Strong News: Strength Testing Results, Client Spotlight & F*CK The Haters!

Whats Up Raw Strength Fans!

Sara here, I'm happy to share this weeks Strong News with the latest gym happenings and some nutritional advice.

Week 2... 21 Day Spartan Body / Wonder Woman Challenge

Our clients are onto week 2 of our TOUGH 21 day challenge. So far they are smashing it in the gym, attending their sessions and food diaries are on point. We've seen plenty of treats get brought out in the office, tempting cakes, mince pies and chocolates, but our guys and girls have stayed strong! Good work! 

The Fit Life Community: FREE Training Session Monthly

Our first FREE 45 min High Intensity Training Session will be taking place this weekend at Raw Strength Gym, Saturday 10th December at 10am. Make sure you send us a text message/FB message to book or book by emailing us at Get a taste of how we train here at RSG and most of all, have fun! 

Strength Testing... The Results Are In!

The last two weeks have been strength testing for our Built and Lean Girls members and they have SMASHED IT! All our clients have made incredible improvements, you should all be very proud of your results and the work you have put in to achieve them. It's great to see that the constant improvements that we make to our programs have seen our clients go from strength to strength. Special mentions have to go to Elaine Holme for an incredible 47.5kg on bench press at 58kg BW, Chris Billington with a massive 180kg squat, John Marland for a huge 175kg on Deadlift and Chris Foy for 120kg on Bench Press which was a huge personal goal for him.

Lets take this momentum through and the Christmas period and into the new year. Exciting times ahead and lots of changes in the gym to match the ambition of our clients.

RSG 4th Annual Charity Strongman Competition & Christmas Party

Our RSG Annual Charity Strongman competition is going to be held on Saturday 17th November for the 4th year running! Incredible! Each year we get a bigger and bigger turnout, the competition gets fiercer and the prizes get bigger! This year we will be raising money once again for local charity Ciaran's Cause, an independent non-profit charity raising awareness and money for defibrillators in schools and sports clubs. 

Our events and weight categories are yet to be finalised, last year we had 4 events, 3 men's weight categories and 1 women's category with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in each category. This year we're aiming to go bigger and better, so make sure you enter the competition as soon as possible. Entrance cost is £10 with all proceeds of entrance fees, plus the proceeds from all refreshments and snacks we sell on the day going to our awesome chosen charity. So make sure you bring some spectators with you on the day!

In the evening our Christmas Party is going to be held at Mojo Bar & Tapas, Warrington from 7:30pm, clients and friends welcome! Tickets for the party are £22, guaranteed to be an awesome night with more than one "drink for the road"!

Client Spotlight: Alison W

So proud of our girl Alison who has been a member of our Team Tone program since September. She's lost 4kg and 5cm off both her waist and her hips in the last 9 weeks, and she looks incredible! 

"I wasn't going to compare pics but I didn't realise the difference until I actually put them side by side. So pleased with what I have achieved in nine weeks looking forward to what can be achieved in nine months"

Well done!

F*CK The Haters - Nutrition: There's NO RIGHT OR WRONG

Obviously, some stuff you just don't do if you're trying to lose fat. Eat pizza, icecream, burgers... Right?

Well no, the thing about nutrition is that a thing that works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else... This ain't just about getting results, but also about eating things that you actually enjoy, or can be bothered to make/cook.

The body needs fuel, so obviously you have to EAT. So any of these stupid slimming world shake diets, magic pills, aloe vera, bees wax, whatever the fuck it is. It's all a load of marketing bollocks.

BUT that doesn't mean I'm going to walk straight up to someone I work with or my neighbour and go "hey Sue, what you're eating there is not gonna work". Even if, as someone well versed in good nutrition, I know that it ain't.  

See I've been there.

I'm a firm believer in keeping meals as simple as possible. I just CAN'T BE ARSED. Results > Cooking for me, so I stick to no drain cans of tuna, and Chicken and veg. I've eaten it all day every day in the past for a reason, so I can get the results I want and have the odd cheat meal on the weekend to keep me sane. 

But when I used to work in an office, all I got constantly was

> Why do you eat that?
> Isn't that boring (yes it is)
> That looks disgusting
. Are you a bodybuilder?

See when people feel it necessary and perfectly ok to judge others... That's when we've got a problem...

Office Bullies, Facebook Wankers who shame others for their lifestyle by posting endless posts about prosecco and chocolate and negatively commenting on a picture of you at the gym, Sugar police, Carb Haters, Detox Dicks, I could go on.  

Point is, there is no right and wrong. Our job is to advise our clients on putting together a balanced food diary, so that they can look epic. But we don't tell people you can't have a drink, or a burger, or a whole fucking tub of Ben & Jerry's, unless they're looking for results and eating that shit every day. 

There is no such clean or dirty foods, just the amount of fuel you need to consume to get results... Obviously there are foods that are better to eat eg. unprocessed over processed. But as long as you eat what makes you happy, healthy and still getting the fat loss or muscle gain that you're looking for then what else is there to know? 

Be lenient on yourself with food choices, if you take out all the foods you love when trying to hit a goal, you'll be miserable and more likely to give up.

So find a way that works for you and stick to it, no matter what the haters say!


So that's it from me! Keep up the good work, and smash December out of the park!

Client Experience Officer (CEO of EPIC Results)

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