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This is really sad….

I’m afraid today I’m going to start off on a very serious note.


You would not believe the amount of emails I receive from people who are in a really bad way.


They don’t believe in themselves anymore.


They don’t have life goals.


Their life consists of work/sleep/work on a repetitive cycle with no end in sight - and they’ve settled for that.


The minimal free time they do have is jam-packed with doing things for OTHER people.


Taking the kids to kid stuff. Meeting up with family on the weekends.


I don’t know how these people are trudging through life, day by identical day.


But they do.


Yet a few reach out to me and ask for help.


After they share their story and explain why they want help to get healthier I always ask, ‘how long has this been a problem?’


5-10 years is COMMON!


This is really sad.


I mean it makes me unhappy to think that there are people who could have better lives, happier and healthier lives, yet are stuck.


Almost as if trapped in a slow, boring nightmare. 


But none of us are getting any older, so it’s time this spell was broken.


…and here is my BEST method for doing so.


FIRST - ask yourself if you are truly happy in life. Look at the bad. If you carry on as you have been, will things improve?


Personally, I struggle with this. Last year I struggled so badly I wanted to shut the gym DOWN.


Long days, the wrong members of staff, nasty and vindictive clients, a lack of self belief. That was my life.


I went through 5 months of almost no training, eating shit, sleeping in to 9-10am (normally I am up by 5am).


I quit some hobbies too.


I had very little to look forward to in my life.


Then it hit me - I had OPTIONS.


I could choose to carry on as I had been - lazy, depressed, unmotivated.


But then I looked at what that would have got me:


a) fatter, weaker and more unfit


b) more depressed, more likely to eat shit food and stay in bed


c) loss of money, potentially losing a business I’ve owned since I was 22


This was PAINFUL as fuck to self-analyse and absorb.


And that is probably what’s stopping you do the same.


But do it, because you can’t make a change without knowing exactly where you are right now.


So that’s the first step.


SECOND - look at your schedule. Could you trim away some useless activity and get more organised?


Last year - during my darker months as I said - my schedule would consist of me waking up late, looking at the clock and wondering how the hell it had got to 1pm without me doing anything.


I would then go to starbucks, try to answer messages from my clients and employees, then turn my phone on airplane mode and hide.


Damn. This is actually quite painful to write and relive!!!! I was so shit and acting such a victim.


Anyway, I’d then drive to the gym and work from 4 or 5pm until 9pm.


And believe me, I got NOWHERE. 


I wasn’t doing enough to drive new business, attract new members, train myself, help my staff.




Compare that to right now, I have every single hour of my day schedule out as a script.




0445-0520: wake-up, make coffee, go for a walk

0520-0550: drive to the gym

0550-0700: coach 6am group

0700-0800: marketing tasks


and on and on


I get shit done.


I mean a helluvalottashit gets done this way.






Because my work is so efficient I also don’t feel guilty about having time off (something that plagues business owners and sales-type jobs)


So I enjoy my free time, and I enjoy my work because every 30-60 minutes I’m ticking off a completed task which is actually proven to give you a little dopamine hit




So what are you doing in your life that can be removed?






Useless trips to shopping centres? Order food online!!!


Useless trips out or drinks with friends who are only keeping you where you are? 


I don’t know your life, only you can do that.


But cut the crap and get a schedule


That’s the second thing.


THIRDLY - and now, onto the last thing for today as I’m running out of time (on my script, I’m organised don’t cha know!)


Take responsibility for what you need to do


And I don’t mean saying, ‘ooh I’m so responsible for this and that and him and her’




I mean quietly do the shit you need to do.


Show the world you can get shit done.


Need to do a food shop? Go do it.


Need to pay off some debts? Go do it.


Need to hit the gym? Go do it.


Stop saying you are going to do it (and faking the responsibility)


Shut up and go and DO (and be responsible for it)




It is sad when people are living quiet, depressed lives. I have been there myself.


In most cases you can get yourself out of the funk by yourself.


First, be honest and look at your failures and look at where you are headed.


Second, make a schedule that includes DOING all the actions you need to do to hit your goals.


Third, quietly do the shit that needs doing and demonstrate responsibility rather than talking about it.


The most common excuse I hear is “I’m too busy to >>INSERT FITNESS ACTIVITY<< and that’s why I’m fat”


Shut up and get your shit sorted.


I had to do it.


You will have to do it.


Now is better than later.


If you want some help, book a consultation with me for a FREE 6 week body transformation.


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Think of it as a reset button for your life.




talk soon




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym


a silly story about getting in shape...

every year I CONVINCE myself that I'm 'not in too bad of a shape'


I'm confident about my body and always have been


But as those calendar days get crossed off... my holiday gets closer and closer....


I start to doubt myself.


I look in the mirror and start pinching and grabbing my belly fat and love handles


I take 'before' pictures and set out a ridiculously low calorie diet for myself


I promise myself that 'just 4 weeks' of no cheat meals is doable


I commit to training 5 days a week for 4 weeks


and at the end of 4 weeks, you know what happens?


I always, 100-percent-of-the-time, have quit by wednesday of the first week.


You know why?


I always leave it too LATE to get in shape for hols.


I make the program TOO disciplined and intense (READ: miserable)


I make the diet TOO restricted and boring


It's f-ing emotional to diet and train this way.


Painful to do the bloody thing in the first place


Painful to quit halfway through and think 'oh well, guess I'll try next year'


Want to know what I'm doing this year?


I'm ONLY training on programs that I ENJOY.


I'm ONLY eating foods I want to eat - which means a little more planning and googling 'clean recipes'


but in the long run it means I won't get bored of eating cucumber flakes doused in paprika seasoning (yes, I actually have tried 'that' diet)


And even if my plans for this year aren't perfect.


I'll actually SEE, feel and lOVE the results of a program that I completed.


Vs hating myself for not finishing a program that was too hard in the first place.


Anyway, I'm sure quite a few of you relate to this, so here's what to do.


First, understand that our gym ONLY runs private, group training programs for people just like you. Normal, down-to-earth people who just want to look a little slimmer and feel good about themselves.


this ain't no meathead emporium where we grunt and snort and lift weights.


We actually have fun and get results.....


There is no open gym hours. No classes.


Only private programs for people who want to get in shape and do it healthily.


Now look guys, results are what you MUST get out of your hard work and effort in the gym and your prepeation and discipline in the kitchen.


If you aren't getting results, then something needs to change.


Let me help you simply get started with a simple 28 day program:




It's £97 for a 4 week program where you'll be coached 3x a week in our awesome gym


You'll get personalised nutrition targets and MASSIVE help from my coaching team in our members only Facebook group.


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I'm really proud of all these guys! 


You can definitely achieve the same level of results, and enjoy the process too.


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You'll go through our proven goal setting process over the phone with Sara, if the program is going to definitely help you, then Sara will secure your place with payment.


Then you're in!


We guarantee a 3kg loss in body fat in 28 days or your money back




So, if you are like me and always leave getting in shape for the summer too late, then this year...shall we start doing it properly?


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The best part?


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My Advice on Eating Clean Foods

Be honest, do you struggle to eat healthy foods every day?


I sure as hell do.


Today I share the secret to staying on track.


I've always struggled to eat clean foods, in the amounts that would support my training goals.


A problem I've been aware of since starting training years ago.


A problem you're likely experiencing right now.


But the thing that fixed it for me is not what you think.


You see...


I first thought the problem was me not knowing what to eat, when, how much. etc.


So I made plans


Searched for recipes


Made a meal schedule


All that good stuff.


Yet I still seemed to find a way to eat cheesecake and huge portions of homemade curry, chili....stuff that drove my caloric intake through the roof. I saying that planning, recipes and schedules don't work?


Well, they kind of do.


But I was missing one key piece of the puzzle (and you might be too)....




The diet you will do is the one that is most convenient.


If you wake up in the morning and you're planning on making an omelette and prepare your lunch, snacks and protein shakes.....


What happens when you're hungover one morning?


Or the washing up hasn't been done and you can't find a frying pan or any clean lunchboxes?


Or you wake up late?


AKA - real-fucking-life!


Well, then you're fucked.


If you're anything like me you'll nip through Starbucks drive through for a caramel macchiato and a bagel for breakfast.


Some sandwichey, sugary meal deal for lunch


Then a frozen pizza and some ice cream on the way home from work.


^^^ real examples from my life by the way haha


Great work Ant, you've just consumed 4000 calories, mainly sugar.


That's set me back a few days then.


just ONE day like this each week seriously reduces results.


Two more more days like this means zero fat loss is happening, probably joint inflammation, poor recovery from training...


.....basically a load of bad shite.


But what do you notice about my starbucks-meal deal-pizza kind of day?


It's convenient right?


So if I'm going to stick to my recipes, meal plan and schedule it MUST BE CONVENIENT for me.


That said, here are a few things I do to make food more convenient:


> buy no-drain tuna


> eat microwave rice and microwave veggies


> make slow cooker meals (waiting for me when I get home whoop!)


> make wraps (gluten free if you like) with pre-cooked slices of beef, with cheese, olives, mixed salad. Grab out the fridge and slap it together.


> use a nutribullet for protein shakes


I bet you can think of loads of cool ideas too


The main focus is on 'time to plate'


If a pizza takes 15 mins to cook and be on my plate


Then I'll eat that over a clean meal that takes 20 mins to prepare, say lamb chops, halloumi cheese and spinach.


Damn. I really wanted those abs.




I won't wait that extra 5 minutes.


I'm not disciplined enough to withstand a sugar craving


I'm not focused enough to prepare 4-5 days worth of meals in a row


Some of my clients are better food preppers than I will ever be!


But if I surround myself with clean foods that are easy to grab and stay on track, well then I know I'll be successful no matter what.


Hope that helps a few of you today :)


Train hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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Socks, details and success.

These two rules always hold true for 'success'


1) Do the right things


2) Stop doing stupid things


Whether success for you means sport, business, relationships, your job, lifting weights.


You can't violate these rules.


You can't work on the wrong things and let stupid things hold you back.




Coach John Wooden led UCLA basketball to 10 Championship wins in 12 years.


His first lesson to his players wasn't what you'd expect.


He asked them all to take off their shoes and socks, then demonstrated how to put them back on.


What the hell?


Seems like a bit of a waste of a practice session.


But he persisted, showing the players how to:


> seat the heel of the foot in the right part of the sock


> running your hand over your toes and fitting the sock over them


> checking and scanning for bumps and loose parts of the sock, getting a snug fit.


Then he showed them how to tie their laces so they wouldn't come undone.


Getting the shoe to fit well so it wouldn't rub.


The players are thinking 'what the fuck is this guy smoking'...


THEN he drops the knowledge bomb that has now become legendary:


'That's your first lesson. You see, if there are wrinkles in your socks or your shoes aren't tied properly, you will develop blisters. With blisters, you'll miss practice. If you miss practice, you don't play. And if you don't play, we cannot win.

"If you want to win Championships, you must take care of the smallest of details."

 Coach then walked away, his first practice complete




Taking care of the smallest of details, to me, seems like a good way to stop doing stupid things that will hold you back.


I've started to focus much more on my time outside of the gym. Sleep, active recovery/light workouts, stretching, walking, reading and relaxing. I can feel myself getting stronger every single week.


Normally, I'd ignore these details and just eat right and train.


Now I'm preparing myself to train, preparing myself to sleep, preparing myself to stretch etc.


The details add up to the win.


In fact, our entire nutrition program at RSG starts by fixing what you are currently doing wrong.


That is, NOT teaching you the right things to do. But plugging up the 'holes in the bucket' so when you do add in good habits, they work for you.


Success can only come when you STOP doing things that hold you back and bring about failure.


Short but powerful lesson today.


Train hard.



We could stop calling it 'weight loss'....


Conditional happiness happens when you say things like:


"I'll be happy when I fit into my bikini"


"I'll be happy when I get a promotion"


"I'll be happy when I bench press 100kg"


The happiness is conditional on you achieving whatever's in your mind.


Therefore, and this is THE most important thing....




Which is what I believe is the entire problem with the phrase:


"weight loss"


^^ what does that even mean?


My grandad always says, if you wanna lose weight just cut your legs off!


But if you want to lose FAT, well that's very different.


And that's where the weight loss industry falls down for YOU as a consumer.


Herbashite and other shake companies, you gotta give them credit.


Their products do make you lose weight.


But only through the same mechanisms that kill people through dysentery.


Drink sugar water and rapidly lose water weight.


'YAY - 7 pounds down in my first week!'


But ZERO health benefits.


I'd like to suggest we start calling 'weight loss' by the more accurate term of:




I'd love to tell people I'm a 'Master of Gains'


I'm the 'Gains Guy'


I'm a 'Gainz Coach!"


Could go on all day :-)


But this term causes you to hold your actions accountable to your health.


'Does this improve my health?' is a much better question than 'does this help me lose weight?'


When we improve the questions we ask ourselves, we improve the answers.




a focus on weight loss triggers a limited mindset.


You will begin to focus on what you can't have any more.


Immediately thinking up ideas such as:


"I can't have my Starbucks caramel macchiato everyday now"


"I can't be lazy, gotta sleep less, get up early and go jogging"


"I can't eat crap, gotta cut back on sugar"


"I can't eat too many carbs, just salad everyday from now on"


Honestly, if you ask yourself "how can I lose weight today?" you'll see similar restrictive answers.


Let's compare that to "how can I improve my health today?"




Subtle difference in question, big difference in how I feel.


Now I'm thinking:


"I could hit the sauna and relax for 20 mins"


"I could grab an early night and read my favourite book"


"I could go for a walk with my girlfriend"


"I could eat some fish, steak and eggs, roast some mediterranean veggies and have a greens smoothie"


"I could carry a water bottle with me and make sure I drink it all before 5pm"


You with me?


Swap the questions


You'll feel different.


Lighter, freer, easier....


Maybe you'll even feel Happier!


Train Hard




"Master of Gains"

ASK ANT - Bread, Body Image and Fad Diets

Here I’m going to share my thoughts (not necessarily the right answers, cos hey, I don’t know it all)


But the BIG ideas and concepts that will drive you to great success in your fitness


Look, what stops all progress is FRUSTRATION


So let’s dive in to the main frustrations and how I believe they can be solved



Q: I find myself eating bread/toast all the time and can’t break the habit, how can I fix this?


A: In my experience with many clients, bread is just considered a staple part of the diet. 


“rationalising unhealthy eating is what our brains are amazing at”


This is why when you’re hungry you’ll eat ANYTHING


So to fix a habit, I think you should change the underlying belief.


For example, if your belief is ‘I’ve always eaten bread, it’s always part of my weekly shop’


Then when someone like me comes along and says, ‘hey, don’t eat bread and you’ll lose fat’




Because your brain instantly rationalises the bad habit and says things like:


> But it’s wholewheat, that’s healthy right (and you carry on eating bread)


> I can’t live without my morning piece of toast, it sets me up for the day (again, carrying on the bad habit)


> My whole family has toast in the morning, I can’t be the odd one out (….eats toast)


And on and on….


Understand that this habit won’t be changed until you change the core belief


And this applies to anything, not just bread!


