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food poisoning...FML

so… this past weekend I got some food poisoning


to be honest, I don't think it was food poisoning. 


But my body was rejecting too much junk food over the weekend.


I mean, I really went to town.


I know this isn’t what you expect to hear from a fitness professional


But that’s what I did. 


I’m not proud (but shit, at least I'm honest!)


I want to restore my health, and your faith in me (!) so here’s what we are going to do:


> lay out some basic rules for eating healthily


> set out the PILLARS OF LIFE to live your code each and every day


> be more active, let your body act like a human body, rather than an insect locked in a cubicle. 


The goal is to NEVER sit there, late on a Sunday/early on a Monday morning, hugging the toilet, crying out 'I'll never eat shite food again!!!'




If you've ever drunk too much - yeh it felt like that, just without the guilt and fun memories.


Anyway, onto today's lesson team....




1) Ban bread, pasta, gluten/wheat products 


If in doubt. Don’t eat it.


The breakdown of wheat products in the small intestine can negatively affect gut bacteria.


This may cause you to get bloated, feel a little sick after eating, or have a bit of a sugar/energy crash after eating.


Gluten has been shown to give coeliac type symptoms (abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea etc.) EVEN IN NON COELIAC subjects.


So don’t think you are ok to eat these products, and really, what’s the harm in taking them out for a little insurance and the massive upside of potentially improved digestion and overall health?


Ban em!


2) Limit sugar consumption


This probably doesn’t need much explaining.


Sugar ingestion increases the release of a hormone called insulin, which brings your blood sugar levels back to a normal level.


If this response happens too often, however, you can become resistant to the effects of insulin (kind of like your mate who can drink 10 pints and not get drunk - they are resistant to the effects).


Insulin resistance is also known as diabetes.


Limiting sugar consumption also helps you to make good food choices. Blueberry muffin or scrambled eggs? Hmm, now you have a critical thinking framework to use. Eggs don’t have sugar in, so pick the eggs.


Make sense?


3) Limit dairy consumption


Dairy contains lactose, which is a type of sugar (disaccharide).


Many people are intolerant of the way this sugar breaks down in the gut, basically because it isn’t fully absorbed.


This unabsorbed lactose then ferments in the small intestine (which sounds bad enough), and may result in bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhoea. 


Although it must be noted that removing dairy also means removing the main source of calcium in most people’s diets, so focus on getting a lot of nutritious foods, e.g. oats, spinach, nuts, legumes - good whole foods basically. 


** *


Overall, limit dairy and sugar (but you can still have a little bit) - but ban bread/pasta and gluten 


You will feel a million times better and have a ‘code to live by’ which will help you pick healthier foods.


Tomorrow we will work on our PILLARS OF LIFE


Which will be things like, morning rituals, meditation, tips & tricks on being lazy whilst sticking to a meal plan


Talk to you soon guys


And, I feel a million times better now, perhaps I had to go through the experience to help you all better (and sort myself out!)


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym



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I thought it was forever....


Years ago I worked in a bank.


It gave me some regular cashola to help run the gym in the early days.


But damn, I HATED working there.


I hated getting up every monday and NOT working on my passion.


I hated the feeling of wasting time telling idiots why they didn't have any money in their bank accounts (uh....maybe the reason is this £5 million repayment of a wonga loan!!??)


And above all, I hated getting to the gym each evening WIPED out from a days banking.....then at the end of my gym shift knowing I had to do it all again the next day.


I thought I'd be there forever. 'twas a horrible catch 22.


Yet the day I quit was the most relieving, pleasurable F-you I've ever had.


But looking back it was bittersweet.


Because there was actually NO good reason to quit.


At the same time there was NO good reason to stay.


This TRICKED my brain into waiting for....dun-dun-dun.....


the 'right time' to quit


Fuck the right time!!!


You heard me


It doesn't exist.


I could've quit after a week and I'd have been fine.


The worst thing I did was let myself get comfortable with the security of regular pay.


Why am I telling you this?


Because my choosing to stay at the bank whilst hating it is EXACTLY the same as your situatino right now.




You are choosing to stay weak, overweight and depressed but you hate feeling this way.


You're waiting for the right time.


meh.... it doesn't exist.


