply transform the way you look


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This is done relentlessly over 12 weeks, then we’ll sit down and talk you through our goal setting system to set a longer term goal and work specifically on the areas you are weak on.


This whole process allows me to systematically transform your body by installing new habits and actions that will support your lifestyle and goals long term.