So if the core belief is ‘I’ve always eaten bread’


Then to change the belief ADD on a nullifying statement


Literally PROVE yourself wrong


“I’ve always eaten bread (adding on…) and that’s why I’ve always struggled to lose body fat”


Or (to quickly answer another question about hating the gym and save myself some time…)


“I’ve always hated exercise and so I skip the gym (so add on….) and that’s why I’m lazy, continually gaining body fat and fail to reach my goals”


Harsh method?




But I’m just sharing what works for me.


Some legendary folk can just change a habit cold turkey


That ain’t me, or most people for that matter


So be aware of your beliefs around a single action that you KNOW is an issue for you and try adding a nullifying statement 


Don’t try this on a larger concept like your psychological worries about always looking fat in the mirror….just use this for little habits like having less sugar and stuff


EXPECT this to be hard, to feel like a lunatic having an internal argument


That’s what it takes! 


If you want to be a different person, start taking different actions.



Q: (not a question but a great point….) The biggest frustration for me is unrealistic media images of women! Even my 6 year old daughter sometimes says she is fat.


A: Let’s call this external pressure to change, and yes, it’s a huge issue.


I’ve experienced this looking at huge athletes and bodybuilders like Arnie, because no matter what I do, I’ll never be 6’4 and massive


This is a tough question to answer, but my thoughts and personal beliefs are…


  • The media will never stop doing this, sex sells, magazines want nice cover models, it’s just something we have to learn to live with - they should represent all body types to make it real, relevant to more people and so we can all relate….but at least on TV and print (which are pre-internet old school media) I doubt they will. 


  • Frustration comes when we measure progress by an ‘outer score card’ - instead we should have an ‘inner score card’ and compare you to YOU


  • Parenting wise…. I have no experience, but my hunch is that to help children growing up with unrealistic role models we should all be pushing them to compete with themselves instead, for example (and staying within what I know as an example)….the kid does 2 press-ups yet is disheartened they can’t do 100 like the athletes on TV…. We gotta help them see that last month they couldn’t do a single press-up so they’ve actually had a million percent improvement. 


  • Maybe the pressure is REAL, I.e. Skinny bitches are annoying you BECAUSE you’re overweight, then focus on the improvements you can make. Don’t focus on the gap between you and the perfectly portrayed body


  • If the pressure is UNREAL, I.e. You’re ALREADY in shape yet you feel like the ‘ideal’ magazine cover body is unachievable for you, then reflect on the progress you have had and pat yourself on the back. Way too often I personally can have amazing gym records or lose body fat yet I look in the mirror and think ‘not good enough’ - this isn’t the media issue it’s my own mindset - I gotta be grateful for what I have


So to summarise my thoughts:


Score yourself by yourself, realise that somewhere in the world there is always someone bigger/leaner/stronger and it sucks, but if it’s realistic that you could achieve the same then use it as inspiration, if it’s unrealistic to consider as a goal then start being more positive with the improvements you have made (or stop watching/reading that shiz altogether!). And teach the same to children.



Q: My biggest frustration is never getting results because I’m drawn in to short term fads, yo-yo diets and wasting my money on these gimmicks. How can I fix this and get a more long term mindset?


A: Short answer: be patient


Long answer…..have a true purpose to what you do….


I’ve always believed that motivation is a goal attached to a purpose.


Thinking “oh I want to lose 3 stone by March” is ONLY a goal


It has no purpose, therefore no power, you’ll give up when shit gets tough


SO a short term fad that promises 25lbs lost in 4 weeks is sexier, you know you can stick it out for 4 weeks…what could go wrong?


Well, the fad diet that you do to the letter DOESN’T ACTUALLY WORK and you end up getting bitter, losing money and wasting time.


Which then pushes you away from a long term, correct approach to nutrition and training…


….until the next painful moment you don’t take your shirt off on holiday, or someone makes a fat joke at your expense.


That gets you fired up and you look for the fastest possible fix.


And on the failure cycle goes.


It’s one of the toughest things to go through personally


And one of the most disgusting things about the fitness industry.