Just decide to be successful.


decide to step up, put your hand up and say "Ant, I want your help please."


Email me, message me, post on my facebook profile, text me (number's on google), go on the website


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it's only 97 quid for expert coaching and a guaranteed result for f's sake!


But if you do none of those things RIGHT NOW


Then you are choosing to be average.


you have free will, liberty and freedom of choice


Use it.


I have much more respect for Bob who works at the bank and hates it but CHOOSES to remain because he lives in a cardboard box and he'll be retired 5 years from now.


versus Ricardo, who works at the bank and hates it but is WAITING for the right time to leave.


“I know people that are dead at 25 and don’t make it official until they are 80.” - Grant Cardone.


what are you waiting for?!!


Exercise your decisive power today and let's get you a healthier, stronger, happier life.


Finally for today.....there may not be a right time, but there sure as hell IS a wrong time!


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My Advice on Eating Clean Foods

Be honest, do you struggle to eat healthy foods every day?


I sure as hell do.


Today I share the secret to staying on track.


I've always struggled to eat clean foods, in the amounts that would support my training goals.


A problem I've been aware of since starting training years ago.


A problem you're likely experiencing right now.


But the thing that fixed it for me is not what you think.


You see...


I first thought the problem was me not knowing what to eat, when, how much. etc.


So I made plans


Searched for recipes


Made a meal schedule


All that good stuff.


Yet I still seemed to find a way to eat cheesecake and huge portions of homemade curry, chili....stuff that drove my caloric intake through the roof. I saying that planning, recipes and schedules don't work?


Well, they kind of do.


But I was missing one key piece of the puzzle (and you might be too)....




The diet you will do is the one that is most convenient.


If you wake up in the morning and you're planning on making an omelette and prepare your lunch, snacks and protein shakes.....


What happens when you're hungover one morning?


Or the washing up hasn't been done and you can't find a frying pan or any clean lunchboxes?


Or you wake up late?


AKA - real-fucking-life!


Well, then you're fucked.


If you're anything like me you'll nip through Starbucks drive through for a caramel macchiato and a bagel for breakfast.


Some sandwichey, sugary meal deal for lunch


Then a frozen pizza and some ice cream on the way home from work.


^^^ real examples from my life by the way haha


Great work Ant, you've just consumed 4000 calories, mainly sugar.


That's set me back a few days then.


just ONE day like this each week seriously reduces results.


Two more more days like this means zero fat loss is happening, probably joint inflammation, poor recovery from training...


.....basically a load of bad shite.


But what do you notice about my starbucks-meal deal-pizza kind of day?


It's convenient right?


So if I'm going to stick to my recipes, meal plan and schedule it MUST BE CONVENIENT for me.


That said, here are a few things I do to make food more convenient:


> buy no-drain tuna


> eat microwave rice and microwave veggies


> make slow cooker meals (waiting for me when I get home whoop!)


> make wraps (gluten free if you like) with pre-cooked slices of beef, with cheese, olives, mixed salad. Grab out the fridge and slap it together.


> use a nutribullet for protein shakes


I bet you can think of loads of cool ideas too


The main focus is on 'time to plate'


If a pizza takes 15 mins to cook and be on my plate


Then I'll eat that over a clean meal that takes 20 mins to prepare, say lamb chops, halloumi cheese and spinach.


Damn. I really wanted those abs.




I won't wait that extra 5 minutes.


I'm not disciplined enough to withstand a sugar craving


I'm not focused enough to prepare 4-5 days worth of meals in a row


Some of my clients are better food preppers than I will ever be!


But if I surround myself with clean foods that are easy to grab and stay on track, well then I know I'll be successful no matter what.


Hope that helps a few of you today :)


Train hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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Fitness isn't that hard...

Deep breath... it's RANT time


Here we go strength fans!!


Right, I'm fed of seeing people failing to follow through on their goals


Good people too


People who should know better.


People who claim they don't have time to make a meal plan


yet have seen EVERY damn episode of that Tom Hardy thing on BBC


What. The. Fuck.


I'll change your life right now:


Get a blank piece of paper.


Right down the numbers 1-6


Odd numbers are meals


Even numbers are snacks


Make a meal plan. 3 meals, 3 snacks.


hell, eat chicken and brocolli, or omelettes every meal if you have to


And just make every snack a protein shake and 3 almonds


There is NO benefit in details when you're lost.


