Stop choosing the easy way.

Many people look for the easy option.

Whether realising it or not, we all do. It's human nature.

9 times out of 10 when, it comes to fitness and nutrition, the easy option is the wrong option.

But when you do the hard work, you get the long term rewards.

When you go for the easy way out, you get NOTHING long term.

I mean, just look at the example scenarios and actions below. I bet you already know which action is the right one:


OPTION A = a routine, planned and military operation

OPTION B = just buy what you feel like eating


OPTION A = Your workout scheduled in your calendar at the same time each week

OPTION B = Aim to get to the gym "when you can"

Which option is correct?

You guess it, THE HARD OPTION.

Would you rather have it hard yet get lean?

OR have an easy life and be miserable, always knowing you're capable of more but never achieving it?

Plan to be successful and you will be

Rise Above

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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