So getting a goal isn’t good enough


Your goal must have a purpose


For example, “I want to lose 3 stone by March BECAUSE if I don’t I’m going to get diabetes and die”


Extreme example, but that goal has a fucking purpose behind it


What’s your purpose?


I can help my clients set goals, but the purpose has to be extracted through questions such as:


> How long have you been overweight?


> Did you realise you’d been overweight that long?


> What does being overweight stop you from doing/being/having?


> What would being in shape allow you to do 12 months from now?


> How does it feel knowing you can’t do that right now?



Ask yourself these things, seriously write down the answers and self-evaluate


Because truthfully you’ll be stuck in a short term yo-yo diet cycle if you don’t have a goal driven by a purpose.


So what’s your purpose?

Death of The Holiday Diet

I overheard something CRAZY yesterday


Yet thinking about it, it’s a phrase I hear ALL the damn time


Maybe you’ve even said it…..?


“I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks, better start going to the gym”




This is classic lazy human behaviour


But just cos we all crash diet doesn’t make it right


Reason being, MOMENTUM always wins…


6-12 weeks of being Rocky Balboa will not reverse 40-odd weeks of being unhealthy


It’s like being overdrawn on your bank account


You have to put money in just to get your balance back to ZERO


Or performing a hill start when your car is rolling backwards


You have to put your foot down just to get your car to stand STILL


Many of you will be EXTREMELY, MASSIVELY ‘overdrawn’ in fitness


> poor mobility and flexibility


> poor muscle mass


> high levels of body fat


> poor posture


> poor response to food (as hormones out of balance)




it may take 6-12 months to reverse the damage


….here comes the (more) painful part…


You don’t have a way round this! 


You can’t bypass this fact at all


There is not a diet in the world that will correct a serious hormonal imbalance in 6 weeks


Or cure super fatigued adrenal glands in 4 weeks


The crash diet is DEAD


Rather than live an unhealthy life and try to reverse momentum in 6 weeks


Wouldn’t you prefer to live a healthy life with a few drinks on the weekend?


And enjoy a guilt free and SHAME free holiday where you can eat what you like before the holiday (because you’re already in shape)


Enjoy the time whilst you are away (because your body looks great)


And enjoy your time when you’re back (because you aren’t living with the shame of being seen in your swimsuit and NOT seen on any of the photos)


That’s a real break, a rejuvenating holiday


Not stress before, during and after


And it’s bigger than holidays too remember


Being healthy IMPROVES how your kids look up to you


Being healthy IMPROVES what your boss or clients think of you


Being healthy IMPROVES how you think of yourself!


And most importantly, being healthy IMPROVES what you can give back to your loved ones


And I know, I KNOW….


You may want to ignore this message


Think that ‘it’s too late in the year’ to take action


But remember what I said about momentum and 6-12 months of effort just to get your body back to a baseline level of health?


so YES, it is the right time of year to talk about this


Want help to sort your life out?


Email me at and let’s talk about your goals


And we can discuss which of our 6 private body transformation programs is right for you


Go take ACTION!


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS – we have very few places left this year so please reach out if you want to talk about your goals and how we can help


We always begin with an 8 or 12 week intensive transformation



After that we move into longer term 6-12 month goals and work with you so your whole lifestyle improves


On every program you will get:


1) Our habit based, rule based nutrition system so you can get leaner and healthier super quick


2) Your own coach for every step of the program, so you can progress step-by-step in a fast, controlled way 


3) You will learn how to lift weights from scratch, or advance your skill to a higher level, whilst building strength, muscle and having FUN doing so

Fill out the application form and take action NOW:

5 Stages of Being AVERAGE

A really ruthless one today folks! 

But hey, the truth hurts right?


So spend 5 mins reading this and be truly honest with yourself


This world is full of opportunity, believe me.

Nobody deserve to be average in any area

So just know that if you’re experiencing less than desirable fitness results right now

That’s down to your mind not being razor sharp

And hey, sometimes you just don’t have the tools you need to succeed, right!?