Details slow you down


And you ALREADY know the healthier choice between a salad and a pizza.


The intellectuals among you may wonder how many grams of leucine there are in a chicken breast versus a sirloin steak?


Well it's pretty fucking irrelevant if you're eating chocolate and KFC every day isn't it?!


You want results, right?


To be leaner, sexier, to stop traffic with your washboard abs or buns of steel, yes?


Well then invest 10 minutes a day into a meal plan.


The first day to write it, the other days to prep and quickly order food online.


Most supermarkets will deliver your chicken, broccoli and eggs to your door!


Plan it, order it, make it, eat it.


So simple isn't it?!


Yet why are we (me included) all struggling to do this?


Because we want it to be harder


We want to think it's complicated


We want to know we're special.


We want to have a damn good excuse to blame our wobbling bellies and rubbing thighs on.




and excuses are a coping mechanism.


~ Truth is, eating too much sugar, and too many calories, added up over months, slowly adds body fat -


hey, you didn't see it coming on the scales?


Me neither.


But we've been foolish, stupid and the weight has crept on.


So there we are, overweight, unhappy and looking for a complicated reason to blame.


'my metabolism is slow'


'I've always been fat'


'I can't stop eating oreos'


Honestly, I've heard all the excuses, and made several myself.


BUT - when you peel back the awkward truth and realise that body fat accumulates in a simple way.


And the way to get rid of it (a meal plan) is pretty simple too.


Well then it actually gets HARDER to get rid of the body fat.


Because FIRST you gotta admit you've been a bit of a lazy dickhead.


For example, it's pretty simple to be a millionaire....


You wake up before everyone else, work hard on the right projects, stay smart with your money and add massive value to other people's lives. And do this for 20-30 years with minimal down time.




But how many of us are rocking the Rolls Royce on the way to work?




Patterns be emergin' !!


When the way is simple, but the time commitment is LONG, we choose the simple, short time commitment.


Meal plan and losing body fat = simple to do, long commitment


Watch Tom Hardy, eat ice cream and gain body fat = simple to do, short commitment


So check your commitments


If you're always making excuses, and I might add, believing your own horse shit, then you will NEVER be successful.


You'll always be a shadow of what you could become


Time to grow up, get some courage, and admit that you've made some mistakes.


To sum up:


"The definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became."


What will that feel like for you?


train hard




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is herbalife a scam?

The Incredible Adventures of Herbalife!


Oh yes, it's time for a good old rant again.


Today we are talking down herbalife.


Expect unbiased reporting as usual ;)


I see so many people trying to make money flogging bottles of this chemically castrated cat-food to their friends and family that it makes me sick.


I get that you want to make money.


It's so sexy, the alluring 'work from home' headlines.


Unfortunately they are selling a dream that will never come true.


A quick google reveals several high profile legal cases against the company. Being accused of running a pyramid scheme.


Meaning, you get in at the bottom and you lose.


Google 'herbalife side effects' for a quick way of turning green too.


But that's not what I want to focus on today.


Today I want to make at least ONE person read the damn labels of what they are eating.


Hopefully that person is you.


When you look at a label, let's say of a packet of rice, you are looking for a few things:




If there is more than one ingredient, and it's a main part of a meal (the meat and veg) the general rule is put it back on the shelf.


More than one ingredient is the definition of processed food. Although some things are ok (explained in point #2).




If there are carbohydrates in the food, you're looking for a lower amount of sugar.


Let's say you are buying a few items that DO have multiple ingredients (whey protein powder, mayonnaise, mustard, peanut butter to name a few), then less sugar is better.


Compare a few. Use your logic.




Back to Herbashite.....


So after 20 minutes of searching for information about what's actually in the shakes, I realised:


The Herbalife company is running a cover-up.


It's so hard to find the damn labels online that I had to ask myself if they were hiding the information on purpose.


After 20 mins I FINALLY found the right ingredients for their 'Formula 1' shake.


Gotta be honest, I discovered a few scary things:


#1. There are more than 36 ingredients!!


The primary ingredient being sugar (fructose).


Now compare this to chicken having just one ingredient. I literally don't know what most of the ingredients are! Would you put that chemical cocktail into your body?




#2. There are 56g of carbs per 100g.


Hmm. That seems pretty high for someone wanting to lose fat.....


Ah yes, a quick check on the Sainsbury's website and we can find less carbs per 100g in a fucking Snickers bar!


Meaning their ONLY claim to being a viable weight loss strategy is purely based on limiting calories.


Well guess what? Limiting calories by removing fat is a purely mathematical approach to weight loss. You need fat!


Increasing the amount of sugars and chemicals in their products is probably because it's cheaper to make.


Ever read the label on pet food?


They include things like ground up bones, ASH, inedible things like that.


Well, herbalife shakes are the human equivalent.


I can see the board meeting now....


BOB: "What's the cheapest way we can make this, so it still passes as fit for human consumption?"


RICARDO: "We could copy the recipe for cat food, take out the ash and bone dust, and maybe add in some fructose, corn syrup, hmm, some other cheap chemicals?"


BOB: "Ricardo, that's....that's fucking brilliant! Now, do you think we could convince poor, unsuspecting people to flog it to their friends and family so we can kick back and do some Crossfit?"


RICARDO: "Let's tell them they could earn money whilst working from home!!"


[Camera fades to black, villains laughing hysterically....]




Look guys, here's how I see it....


Herbalife focuses on calorie restriction. They do not care if most of the calories you consume are sugars....


...cos hey, it's less than 200 calories per serving! Whoop!


I'd rather eat the snickers bar.




To sum up, the only reason this is a massively successful company is because the marketing manipulates your emotions.


Want to lose weight fast?


Of course you do.


Is it possible?


Not really.


Drinking sugar water and chemicals whilst limiting calories may be a great way to appear lighter on the scales.


But it's not making a blind bit of difference to your fat cells.


Eating clean foods and training hard. Showing up every day and having daily motivation and support is the ONLY way to get in shape.


Dare I say it, daily hard work is the SECRET.


Read them labels!


train hard.




Is there a life-force to Fitness?

Are the areas of mindset, nutrition and training linked?


I remember many times where my training and nutrition was perfect. Then knocked off track by a tiny detail.


For example, during my first year of university I was fixated on becoming a professional rugby player.


The study of sports science, the research on strength and conditioning I was doing, it was all very selfishly for my own gain!


I had my meal plans mapped out and printed, stuck to a corkboard in my tiny student accommodation.


I'd priced up lists of foods to go buy from tesco or aldi or asda, depending on the cheapest - so I could afford MORE food, not necessarily keep the price down.


Supplementation; creatine, fish-oil and whey protein powder were diligently ordered and rationed daily.


Hell, I even did the washing up straight after eating (deffo lost that good habit now!).


Training-wise, I ran sprints on Monday mornings alone on the rugby fields, rugby training Monday nights, lifted weights Tuesdays, played on Wednesdays, inevitable hangover day Thursday, lifted again on Friday. Weekends were spent shopping for food and resting up.


Then something happened that crushed my discipline.


I'll get to it in a little while but let's re-focus on the problem for a second.....


I believe that we are all capable of epic levels of organisation and consistency.


I wasn't necessarily on the best nutrition or training plan back then.


But I bloody well did my plan 100% of the time.


That tends to be the difference-maker in fitness: The DOING of the thing.


Even today I'm writing this with some pride, but also envious of my past focus and discipline (gonna get me fired up though and I'll put some systems in play this week, could be good things to write about!).


Why the hell do we all fall off the wagon so easily?


Back to the story.....


So there I am, New Years resolution time 2007....


"I will not drink alcohol all year."




Bet we've all tried that one.


Yet I did it for almost 3 months, and my training got better.


[Side note: Quitting alcohol gave me a strange, clarity of mind and energy that I can't explain and I've never had since.]


So I'd been almost biblically disciplined for 6 months....


Then I went and had a fucking beer.


It was one of those days where all your friends gang up on you to peer pressure you into a night out.


I can even remember getting out my training journal and drawing a big black X through my planned workout for that day.


I got drunk.


Super drunk.


Like, LEVEL 5 'wanting to steal cars' drunk.


Did I get back on track the next day?


The next week maybe?




I relaxed. Lost my edge. Drank every week.


I kept training and eating clean, for sure.


