suffering from back pain?

You CAN fix chronic back pain.


I’ve made a video of the approach I take with my clients to rid them of back pain.


Not back ache mind you.


But agonising, daily pain that affects your mood and makes you think twice about leaving the house, let alone hitting the gym.


My client Lex had incredible levels of back pain following childbirth.


Yet MRI scans, osteopaths, chiropractors and physics couldn’t diagnose the problem,


They just told her to ‘be more active’ which was a catch-22.


How can you be more active when activity causes pain?


Watch the video below and you’ll see how we helped Lex go from daily back pain to TRAINING HARD.


She now does press-ups, squats, pushes sleds and is working her way up to working with barbells and some heavy powerlifting type training 


If this gets you thinking that you may benefit from our help, then ask any questions in the comments section below the video


Or if you want to jump in and work with me, drop me an email.

Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym