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How to Build More Muscle and Strength

Most people struggle with building muscle more than any other goal

You may think fat loss is hard to achieve?

Maybe you can’t improve on your pull-up strength?

Is your nutrition and meal prep overwhelming you and not getting done at the moment?


ALL of those areas pale in comparison to building muscle.

Reason being it’s relatively simple to burn fat

on a basic level - develop fitness & eat optimally and you’re done

It’s also relatively simple to build strength

Simply repeat a technique, for example, deadlift - over and over again with progressively heavier weights and you’ll get stronger - simple right?

But ah, the holy grail of training is building lean muscle

It’s hard, nigh-on impossible for 99% of men and women to do

But why?

Let’s dive in:

The body ADAPTS to training - because training is a stimulus

The first 6-10 weeks of your strength & fitness improvements on a program will OVERWHELMINGLY be neural

NOT building new muscle, but instead re-wiring the nervous system

This is a GOOD thing, or we’d all be building muscle from driving the car every day

Or learning to play the piano would result in forearms like Popeye!

Basically the body is smart with saving energy

And it takes a LOT of energy to build muscle

So I want you to think of your body as a Tony Soprano type character

And muscle building like being promoted within the ‘family’

You don’t just ask for a promotion and get it

Hell no!

You gotta earn it, kill, steal, extort and build up a reputation for months and years

THEN you get the promotion

Same with building muscle…

ATTACK 1: You hit the gym and work on chest for muscle growth

DEFENCE 1: The body will see that you are bench pressing and re-wire your nervous system to make you more efficient


ATTACK 2: You hit the gym the week after and add more weight to the bar… this has gotta work!

DEFENCE 2: Nope! The body has DORMANT muscle fibres that are only awakened when you lift super heavy (Motor Units), these guys jump in and help, then also get re-wired and more efficient

Double damn!

Still no muscle growth!

ATTACK 3: You bench yet again on week 3! More reps and more weight, that’ll fix it!

DEFENCE 3: Foiled again! The body now brings in other muscle groups to help out, your shoulders and triceps now wake-up and join the fight to stop your chest from getting overly fatigued. Now the whole lot get re-wired and more efficient.

Around now, most people give up

The body goes back to rest mode

And over time the co-ordination and improved efficiency in the bench press wilts away

Meaning you have 3-4 weeks off heavy training, then hit the gym again and wonder why you can never build muscle….

….because the body doesn’t want you to, it’s the least efficient adaptation!

So how do we build muscle?

> Long-term approach

> Fuel the body so it has enough SURPLUS energy to allocate to muscle growth

> Constantly vary the exercises so you max-out neural adaptation and force the body to build muscle as a last resort

> Constantly vary the types of training, yet keep them fairly similar at the same time (I explain below)

Here’s the commandments:

1) push through a solid 8 week block of training with no expectation of muscle gain

2) constantly vary your exercises, same but different exercises, e.g. Squat, front squat, single leg squat are all similar but varied.

3) vary the amount of reps you lift, have an easy week 1 (10-30 reps per lift), then a high volume week 2 (40-50 reps per lift) whilst continuing to change the exercises as above.

3)  constantly vary the types of training, e.g. 4 weeks of heavy strength work, then 4 weeks of higher rep ‘bodybuilding’ work, then 4 weeks of low rep high volume work (EDT, supersets, GVT…things for you to google now!)

4) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do your strength work first. This wakes up the dormant muscle fibres so you optimise your later exercises in the same workouts. Getting stronger means you can lift more weight and stimulate more muscle fibres to grow. Strength drives muscle growth essentially.

And that’s pretty much it for the basics

Obviously eat clean, eat more than you think and be prepared to spend 1-2 years getting the body you want

That goes for ladies just as much as men

If you want my help to put together a 12 week plan for strength and muscle growth then it’s important that we know exactly where you are right now with your fitness

…What you want to achieve short term AND long term

…And exactly what your goal is.

Fill out THE FITNESS BREAKTHROUGH QUESTIONNAIRE as your first positive step today!

It’s right here:

Your situation doesn’t change until You do.

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw
Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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Obsession is Good for You!


I’m 15 years old

I just get Bruce Lee’s workout book in the post, called “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”

(Epic read by the way)

And I was on Summer hols, no rugby, no job, and I lived in the middle of the countryside and obviously couldn’t drive yet

So I had pretty much NO friends or social life either!

But I didn’t give a f*ck!

I trained 3 times a day!!

I copied all of Bruce Lee’s workouts and nearly bloody killed myself in the process

I balanced one-legged on tree stumps

I did hill sprints and rock carries

I did thousands of push-ups, ‘deck of cards’ squats and isometrics

It was great! 

I’d wake-up, workout, eat, lounge about for 2-3 hours then repeat

Ah, to be a teenager again.

But here’s my point….


When I got back to school that september, after 6 weeks of training like Bruce

I was the fittest and strongest I’d ever been

I think I was about 70kg and 5 foot 10, lean and strong

I dominated on the rugby pitch against other 15 year olds who’d spent their summers doing nothing

And ALL my friends called me a fitness FREAK

I kind of got offended at that. 

Regardless, that year I played district schools level rugby, my school side went to the last 8 in Wales, and my club side was undefeated ALL season.


But then people told me I was OBSESSED with rugby

Teachers kept asking, “what do you want to do when you leave school?”
I’d say, “play pro-rugby, or failing that, be a coach”

And they’d tell me to GROW UP and pick a REAL job!

Well hahaha school careers guy, I’m now a coach and I love it.

Therefore my obsession changed my life in the best way possible.


SO here’s the thing team…

> When you want to be successful people will LABEL you as obsessed

Or a fitness freak

Or tell you to grow up

> But what these people are doing are TURNING a positive into a negative


I mean, why the hell do people want to say that an obsession for success and a healthy pursuit of excellence is a bad thing?




You want to shift 5 stone of body fat?

Get obsessed with that goal!

You want to deadlift 200kg?

Get obsessed with that goal!

You want the sexiest, biggest bum you can imagine?

Get obsessed with that goal!


TRUE fulfilment comes when you chase your dreams all day long

Then go to sleep and dream about your obsession


Don’t let anybody tell you what your goals should be

Don’t let anybody fool you that being obsessed, a fitness freak or a weirdo is a bad thing

Chances are, in 12 months you’ll change your life and they’ll ask HOW they can do it too


Trust me on that



Have a great day team

Go get obsessed, 10X your actions and let’s spend just the next 30 days absolutely smashing goals out of the park

Take a look at our programs and then email me at with what you want to get obsessed about


Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach
Raw Strength Gym,

And On The Seventh Day God said... "Sit Down And Rest Will You?!"

When approaching an exercise program we all come across problems of our own creation, often these are due to urban myths, bro science or simply a misunderstanding of how the body works and responds to exercise.

Think back to the last time you planned a new exercise regime, it may have been the first time back at it after a long period off or it could have been a plan to take the next step up in your training. I bet you went through and planned out each and every days exercise... Am I right?

Yesterday I went back into my old workout diaries... this is a genuine week of exercise that I planned for myself during Lacrosse season: 

As you can clearly see it is a rammed schedule, not a single day of rest!

On top of the planned exercise program, I would have to train and play for my club twice a week and then head down to Wales for an eight hour training camp with the National team I played for, before heading home and hitting a sprint routine the next morning.

Im not saying this is an impossible schedule, after all i did successfully do this for three weeks.
But what happened after 3 weeks?

I was burnt out, i had picked up a few choice injuries including a pretty serious tweak in my lower back that put me out for 6 weeks.

So what had I achieved in my three weeks of intense exercise?

The answer is NOTHING, as any progress I made was cancelled out completely by the following six weeks sitting around rehabbing my injuries and resting up.

We often over train like this because of our own fears:

> Fear that we might not be doing enough
> Fear that if we train less, we may never achieve our goals

When we ignore logic and go without rest, we risk serious injury. Your body only builds muscle tissue when in rest, NOT whilst weight training or performing any other type of training. 

Not allowing adequate time between training sessions and not getting enough sleep can result in injuries occurring, loss of energy and make it nearly impossible to grow muscle tissue. When we exercise we are essentially damaging the muscles, causing microtears in the muscle tissue. In order to build muscle we need to allow these tears to heal.

Sleep is a major and often overlooked factor in the growth of muscle tissue and without adequate sleep it can become nearly impossible to build muscle.

So how do I ensure I'm doing enough to achieve my goal but still allowing enough time for recovery?

Don’t get carried away, keep the faith and resist the urge to add exercise after exercise and session after session to your program.

On the majority of our programs we train a MAXIMUM of 3 days per week, which is more than enough to build strength, muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness, and with the right exercises we can kick-start the fat-burning process and ensure we burn fat ROUND THE CLOCK, not only around our workouts.

Only with a well-written program designed completely around an individual do we recommend up to 6 days of training, as we can control the training volume, rehab and recovery working closely with a Physio. By using our unique High Frequency Training Matrix™ created by Head Coach Anthony for our Movie Star Transformation clients, we can determine with the client whether a muscle group is ok to train and the intensity in which we can train that day.

if you need to step up, then add to the volume and intensity of your current program. I.E. Do more reps at the same weight or slowly increase the weight at the same number of reps, so your overall weekly volume increases.

Don't Train on consecutive days, allow a full day's rest between intense lifting sessions to allow your muscles to recover and grow.

Carrying an injury? Take a step back and remind yourself how much time you will lose if you become seriously injured. Even with the slightest of injury or muscle tightness always stretch, perform soft tissue release with a foam roller or ball and recover. It's better to lose one session today than multiple sessions in the future from continuing to push an injury!

Sleep like a pro! Make sure you get an minimum of 8 hours sleep. Try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. A consistent sleep schedule will help you get into a good sleep pattern and ensures maximum muscle growth and recovery.

Be consistent! 12 weeks on consistent effort 3 x per week is better than 6 x per week for 4 weeks before you burn out, or worse, get injured!

If you are unsure about your current program volume, and would like some advice, reply to this email and we'll be more than happy to help you out!

Stay strong and consistent and the results will come.


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Running is NOT Good For You!

What’s up Raw Strength Fans!

Yesterday we started off a conversation on Surprising fitness truths…



Then read it here >>


Now let’s dive into the second mind bending truth…

** Running is NOT good for you! **


Yes, I know that YOU reading this right now have been running in the past

Maybe even in the past few weeks

You did it to lose weight, right?

But, if your goal is fat loss, and let’s face it for most people thats the prime concern…

Then running is actually NOT helping your goal

It may even be making things worse!


Allow me to explain…


The body wants to be lean

Believe me, it does.

Given the correct diet, exercise and environment, the body will naturally lean out

Meaning = you look good nekkid!

Yet there are a few, if not thousands, of mistakes that you can routinely make that can affect the body burning fat…


Let’s run through the main ones (this will REALLY help you to burn more fat once you get rid of these mistakes)

QUICK NOTE: ALL of these mistakes cause the body to go into a stressed ‘mode’ and in this mode the body will not burn body fat for fuel, but instead run alternative ways of getting energy such as burning muscle (Noooooo!!)…

….or making you crave sugar (so the ice cream you eat can be used as energy)

…And basically the body does this to PRESERVE body fat stores.

Also known as - The Worst Case Scenario!


Here are the mistakes that cause this scenario:

> Not sleeping enough hours (7 minimum)

> Not relaxing enough, or not at all (no quiet time, no meditation, no reading of fiction)

> No conversations with friends (to unwind and decompress the mind)

> Always thinking about work (the body gets ready for battle!)

> Not eating enough (we covered this yesterday)

> Too much cardio work like RUNNING

SO yes, running can and does put the body into a stressed state and for most people…

…Stops fat loss!


Now, I’m not going to say stop running if you love it, because of course it’s better than sitting on your arse watching re-runs of Friends on the TV

What I am saying, is that for your goals of a leaner, better looking body…

Shouldn’t we be looking to OPTIMISE fat loss?


In that case, understand that running causes a stressed state (impact on the joints, increased rate of breathing, increased heart rate, mental pain from ‘the burn’)

This stressed state stops fat burning and the body must recover from the constant, grinding impact of each step 


Compare that to lifting weights, where the movement is relatively slow, controlled and we know exactly how to stimulate each muscle for growth

And we can train the WHOLE body every workout without pounding the joints and lengthening recovery time

Whereas running only really trains the legs (and not all of the leg muscles either)

We can progress the weight week upon week and burn MORE calories every session

Whereas with running, after increasing your distance and decreasing your time…. There ain’t a lot more you can do to progress

With weight training you can change exercises, vary the same exercises, there’s literally an infinite amount of options


To sum up:

> Running is one-dimensional, no real way of progressing for years and years

> Running causes the body to enter a stressed state that takes a while for the joints to recover from

> Running is boring for most people, and is not a life long habit you will maintain

> Running DOES NOT burn fat as well as other methods


So remember, OPTIMISE your fat burning

Don’t just run because everyone else is


Final food for thought:

> If all the bodybuilders, fitness models, magazine muscle men and celebrity fitness trainers recommend that you should be lifting weights and NOT running, as I am recommending, then don’t you think it’s time you lifted weights?!

If so, then email me back and I can explain our body transformation programs in greater detail

The combination of lifting weights, intense conditioning workouts and a scientific, measurable nutrition program (and results tracking) ensures that we constantly get life-changing results for our members

Programs start from £129 per month on Team Tone [Beginner's Fitness & Fat Loss]

And just £199 per month for Lean Girls [Ladies Athletic Physique Coaching] 

….and Built [Mens Strength & Transformation Coaching] 


Email me back to discuss your goals and which program is best suited

OR fill out this application if you’d like to have a FREE consultation call to see if we can help you


You could be 1-2 stone leaner and MUCH stronger, more energetic and happier after the initial 12 week program

This is a program to improve your life, if you want this, INVEST in yourself



> Tomorrow we are going through the THIRD surprising fitness truth


If you currently have back pain, you won’t want to miss this.


Speak soon!

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach
Raw Strength Gym, Warrington 

3 Secrets to Dramatic & Lasting Body Transformations: PART TWO

This is a three part series to help men like you BREAKTHROUGH the barriers and myths of training, nutrition and mindset so you can create a DRAMATIC and LASTING body transformation.



PART TWO: How to Eat for Abs AND Strength


Too often people start out on a diet and actually end up getting WEAKER.


This is unacceptable.


A great nutrition plan will get you leaner, stronger and more physically fit. So you can take on any challenge at ANY time. People will be able to FEEL your health and power as you walk past – remember, body language is the MAJORITY of human communication. Look strong and people will respect you, but more importantly, you’ll feel like a King.

So how do we get away from wimpy, calorie-cutting diets and instead move towards eating like an absolute ‘Viking invader beast man’?!



Absorb the following points into your life and really focus on being consistent with your efforts.


Also, do NOT call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Meaning that what you change now will STAY changed for the rest of your life.

That’s how you get a fit, healthy and rewarding life that you can be proud of.


Anyway, let’s dive in:


NOTE – All of this info came from an interview I did 2 years ago with Nutrition Expert and Owner of Body Type Nutrition Ben Coomber.


You can listen to the full interrogation HERE, it's a goldmine of helpful tips and tricks for eating like a beast! 


*     *     *


  • Eat more veggies, eat protein from good animal sources and limit sugar intake.


  • Cycle carbs throughout the week. More on training days. Less on rest days.


  • Experiment and find out what works for you regarding how much carbs you can take in without feeling sluggish and sleepy. Some people can eat carbs and have high energy levels, some can’t. Know thyself!


  • Say to yourself before you eat, “What is the value of these calories that I am about to eat”, the foods you eat must serve health, performance and longevity. If they don’t serve these values, DO NOT EAT THEM.


  • Have a protein heavy and fat heavy breakfast to control body composition and insulin levels…..i.e. a cheesy omelette with vegetables


  • Lunch should usually be meat heavy with veggies, like a nice BIG salad with loads of meat.


  • Have protein and healthy fat based snacks between meals, like a protein shake and a handful of nuts.


  • After training have a shake that includes fast acting carbs (sugars) and protein, I use chocolate milk, it’s all good!


  • The meal following your workout is when you can have your carbs, but stick to healthier options like brown rice and sweet potatoes, and as always get in loads of vegetables!


  • Eat a variety of foods to provide the body with all the vitamins and essential stuff it needs


  • When making changes to your diet take little steps but make constant changes and slowly you’ll create a great diet. You’ll see progress but you won’t have noticed the changes!


  • Have faith that the positive changes you make will work. Being healthy should be a LIFESTYLE choice, not a 3 month trip before going back to your old unhealthy ways. Stay positive, have faith.
  • Before you take supplements, start eating healthy and give your body time to adapt. If you’re unhealthy your body won’t be able to digest those expensive protein shakes!



*     *     *

So get yourself onto a lifestyle change. ABSORB all of the info we’ve covered today and hey, any questions just drop me a message. Happy to help.


Anyway, it’s early morning for me so off for a nice cheesy omelette with some veggies!


Eat clean for life! ;)





Anthony Shaw


Founder & Head Strength and Conditioning Coach



3 Ways to Expand Your Mind…


The power of the mind can unlock massive gains in strength, muscle growth and athletic performance (aerobic/anaerobic power)…


So how much do you care for your brain?

I’m going to show you three incredible ways that I’ve used with myself and my clients to help the mind expand into new beliefs, behaviours and strengths that will take you to a higher physical level that you are on right now.



#1 – Take a Walk


The modern weekday is full of too much stress. Your work, personal goals, relationships, family, friends, commuting, shopping, training, eating and on and on…


It can be too much to take sometimes.




Take a walk, and reflect on each day to note your successes, think about how grateful you are for every person in your life and take a few minutes to think about how lucky you are to live in an advanced country like ours.


Drop all those ‘first world problems’ and you might just be able to relax!


Not to mention walking is an impact free, easy way to burn up some energy and is great for recovery from more intense training. So take a walk, decompress your mind and take 20-30 mins each day to look after yourself.



#2 – Write down your goals


It is WAY too easy to get yourself all hyped up for an incredible year of training and nutrition – saying things like “This year is THE year” and other such nonsense – yet what really happens is you lose your focus after about 3 weeks.


In fact, 3 weeks is the MINIMUM time necessary to commit to a new habit becoming permanent.


So in order to change your behavior you MUST stay focused for longer than 3 weeks.


But how do you do that?




Just write your goals down. A seemingly trivial action such as this can lead to twice as much more success. That means that if you have a piece of paper stuck on your fridge that says, “I am going to eat healthy 90% of the time this year in order to lose 3 stone of fat and keep it off forever”, then you’re much more likely to do so compared to just saying it to yourself.


You will literally FORGET to stay on course to smash your goals.


Writing your goals down is like a compass, just nudging you constantly in the right direction.


#3 – Ignore Your Feelings


Your mind is wired to keep you safe.


So putting a heavy bar on your back in order to complete a killer set of 20 reps of back squat will inspire your brain to talk you out of it.


Ignore it.


When you’re running the last kilometer of a 5k and your muscles are screaming for you to stop and take a rest.


Ignore it.


When the barbell is loaded to a NEW PB for deadlift and you’re stood there, getting psyched up and preparing to lift and break some records. A little part of your brain will whisper that you can’t do it…


Ignore it.



Training and nutrition in these modern times is EXCEPTIONAL. If you do what an expert tells you, you WILL get in shape. You will get stronger, leaner, faster, bigger or whatever the hell you’re training for.


But the very process of change is painful for both the body and the mind.


Stay safe, but don’t be afraid of ignoring the little voices inside your head.


Who knows, you might actually be successful.



*      *      *


So try these 3 things. I’ve really noticed a difference since using each of these tactics regularly, with both an increase in strength, muscle size and a relaxed feeling in my mind because I know that I can achieve anything.


You just have to convince your mind that you can achieve MORE than you are right now.


And if you want a daily kick up the arse to stay motivated, committed and stress-free when training for your goals, then sign-up for my email newsletter right HERE.






Anthony Shaw


Founder & Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Birchwood Park, Warrington.  

Spartans! How Did You All Get So Lean?! (in 3 weeks…)

Getting the EXACT results you want from an exercise plan can be hard, right?  

Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, running a bit faster or simply feeling better about yourself – sometimes this difficulty in matching your effort with some sort of TANGIBLE reward can make you feel like shit, or get you down, and ultimately may cause you to give up on your goals.


Or WORSE….put you off even starting out!


So last month I started a 6 week transformation challenge called The Spartan Body Challenge. Cool name right?

Here's a picture of a Spartan just for fun:



And with the Spartan Body Challenge my goal was to provide a group of 10 people with a really simple DONE-FOR-YOU and FOOL-PROOF system to help them get leaner, stronger and healthier. Combining strength and conditioning principles with a great team atmosphere, think: band of brothers.