But missed a few training sessions. Stopped taking some of my supplements. After all, it made no difference to my playing ability.


Then.....I got a HUGE shoulder injury. Ripping my rotator cuff and my AC joint apart.


9 months of no playing.


Then I tore my achilles tendon that summer (being stupid and trying to do back flips to impress girls....*sigh*).


It kind of gets me upset when I look back and wonder what I could have achieved.


Even though I'm 99% sure I was too small, weak and slow to play pro-rugby, and I LOVE coaching now, hell, it's nice to dream!




So on a grander scale, if we look at LIFE and everything in it.


Why does a single night out have the power to stop you going to the gym?


Arguably training and drinking alcohol are two different things.


But they are linked somehow.


Losing integrity in one area chips away at the focus you have in another area.


Is it ok to have a cheat day once per week?


I don't know.


For some people it may be a helpful recharging of the batteries.


For others, it could be the beginning of a self-destructive slide.


They'll have a cheat day then skip a few workouts.


I know, I've been there.


So just food for thought today....


Does increasing discipline around nutrition improve training consistency?


Does better recovery (massage, sauna, yoga) and abstaining from alcohol improve focus and mental intensity?


And the big question:


Does laziness in one area creep into all the others?


What do you think?


Train hard.




Raw Strength Gym


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You know what....

I'm gonna have a good ol' rant about money....


1) You can't take it with you

2) You are one dimensional

3) You can get a BIG Return on Investment

4) Use The Gym as a Dojo

5) Cheap vs Valuable

So I got fired up today because I am TIRED, so so tired, of people telling me that my gym is too expensive.

Indulge me as I rant about all aspects of money, life and achievement.



You do know you're going to die, right?

Why hoard money then? Why dream of getting rich and flashing the cash?

Because you can rent a sportscar for a day and it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

But you can't claw back years of your life spent 'dreaming' and holding yourself back from enjoyment.

Stop dreaming and start living.

Find new experiences that will improve your quality of life. For example:

1. hiring a sportscar
2. finding a mansion on airbnb you can rent for a few days with your friends
3. getting a discount deal on a Michelin Star restaurant.

These things are relatively cheap, yet give the same experience as being rich.

Honestly, I'm terrified that I could spend my whole life dreaming of retiring on my yacht... only to be like the classic 80s cop movie guy, and die the day before retirement.


If you want a great looking body, you only have a finite amount of time to realise that.

Soon you will be dust.

Start living!!!


People who tell me the gym is too expensive aren't seeing the world as it truly is.

I saw a great Facebook post about an 'expensive' sports car, reposted below:


'A guy looked at the Corvette the other day and said I wonder how many people could have been fed for the cost of that car.

I replied I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.

That's the difference between capitalism and welfare mentality.

When you buy something,you put money in people's pockets and give them dignity for their skills''


^^ make sense?

So the next time you go to Starbucks and wonder how the hell they can charge £4 for a coffee, instead of getting outraged - why don't you look at:

> the quiet, friendly place they've built for you to drink your coffee

> the comfortable, warm seats for you and your friend/family to relax on

> the 3 or 4 staff that are PAID to make that coffee how you like it (you are basically paying 4 quid to be their boss for fucks sake!!)

> the memories of a great conversation, or business meeting, or a great book that you read whilst you were there


But I see most people being selfish little maggots.

'4 fucking quid for a coffee?!'

Expand your horizons.

Look at the world for all the amazing things that are in it.

Chances are you're currently getting HUGE value from a million things in life - but YOU ARE NOT APPRECIATING them.

Start appreciating the extra, little, valuable things that come for free when you buy stuff.

Life gets better when you do that.

Don't be a maggot.


Related to the above concept of appreciating value, you can use money to get more out of life.

In fact, that's what money is for

A trade of equivalent value.

I have a horse, you want the horse - so you give me money for an equal value.

I can then go make a deal with Bob (not Ricardo, too expensive) to buy two horses.

Money multiplies opportunity.

I know for a fact you get this idea of investment

But when it comes to fitness, you forget about investment and instead ask "what's in it for me right now?"

Well, nothing.

Because you're making an investment.

Investments are not cash machines!

They are things that SLOWLY improve in value over time, like a nice house, a fine painting or sensible stock picks.

