Strength & Mid-Week MOTIVATION

603756_964300256915375_4282071973235254289_n DO you guys think I always want to train?

Always want to get up at 4am and bust my balls as a business owner and coach?

Do you think I get scared when speaking in front of a big group, especially if full of new people?

^ I was so shy at school and couldn't even phone for a pizza or taxi when at uni because I'd get so nervous on the phone! I used to hate speaking on the phone yet last year I made over 200 consultation calls to potential clients and GREW my business and my mind

We'd likely not even be talking if I hadn't picked up the phone and called YOU!

So do I feel fear, tiredness, negativity, sadness, anxiety and stress?


I am no different to you

The ONLY difference between success and failure is ACTION

Don't let your limiting beliefs limit your actions

Feel the fear and do it anyway

peace out!