Whilst also teaching them how to fully understand nutritional concepts in an EASY and fun way to CREATE their own AWESOME eating plan (I hate calling it a 'diet' as that implies that it's temporary or limited in calories, neither is true here).


So what would you do if I told you that these guys are only 3 weeks in and they are getting results like:

- LOSING a stone of fat

- Improving posture

- Easily preparing each days meals in advance either the night before or that morning….in 5 mins or less!

- And other cool stuff….just wait for the pictures!


You’d think I was full of crap wouldn’t you?!


And what would you do if I said that you can get this too in just 3 HOURS of exercise each week?


And you will look forward to each day with more energy and a NEW attitude about eating REAL food to help you look leaner and fitter (or for you men, more BUFF and muscular!)


So f*ck that, I’m going to SHOW you what I can do to YOU in just 3 WEEKS!


Check these pictures out – and remember, this is only HALF-WAY through a 6 week program, just imagine what they’ll look like at the end (actually, you won’t have to imagine as I’ll be shouting about their transformation very soon all over the place. But don’t blame me, I’m just trying to get you training with us and making a change like this for yourself!).


 These guys have killed it! I'm so excited to take their after pictures at the end of the 6 weeks and show you the full transformations.

In terms of training we've focused on the 5 human movements: Squat, push, pull, hinge, carry.

Each workout focuses on at least 2 of these 5 movements.

The first exercise is a heavy basic lift then we move through fast, power exercises and then gradually reduce the resistance with each exercise but extend the duration of each set. See pic below for details. Essentially we're training using 'strength circuits' at a fast pace.



I wanted to show you these pictures to INSPIRE you to take some action.

Changing yourself starts with ONE thing and one thing only: The decision to take action.

You have that power. Just DECIDE!

Is it simple? Yes. Lift weights eat real food.

Is it easy? No. You're trying to alter old habits and behaviours and become a new person.


If these guys have done it (remember this is only 3 weeks in to a 6 week program!) then I KNOW you can do it too.


Click HERE to sign-up for the next program.




WANTED: 10 ‘Weight Loss Heroes’ to train with me and get in AWESOME shape – for CHARITY!


Wanna be a weight loss HERO?


Yes, it may sound a little strange, but I am looking for some people to do some downright INCREDIBLE things for charity and for themselves!


I’ve just finished developing a special new lean body transformation program that has been tested, poked and prodded inside Raw Strength over the last 3 months – over 20 people have tried it - and this thing just plain WORKS.


This program is aimed at QUICKLY teaching you the ins and outs of a healthy diet and creates RAPID changes in your body with HUGE improvements in energy and fitness, you’ll also use quite a few methods that not many people have heard of, let alone tried. Everything’s tested and completely safe, of course….but very different.


I’ve used these methods personally and with a private training group of clients and we all agree that we’re stronger, fitter and full of more energy than ever before.


This plan will involve at least 12 sessions of INTENSE and tough training, advanced nutrition lessons and a helping push from me, PERSONALLY, every step of the way!


I’m looking for 10 people who want to lose some weight…and make a difference in the world.


For every pound of fat you lose from now until December 1st - I’ll donate a pound to the charity of your choice. I also want you to get friends and family to sponsor you for the same deal - £ for pound.


I’m also going to sponsor your membership, 50% off from now until December 1st, but just for those first 10 people.


The selected 10 will be put through my ‘lean body transformation’ program and will be told everything they need to get a SEXY lean body in….




Before you start thinking – ‘there’s no way I can get a new body in 4 weeks’ or ‘this is gonna be bad for you’, hold on, you’re actually wrong and I have PROOF!


Myself and all of my clients have got incredible results (see THIS POST for the last group’s results) – plus there are NO calorie restrictions or diet pills – you’ll get to eat LOADS of high quality food!


There’ll be unlimited veggies and meat, fresh fish and lots of water involved and you’ll only be giving me 1 hour of exercise a few times each week – hardly extreme, right?


So here’s what I’m looking for in my ‘heroes’…


  • I’m after men and women who are SERIOUS about making BIG CHANGES to their bodies over the next month.


