So I got a confession to make....

So I got a confession to make....


I've started training hard (6 days per week) for muscle gain.


And the other day I found myself panicking about not being muscular enough.


Or more specifically, not gaining muscle FAST enough.


A lot of my clients have the same thoughts when it comes to fat loss....


Why can't this happen FASTER arghh??!!!


Anyway, fortunately I did two things to stop myself stressing and to stay focused.


1) I looked at the facts.


2) I reminded myself about time.


First off, the facts.


I'm keeping a spreadsheet that holds all my workouts and progress stats.


Each week I weigh myself and measure my body in a few places (upper arm, forearm, calf, neck, thigh, waist etc.)


And I put that into the spreadsheet.


So when I freaked out the other day I just took a look at the numbers and that started a POSITIVE inner dialogue.


> hey, I can't be doing that badly if my chest has grown by 5cm in two weeks


> hey, I'm not gaining body fat if my weight is dropping (slowly!) and my waist measurement has gone down slightly


And on and on.


I literally looked at every number I'd put down and focused on the facts.


Funnily enough this did NOT change my inner drive.


I still feel like my arms are too small, my calves are tiny and my six pack will never be showing...


....but that's GOOD, that's DRIVE, that's my inner FIRE!!


Badly wanting to change and get results faster is not a bad thing


Anyway, after I looked at the facts I started to at least feel that I was making some progress.


We all know that we aren't going to do one workout and magically change body shape - so aiming for progress, facts and staying calm is really important.


Our clients ALL take pictures, measurements and track their nutrition.


From time to time they ALL still freak out and complain that they are fat, not getting results and are getting frustrated.


That's OK, that's part of being human.


But it's very hard for them to remain stressed when we can take a look at the facts and say:


> well your waist measurement is down 5cm, does that mean you're getting leaner or gaining fat?


> your bodyweight has dropped 5kg, does that sound like you're gaining weight?


So that's the first thing, measure progress by facts NOT emotions.


Second of all, when I was worrying about not making 'gains' - I reminded myself of TIME.


That is, time goes by whether you like it or not.


I'm going to be 32 in 3 years, so it's a good idea to stick to the plan and reach my goal.


If I don't reach my goal I'm going to be 32 anyway!


Now I might not enjoy some parts of the journey, but I'm on the journey whether I like it or not!


Make sense?


So I've set myself a goal of training for 3 years to gain muscle mass.


Because gaining muscle is slow.


gaining a 1kg of muscle every other month is the usual rate IF diet, training, stress, sleep etc. is all spot on.


that's 6kg per year (approx. 1 stone)


that's 18kg of muscle over 3 years


I want to gain approx. 12kg of muscle in 3 years BUT I know that training plateaus, holidays, illness, possible injuries etc. will all come up over the next 3 years.


So gaining 12kg of muscle over 3 years has done two things:


1) it has taken the pressure off needing to experience the results NOW


2) it has forced me to narrow my focus in the gym and in the kitchen with the question, "will this help my goal AND can I do this for the next 3 years?"


^^ instantly rules out cabbage soup type diets right?


If it does not help my goal I don't do it


If I can't see myself doing it for the next 3 years I don't do it


Whatever I choose for training or diet has to be run successfully through this question.


Believe me, it is very clarifying to have less pressure and more focus.




Anyway to sum up:


I freaked out that I wasn't seeing results in the mirror




> I looked at the facts and looked at the positives


> I used the negatives (calves could be bigger, arms could be bigger etc.) to re-ignite my FIRE and keep my motivation high


> I re-focused on the fact that time goes by whether I like it or not


> I set a realistic goal over a 3 year period to take the pressure off


> I created a focusing question: "will this help my goal AND can I do this for the next 3 years?"




Hope that helps your focus.


I believe that you can achieve everything you want in the gym and in the mirror over a 3 year period.


But sometimes it's tough to get started, I get that.


You likely don't know what to do, how to train around an injury perhaps, or you just can't seem to stick to your diet.


When all this is going on and you don't have solutions you can feel lost, unconfident about your body and it sucks, I have been there believe me.


Fact is you got two choices:


1) smile and ignore it (remember though that time will pass whether you like it or not)


2) get OUT of your comfort zone and ask for help.


My team and I run completely tailored 12 week programs for people like you, inside our private gym in Birchwood Park, Warrington, just off the M62.


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Then I'll run you through a battery of movement and flexibility tests so that our coaching team has all the info needed to write you a customised program based on facts.


You'll also get an in-depth nutrition program tailored to your goals, age and bodyweight.


And then we get on with the work and train!


it is 3 days per week, coached in a very small private group with your own program


nutrition support is delivered online so you can ask any question any time you get stuck


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After that, if you enjoy it and have the drive and the commitment, we'll set a longer 6-12 month goal and then move you even closer to your dream body.


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If you're interested, do yourself a favour and take action today.


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I can't help you if I don't know you exist!


And time, marches on....


Speak soon


Anthony Shaw


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington