Spartans! How Did You All Get So Lean?! (in 3 weeks…)

Getting the EXACT results you want from an exercise plan can be hard, right?  

Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, running a bit faster or simply feeling better about yourself – sometimes this difficulty in matching your effort with some sort of TANGIBLE reward can make you feel like shit, or get you down, and ultimately may cause you to give up on your goals.


Or WORSE….put you off even starting out!


So last month I started a 6 week transformation challenge called The Spartan Body Challenge. Cool name right?

Here's a picture of a Spartan just for fun:



And with the Spartan Body Challenge my goal was to provide a group of 10 people with a really simple DONE-FOR-YOU and FOOL-PROOF system to help them get leaner, stronger and healthier. Combining strength and conditioning principles with a great team atmosphere, think: band of brothers.


Whilst also teaching them how to fully understand nutritional concepts in an EASY and fun way to CREATE their own AWESOME eating plan (I hate calling it a 'diet' as that implies that it's temporary or limited in calories, neither is true here).


So what would you do if I told you that these guys are only 3 weeks in and they are getting results like:

- LOSING a stone of fat

- Improving posture

- Easily preparing each days meals in advance either the night before or that morning….in 5 mins or less!

- And other cool stuff….just wait for the pictures!


You’d think I was full of crap wouldn’t you?!


And what would you do if I said that you can get this too in just 3 HOURS of exercise each week?


And you will look forward to each day with more energy and a NEW attitude about eating REAL food to help you look leaner and fitter (or for you men, more BUFF and muscular!)


So f*ck that, I’m going to SHOW you what I can do to YOU in just 3 WEEKS!


Check these pictures out – and remember, this is only HALF-WAY through a 6 week program, just imagine what they’ll look like at the end (actually, you won’t have to imagine as I’ll be shouting about their transformation very soon all over the place. But don’t blame me, I’m just trying to get you training with us and making a change like this for yourself!).


 These guys have killed it! I'm so excited to take their after pictures at the end of the 6 weeks and show you the full transformations.

In terms of training we've focused on the 5 human movements: Squat, push, pull, hinge, carry.

Each workout focuses on at least 2 of these 5 movements.

The first exercise is a heavy basic lift then we move through fast, power exercises and then gradually reduce the resistance with each exercise but extend the duration of each set. See pic below for details. Essentially we're training using 'strength circuits' at a fast pace.



I wanted to show you these pictures to INSPIRE you to take some action.

Changing yourself starts with ONE thing and one thing only: The decision to take action.

You have that power. Just DECIDE!

Is it simple? Yes. Lift weights eat real food.

Is it easy? No. You're trying to alter old habits and behaviours and become a new person.


If these guys have done it (remember this is only 3 weeks in to a 6 week program!) then I KNOW you can do it too.


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