If you were lying on your deathbed from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke or any other dietary related disease...

And I popped up in a little purple tutu like a hairy fairy godmother and said....

"I can wave my magic wand to make you healthy again and give you 10-20 more years"

You would beg me to wave my frigging wand all over the place (watch the dirty mind guys)

So yes, this is an exaggerated example just to be funny.

But a healthy diet is an investment, NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

You are investing in insurance against diabetes!

A strength and muscle building program is an investment:

You are investing in a strong, mobile body when you are 60 years old+!

A great program includes mobility and flexibility work:

Which is an investment against back pain, joint pain etc. now - and reduces risk of arthritis in the future.


Suddenly 50 quid a week to have an expert coach and nutritionist doesn't seem so expensive, does it?

Stop seeing money spent as money that disappears.

Stop looking for get rich quick schemes, instead look for steady investments.

With the right buying decision you'll get a priceless return on your investment.

Then, 2 years of paying me £199 per month is cheap IF it means you get to live the rest of your life healthy, strong, mobile and happy.

Most people spend £20 per month on a gym membership they don't use, for 3-5 years (£720-£1200 wasted).

That's what makes something expensive, not the fact that it's only £20 per month.

But that it's £20 per month FOR NO RETURN.

So the inflated price way above the actual value of the product.

When you get LESS value than the price you paid for it.


(we can simply call this 'a waste of money')


This is a concept I am LOVING teaching to my clients right now.


"The place of practised perfection for a world that is fucking crazy."

When you can overcome challenges (safe, controlled) in the gym - you're more likely to overcome challenges in LIFE.

Someone pissing you off at work?

Well, remember last night when you crushed a HIIT session for 45 mins?

it was brutally painful, you nearly vomited. But you finished it.

So put things into perspective:

What's going to be more painful: dealing with a dickhead for 10 minutes at work, or doing another 45 minute pain-fest?

The gym sucks.

But the mind grows.

Also consider that airy word: SUCCESS

It means different things to different people.

But the process of achievement is the same:

> write your goal down on paper
> get up every day and work on your goal
> use accountable from others and work with a team
> when you hit your goal, celebrate, then write a bigger goal

^^ this is how we run the gym. Set fitness goals. Commit to daily work on your diet, 3-4 workouts per week etc.

This is the norm in fitness!

But when it comes to your relationship....

Bet you don't have a written goal do you?

Let alone putting in daily hustle to improve your relationship.

Or your career...

What's your written goal?

Who celebrates your goal with you then inspires you to write a bigger goal for your career?


Which means you're gliding through life without direction or purpose.

Doesn't that scare you?

it should.

The principles we learn in the gym transcend the gym itself.

It's practice for life.

What does the following make you think of?

You wake up trying to overcoming challenges. You want to achieve goals. You turn up thinking things are going to be easy then gutted when you find out shit is hard. You discover you are weak, and everyone around you seems to be making it look easy

Sounds like life to me.


Let me shut this rant down:

The MOST we currently charge at Raw Strength Gym is £199 per month...

Do you see this as too expensive?

Well that tells you more about your mindset than my gym.

Do you want to live now, or wait to die?

Do you want to be a selfish little maggot, or somebody who appreciates the awesome things in life for free?

Do you want to waste/hoard money, or invest in the bigger picture and the priceless returns?

Do you want to give up when life gets tough, or toughen up for the harsh realities of life using the dojo?

The world we live in requires that I charge for my services.

I see it as my DUTY to give back a value 10 times the price of the product.

AKA - it is a great investment for you.

Finally, I see people waste £50 every weekend on eating shit and drinking 20 pints. Stop it and you have the price of the program there.




If you can't afford it, I get it. Believe me I have been in Tesco and had my card declined for food. I've had to walk miles and miles in Manchester because I couldn't afford a £3 bus ticket. I've had days where I decided not to eat so I could pay my rent ("if I just eat rice tomorrow and Sunday.....I'll make it through").

it's quite shit. But it happens.

Just know you'll get money one day, just work hard and keep on trucking.


Then re-read the above.

You do not get another go round in life.

Start living.

COACHES CORNER - Stop Dysfunction: Prevent Injury and Increase Performance by Warming Up Correctly

It was my first time playing for the seniors, I was 15 and knew nothing about anything, up until this point every game from warm up to cool down was run by a coach, I had never really thought about how or why I should warm up.

