Stressed & Sleeping Poorly? You’re not alone

I believe there's an epidemic sneaking up on us...

I see hundreds of people each year walk into my gym (not bullshit marketing hype here, I actually do as a head coach of a decent sized gym)...

....and it's time to talk straight.

YOU are struggling.

Stop hiding it.

Stop ignoring it.

You have no identity or life of your own.

What's scarier than that?

How about the fact that MOST people I talk to are in the same boat!

Struggling day-to-day with stress anxiety and even depression.

Feel that there is no good reason to get out of bed. Ever.

Sleepwalking through a typical day, then a normal week, boring months blend into years. Years. More years. Decades.

Have lost touch with friends and have NO social life.

Self-medicate for stress with frequent, sometimes daily, wine or beer.

Sleep 6 hours or less every night REGARDLESS of the risks.

If this sounds like you PLEASE reach out and ask for help

You deserve to be a human!

You must have control of the direction in your life because it's yours.

Circumstances and other people may have taken their toll on your life, but you literally have nothing better to do with your life than sort it out.

If not, the quality and LENGTH of your life will be shit and short.

Feeling good every day WON'T happen, this is real life here.

But wouldn't you prefer 1 shit day, 2 ok days and 4 great days every week?

If right now you are 7/7 shit days, I have no idea what's stopping you emailing me and asking for help (

We can set up a free 6 week trial for you to get some direction and focus.

Our team is focused on over 35s who don't sleep well, drink too much, suffer from stress, have a poor social life.

We instill discipline, structure, focus and a brilliant team atmosphere using training and nutrition.

You will experience what the best version of you feels like.

We simply get you started on the right path with a 6 week trial.

It is FREE, but does require a deposit of £149, refunded at the end (to make sure you are committed)

If our training program doesn't work for you - GOOD

Any positive action taken with good intent will help your life improve.

What's the risk of trying our RISE program and seeing how it could benefit you?

Or the REAL question - what's the risk of having another day where you do nothing?

Take action, we are here waiting to take new members into our team.

Click here to book your trial:

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - if you want help, we have a 6 week trial on our RISE program. You get teamwork, support, advice and a solid direction for your life so that you can feel good, look better and live a life of purpose.

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