That’s where a coach comes in

Someone who can give you those tools.


But sometimes you KNOW what to do, but you aren’t doing the work.

So what the hell is going on here?


Well, I call it the 5 stages of average….








These come out in the form of reasons why you can’t/haven’t/won’t achieve your goals


Ever said any of the following?



“I’m not that overweight”

“I’d only need 6 weeks to get in shape”



“I can’t believe I’ve let myself get this fat!!”

“My fitness is gone, I’m so weak”



“I’ll go to the gym….just after I’m back from my holiday”

“I’ll eat clean monday to friday, but I’m not giving up wine on the weekends”



“I’ll never look like J-Lo! My genetics are shite”

“I hate training, I’ll never be in shape”



“Well, I guess this is just the body I’ve been given”

“I’ve never been very strong, that’s just how it is”



Thinking or saying any of the above is a HUGE indicator of a problem.


The problem?



Fuck being average

You don’t deserve average

You deserve AMAZING

And there’s 5 things you need to cure being average






Whatever you want to call it, step your shit up and average just won’t feature in your life.


Look, life is hard, fitness can be confusing

But YOU must depend on YOU

Catch yourself saying any of the above and realise that you’re on the path to average if you don’t change to a new model of thinking

Don’t add in healthy eating to unhealthy THINKING

It’s like putting premium fuel into a rusty old car

Won’t make much of a difference


Instead work hard to have a SHIFT in your mind

Be prepared to put in 10 times the effort, actions and time you originally thought necessary and you will smash through your body’s natural resistance to change

Normally people get the basics RIGHT in fitness

> Clean eating? 


> Intense training?


> Support and training partners?



Yet they don’t account for the fact that the time, repetition, effort and hustle necessary to achieve their goal may require 10X what they originally thought

You may have to eat clean for 6 months before your body learns to rebuild itself from 6 years of eating shit

You may have to train hard for 12 months before you get above a base level of strength

You may have to change gyms and continually push yourself to more and more positive environments


It ain’t cut and dry

It isn’t the same for everyone

But what I can guarantee

Is if you move from the 5 stages of average

To an OBSESSED mindset

You’ll be a different person from day one.

Once you realise that success is a journey, you have to keep pushing for the rest of your life

You don’t just make a few changes and get in shape then get to keep the benefits forever

So learn a way of living and training that will make your life change


If you guys want any help at all just send me an email at


Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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WHEN Should I See Progress?

I get this a lot, clients and friends who are on a new exercise regime approach me with a worried grin and say the exact same phrase, one filled with doubt and laced with the anxious tone of one who has lost their direction...

"I don't feel like I'm making any progress"

This is a natural feeling for those who are around four weeks into a new programme, after all a month feels a long time, you are settling into your exercise, crushing every workout and the initial 'back to the gym' shock has worn off.

You start to feel like you should be SEEING progress as well as feeling it.

This isn't how your body works however...

It is possible to see and feel some strength and conditioning gains within your first few weeks, but noticeable differences in your physique (when coupled with a kick ass nutrition system) takes longer.

The old adage is true; it takes at least four weeks for you to see and feel a difference, eight weeks for your friends and family to see a difference and twelve weeks for the rest of the world to see a difference.

BUT this requires the right type of training, an experienced and skilled coach to keep you motivated and progressing, and a nutritional system specific for you and your goals PLUS the last final secret ingredient...

A mix of desire, passion, character and belief.

This is going to be hard, harder than you think.

There will be dark moments. Cold, rainy mornings where you could quite easily miss the gym and stay wrapped up in bed.

But those that ignore the weather, the free donuts in the break room; those are the people who progress, who reach their goals and carry on reaching greater heights.

Make sure you stay consistent, and regularly measure progress (BUT stay off the scales!) and I assure you, change will happen!

Speak soon, 

P.S. Next week I will talk about a different area of judging progress, more specifically strength and max rep testing... Speak soon!

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