So last week this happened....


......I consulted with a potential client who was on the cusp of joining our personal training program.


He needed to lose a lot of weight, was on medication for blood pressure and heart issues.


With huge worries of dying young.... to be honest I agreed with him.


He was at risk.


So we spoke, both got excited and I made a positive plan with him to get moving and DO something about it.


Which we started to do....


> me and Jay started working on his program.


> all the coaches were fired up to help someone who was in desperate need of our knowledge and experience.


......then he texted to say he couldn't afford the training and had to cancel.


You know what?




But not for me, it sounds harsh but I can get another client...


He can't get another life.


We all get one go round in life, and whilst the haters out there will cry 'if you cared that much train him for free'


Well...there are three reasons why I didn't...


1. Investing money into yourself is one of the biggest motivators out there.


Especially if doing so makes you broke. You'd better get the work done and get something for your money if it's all gone.


2. We can't work with people who aren't ready to go all in on commitment.


Ask any PT or coach what their number 1 problem is and I bet my gym they'd say "getting clients to show up, do the work and do the nutrition".


So I can't start on the back foot having to convince, explain and persuade. If he's not ready to invest he's not ready to change.




3. Not having money is never a real issue.


CASE IN POINT: if I offered you a £1 million pound ferrari for £'d go find the cash fast (then get that bad boy sold on eBay and hey, you're a millionaire).


Why don't we view fitness as valuable as that?


Why couldn't he have gone and found the money? Got a credit card? Saved a few meals out or shifted his budget somehow?


Money is NOT real, it's a made up thing that for some reason we've all agreed has value. You can always make/find/borrow it.


Life is very real, a healthy life is a real thing that we all have the luck to experience for a short period of time and it's very, very fragile. (i.e. you cannot find/borrow life).




Now, people cancelling does happen a lot, don't get me wrong (....but I'll save that for another rant on the lack of respect the general public has for fit-pros....)..


What I want to share is an extreme example to make you guys realise what's on the line.


Now we're all gonna pop our clogs one day, of course.


My point is if you don't get in shape, healthy, strong, flexible and eat the right foods - you will die BEFORE your time.


Want a fun life, with lots of mobility, no joint pain and be around for your kids, family, friends and grandkids?




And I'm sorry but it doesn't take a genius to see the imbalance between spending £30 a month on your gym membership but £200 on sugar, booze and cheese...




Thoughts for the day crew.


I'm out.




Anthony Shaw

Performance Director

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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