  • I want people who are able, DEFINITELY able to post DAILY online to get sponsorship money, to talk about their ‘lean body journey’ and how they’re feeling and also willing to let me use before and after photos as ‘evidence’ after you’re in AWESOME shape (can’t be getting sponsorship for nothing now can we!).


  • I’m looking for people who are sick and tired of the way they look and are DESPERATE to MAKE A CHANGE.


  • You’ll also need to be able to commit to attending Raw Strength Gym, 6pm or 8pm, weekdays.


If you’re one of these people then you MAY qualify for one of my places.


That’s it!


Pretty simple, right?


Yeh, getting a great new body is simple, actually. Tough, yes, but simple when you train with me!


But look; if this sounds like it may be ‘too hard’ for you, or requires ‘too much commitment’, then keep on walking pal, this probably isn’t for you, so there’s no need to keep reading.


So, why am I discounting the price and giving cash away for charity?


Is there a catch or a hidden agenda?


It should be obvious but I’ll make it really clear for you anyway.


I REALLY believe in this new program - actually belief isn’t required as I have complete evidence that it works – but I want to help people in need (especially as the winter blues are setting in, I want to give people something to smile about!) AND I want you to inspire the local community. That’s it.


You see, people are doubtful, they don’t always believe that amazing results are possible, so I’m looking for Weight Loss Heroes that people can look up to. You may not even believe in yourself yet, so let me PROVE that you can kick ass on my program.


Sure, I could just TELL new people to sign-up and take part, but the truth is, only a few of them MAY follow my new program, which is no good to any of us right?




At the end of this challenge I’m going to have a group of people demonstrating that ANYONE can get into shape, and FAST. You’ll show people absolute PROOF that it can be done to anyone who even remotely doubts it. And you’re going to show them in ‘real-time’ too, with real, honest and non-photoshopped pictures!


Once ‘people who aren’t with me yet’ see YOUR results for themselves I’ll have no problem at all building a tight-knit community of lean and strong people.


There you go, THAT is the reason I’m doing this. It’s out there for all to see, open and honest.


So go ahead and ‘sell yourself’ to me by telling me absolutely anything and everything about why you think I need to know about WHY YOU should be one of the lucky 10 who are GUARANTEED to get FAST changes in their bodies within the 28 days.


I’ll be choosing the lucky group myself and will announce the winners on Sunday 27th October, so there’s no time to hang about.


If you want in and you’re SERIOUS (you gotta WANT this!) then leave your message in the comments area below.


Or you can email me, Anthony, at:


Prove to me WHY it should be you and I’ll turn you into an inspirational Weight Loss Hero!






Rugby Strength Show #15 - Do NOT Rush Your Deadlifts

Training for strength takes time. So why people smash through deadlift sets quicker than they should is beyond me, it just doesn't help you!

Your body and your health is much more important than rushing through a touch and go set.

Do that if you want to turn your spine into bone dust and pain.

To perform your deadlift sets properly, watch this video. I outline the reasons for training with a rest between EVERY rep, and you can see one of my athletes doing his set.






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Rugby Strength Show #14 - Three Ways to Train for Power

Let me introduce to you the three phases of every power movement... Understanding these phases will help you plan smarter training blocks and individual exercises. For the majority of your training, use jumps. All types of jumps are helpful, just watch the video after reading the definitions of each phase of power movements below and it will all make sense!


Concentric Phase:

This is where you are producing force AKA jumping upwards, the drive forward in sprinting, a big hit as you lift the opponent off the floor.

Eccentric Phase: This is where you receive force AKA landing from a jump, the impact of your foot on the ground during sprinting, the absorbing phase of impact on your shoulder when making a big hit.

Amortisation Phase: This is the gap in time between receiving force and then producing it again.

To understand this phase I want you to imagine a pendulum swinging.

Don't get hypnotised just yet though! Just visualise it swinging left to right AND be aware of the pendulum stopping at the top of each swing, just as the power runs out on the way up and just before it starts to fall back down.

That gap where the pendulum is hanging mid-air, just poised to start falling and producing force, is the amortisation phase.


Concentric, eccentric and amortisation phases are part of every power movement you do, so whether that's sidestepping an opponent, jumping for a high ball or just sprinting down the pitch like a cheetah, you NEED to focus on each phase in your training!

Here's the video for today:




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