Sweat LESS, Achieve MORE

If I told you that dedicating just three hours each week to an exercise programme with get you a ripped, toned, healthy body would you believe me?

The common belief is that you HAVE to beast yourself daily to make progress, you HAVE to leave with a huge pump and covered in sweat.

Dont get me wrong, I love to leave the gym feeling a huge pump and it certainly takes a lot of hard work along with plenty of the classic blood sweat and tears to make progress, nothing comes easy.

Let's be honest any idiot with a copy of the latest men's health and a pair of trainers can turn up day after day and run themselves into the ground.

The smart man understands the importance of rest and recovery, he understands time management and not overtraining and allowing his muscles to rest he will gain more in the long run than those who continue to train when logic dictates otherwise.

I speak from experience of course, as a younger, foolish, enthusiastic (but just as ruggedly handsome) version of the man I am today I would waste countless hours in the gym, I would run the circuit of the local gym in hopes of achieving my goals, starting on the machines, then onto the free weights, then a go on the cardio machine I hated the least that day, before going for a swim.

The result?

Four weeks later all I could see was a skinnier, less muscular and knackered version of myself ... Bugger!

Without appropriate time to rest and heal we are actually setting ourselves back in the long term, we have to remember that exercise is a stress on the body and like any other form of stress, too much of it can have serious consequences on our health.

hose extra sessions can lead to long term injuries which can put you out of action far longer than the 24 hour period I'm advising you take.


To some it seems crazy to train less and achieve more but it's true.

Our clients train three times a week and really make the most of our time, each session is laid out for maximum gain over the course of the hour training session. Coupled with a proven nutritional system there isn't any need for those extra workouts, we encourage our clients to stretch and foam roll on their days off to help recover and ensure they are fighting fit and can train more intensely when the next session rolls around.

Now go enjoy your rest day, eat clean, foam roll, stretch and mentally prepare to smash your next workout.