Anyway, I turned to the senior captain and asked what I should do to warm up, he replied “ah just summa deez and then we will be good to go” swinging his arms out and in a couple of times, touched the floor, shook out his legs and he was done. 

I responded in kind and got ready for the game, 5 minutes in my hamstring popped, I missed the rest of the season and to this day 15 years later I still have issues with my left hamstring.

What I now know is that a warm up isn’t just there to raise your heart rate, anyone who has been made to “just run a lap” ahead of a game or training session will know that is often the extent of a warm up, but a good warm up is also able to mobilise (open up) our joints and prepare for the activity we are about to perform, a great warm up and cool down will even take some time to work on existing dysfunctions and work towards fixing them.

I could write a thesis on the myriad of common drills to help mobilise and correct dysfunctions in athletes so let’s looks at just two areas the Shoulders and the Hips, these are the two major joints we use while powerlifting and the two areas where I tend to see the most dysfunction; I will give you a way to mobilise and activate the muscles and joints, both of which will potentially improve each joints function and help prevent injury. 


The Shoulders

Mobilise: Shoulder Dislocates

A simple exercise to open up your shoulder joint that only requires a mini band or light weight pole simple hold the band wider than shoulder width with your elbows locked out and bring it over your head down towards your bum, release your elbows and bring it back over your head. Do this slowly and feel the stretch at the band contracts against the movement, to advance the movement, bring your hands closer together. 

Activation: Banded Y’s 

This exercise also only requires a mini band to perform, simply loop your band around a fulcrum at hip height, from there grab the band with your hands wider than your shoulders similar to the last exercise. Keep your arms straight and bring them up either side of your head to create a Y shape, squeeze at the very top of the movement to activate not only your shoulders but the rest of your upper back. 


The Hips

Mobilise: Hip Grinder

Setting up in a push up position bring one foot up and outside of your elbow, keeping the heel down on the ground, from there we are going to move around holding this position, push into your hips over and over again using your hips to create a figure of 8 motion. You should feel your whole hip girdle loosen as we progress, change legs and repeat as needed. 

A variation using a mini band can be shown here, however this exercise is perfectly good without band resistance: 


Activation: Fire Hydrants 

Set yourself on the floor on your hands and knees, clamp your heel tightly to your glute and then draw progressively bigger and bigger circles with your knee, remember to resist the urge to kick out with your foot instead focusing on keeping your heel as close to your glute as possible.

We demonstrate this exercise in our Youtube series, the exercise has been timestamped for you below: 


Want to learn more about improving your shoulders and hips?

Check out our video series below:

Fixing Hip Impingement & Hip Pain

Fixing tight Necks, Shoulders & Hips 


Remember to implement these movements before your next session at the gym, and keep those shoulders and hips healthy!

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Death of The Holiday Diet

I overheard something CRAZY yesterday


Yet thinking about it, it’s a phrase I hear ALL the damn time


Maybe you’ve even said it…..?


“I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks, better start going to the gym”




This is classic lazy human behaviour


But just cos we all crash diet doesn’t make it right


Reason being, MOMENTUM always wins…


6-12 weeks of being Rocky Balboa will not reverse 40-odd weeks of being unhealthy


It’s like being overdrawn on your bank account


You have to put money in just to get your balance back to ZERO


Or performing a hill start when your car is rolling backwards


You have to put your foot down just to get your car to stand STILL


Many of you will be EXTREMELY, MASSIVELY ‘overdrawn’ in fitness


> poor mobility and flexibility


> poor muscle mass


> high levels of body fat


> poor posture


> poor response to food (as hormones out of balance)




it may take 6-12 months to reverse the damage


….here comes the (more) painful part…


You don’t have a way round this! 


You can’t bypass this fact at all


There is not a diet in the world that will correct a serious hormonal imbalance in 6 weeks


Or cure super fatigued adrenal glands in 4 weeks


The crash diet is DEAD


Rather than live an unhealthy life and try to reverse momentum in 6 weeks


Wouldn’t you prefer to live a healthy life with a few drinks on the weekend?


And enjoy a guilt free and SHAME free holiday where you can eat what you like before the holiday (because you’re already in shape)


Enjoy the time whilst you are away (because your body looks great)


And enjoy your time when you’re back (because you aren’t living with the shame of being seen in your swimsuit and NOT seen on any of the photos)


That’s a real break, a rejuvenating holiday


Not stress before, during and after


And it’s bigger than holidays too remember


Being healthy IMPROVES how your kids look up to you


Being healthy IMPROVES what your boss or clients think of you


Being healthy IMPROVES how you think of yourself!


And most importantly, being healthy IMPROVES what you can give back to your loved ones


And I know, I KNOW….


You may want to ignore this message


Think that ‘it’s too late in the year’ to take action


But remember what I said about momentum and 6-12 months of effort just to get your body back to a baseline level of health?


so YES, it is the right time of year to talk about this


Want help to sort your life out?


Email me at and let’s talk about your goals


And we can discuss which of our 6 private body transformation programs is right for you


Go take ACTION!


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS – we have very few places left this year so please reach out if you want to talk about your goals and how we can help


We always begin with an 8 or 12 week intensive transformation



After that we move into longer term 6-12 month goals and work with you so your whole lifestyle improves


On every program you will get:


1) Our habit based, rule based nutrition system so you can get leaner and healthier super quick


2) Your own coach for every step of the program, so you can progress step-by-step in a fast, controlled way 


3) You will learn how to lift weights from scratch, or advance your skill to a higher level, whilst building strength, muscle and having FUN doing so

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5 Stages of Being AVERAGE

A really ruthless one today folks! 

But hey, the truth hurts right?


So spend 5 mins reading this and be truly honest with yourself


This world is full of opportunity, believe me.

Nobody deserve to be average in any area

So just know that if you’re experiencing less than desirable fitness results right now

That’s down to your mind not being razor sharp

And hey, sometimes you just don’t have the tools you need to succeed, right!?

That’s where a coach comes in

Someone who can give you those tools.


But sometimes you KNOW what to do, but you aren’t doing the work.

So what the hell is going on here?


Well, I call it the 5 stages of average….








These come out in the form of reasons why you can’t/haven’t/won’t achieve your goals


Ever said any of the following?



“I’m not that overweight”

“I’d only need 6 weeks to get in shape”



“I can’t believe I’ve let myself get this fat!!”

“My fitness is gone, I’m so weak”



“I’ll go to the gym….just after I’m back from my holiday”

“I’ll eat clean monday to friday, but I’m not giving up wine on the weekends”



“I’ll never look like J-Lo! My genetics are shite”

“I hate training, I’ll never be in shape”



“Well, I guess this is just the body I’ve been given”

“I’ve never been very strong, that’s just how it is”



Thinking or saying any of the above is a HUGE indicator of a problem.


The problem?



Fuck being average

You don’t deserve average

You deserve AMAZING

And there’s 5 things you need to cure being average






Whatever you want to call it, step your shit up and average just won’t feature in your life.


Look, life is hard, fitness can be confusing

But YOU must depend on YOU

Catch yourself saying any of the above and realise that you’re on the path to average if you don’t change to a new model of thinking

Don’t add in healthy eating to unhealthy THINKING

It’s like putting premium fuel into a rusty old car

Won’t make much of a difference


Instead work hard to have a SHIFT in your mind

Be prepared to put in 10 times the effort, actions and time you originally thought necessary and you will smash through your body’s natural resistance to change

Normally people get the basics RIGHT in fitness

> Clean eating? 


> Intense training?


> Support and training partners?



Yet they don’t account for the fact that the time, repetition, effort and hustle necessary to achieve their goal may require 10X what they originally thought

You may have to eat clean for 6 months before your body learns to rebuild itself from 6 years of eating shit

You may have to train hard for 12 months before you get above a base level of strength

You may have to change gyms and continually push yourself to more and more positive environments


It ain’t cut and dry

It isn’t the same for everyone

But what I can guarantee

Is if you move from the 5 stages of average

To an OBSESSED mindset

You’ll be a different person from day one.

Once you realise that success is a journey, you have to keep pushing for the rest of your life

You don’t just make a few changes and get in shape then get to keep the benefits forever

So learn a way of living and training that will make your life change


If you guys want any help at all just send me an email at


Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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