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Juice diets are a joke.


Juice diets are a joke.

They make NO impact on markers of health, happiness or performance

They dramatically REDUCE these, in fact

All for the sake of a quick loss of a few pounds of water weight and dropping a few pounds of undigested food (there's no food in the system, hence you're lighter)

If you know someone who's tried a juice diet

Or you've done a 'course' yourself

Trust me, all you'll see is negatives...

> hunger

> cravings

> tiredness and fatigue

When you then fail to improve your body shape

You blame yourself when in reality you've simply been conned

Fitness and the weight loss industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars globally

Do you think there may be just a few people in it just for the money?

You bet

Herbalife, juice plus and all the rest make money from distributors kicking profits up the chain

First one personal trainer is recruited and sells his clients a juice diet

Then part of his profits are paid up to his 'mentor'

Then he recruits five other trainers who sell to their clients and kick profits up to him

And on and on

Essentially it's a pyramid scheme that they call 'multilevel marketing' (how cunning)

It is Based around MONEY

Nothing to do with HEALTH and helping you get LEANER

The list of ingredients in the shakes is enough to confuse a cheap drug dealer, chemicals and sugar water basically

Your body is unhealthy, and so loses weight quickly at first, then stops - note I said 'weight' and not body fat

Instead You must base your diet around FOOD

Foods with ONE ingredient, not shakes with a hundred

There are NO shortcuts in getting the body you want

Smart, fast and simple methods, sure

But nothing life changing is gonna be achieved in 3-4 weeks.

More like 6-12 months

Let's face it, people, maybe you included, only fall for these scams because it seems easier

We are wired to take the easy option

> stay in bed vs get up for work

> watch TV vs walk the dog

> drink juice shakes vs train harder than rocky

Thing is, anyone can get in shape

You just need the motivation, knowledge and environment you're in to be based around success and support

DEFINITELY not someone who offers juice plus or herbalife to his/her clients

...and I have seen quite a few in Warrington....

Run like hell if you're around someone like this, there's no integrity or care for you

but thats another story I can rant about another time :-)

Remember - beware of juice scammers, it's not healthy, it's potentially fraudulent and illegal and you're only gonna lose cash in the long run. Start a program designed for strength, fitness, health and happiness over the long term

Play the long game and get in shape properly

Apply for a strategy call where we'll help you get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and how to get there

We have 7 places left this month on our 8 week summer body transformation

Typical results are...

Losing 1-2 dress sizes and transforming the way you look and feel... just in time for summer hols

Unlike juice diets you're going to eat whole, healthy and clean foods and lots of them with our Raw Strength Nutrition System

Plus - we have a great time training as a team and with your own coach

But first you need to apply and we can go through the details on a call

Apply now:

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

So I got a confession to make....

So I got a confession to make....


I've started training hard (6 days per week) for muscle gain.


And the other day I found myself panicking about not being muscular enough.


Or more specifically, not gaining muscle FAST enough.


A lot of my clients have the same thoughts when it comes to fat loss....


Why can't this happen FASTER arghh??!!!


Anyway, fortunately I did two things to stop myself stressing and to stay focused.


1) I looked at the facts.


2) I reminded myself about time.


First off, the facts.


I'm keeping a spreadsheet that holds all my workouts and progress stats.


Each week I weigh myself and measure my body in a few places (upper arm, forearm, calf, neck, thigh, waist etc.)


And I put that into the spreadsheet.


So when I freaked out the other day I just took a look at the numbers and that started a POSITIVE inner dialogue.


> hey, I can't be doing that badly if my chest has grown by 5cm in two weeks


> hey, I'm not gaining body fat if my weight is dropping (slowly!) and my waist measurement has gone down slightly


And on and on.


I literally looked at every number I'd put down and focused on the facts.


Funnily enough this did NOT change my inner drive.


I still feel like my arms are too small, my calves are tiny and my six pack will never be showing...


....but that's GOOD, that's DRIVE, that's my inner FIRE!!


Badly wanting to change and get results faster is not a bad thing


Anyway, after I looked at the facts I started to at least feel that I was making some progress.


We all know that we aren't going to do one workout and magically change body shape - so aiming for progress, facts and staying calm is really important.


Our clients ALL take pictures, measurements and track their nutrition.


From time to time they ALL still freak out and complain that they are fat, not getting results and are getting frustrated.


That's OK, that's part of being human.


But it's very hard for them to remain stressed when we can take a look at the facts and say:


> well your waist measurement is down 5cm, does that mean you're getting leaner or gaining fat?


> your bodyweight has dropped 5kg, does that sound like you're gaining weight?


So that's the first thing, measure progress by facts NOT emotions.


Second of all, when I was worrying about not making 'gains' - I reminded myself of TIME.


That is, time goes by whether you like it or not.


I'm going to be 32 in 3 years, so it's a good idea to stick to the plan and reach my goal.


If I don't reach my goal I'm going to be 32 anyway!


Now I might not enjoy some parts of the journey, but I'm on the journey whether I like it or not!


Make sense?


So I've set myself a goal of training for 3 years to gain muscle mass.


Because gaining muscle is slow.


gaining a 1kg of muscle every other month is the usual rate IF diet, training, stress, sleep etc. is all spot on.


that's 6kg per year (approx. 1 stone)


that's 18kg of muscle over 3 years


I want to gain approx. 12kg of muscle in 3 years BUT I know that training plateaus, holidays, illness, possible injuries etc. will all come up over the next 3 years.


So gaining 12kg of muscle over 3 years has done two things:


1) it has taken the pressure off needing to experience the results NOW


2) it has forced me to narrow my focus in the gym and in the kitchen with the question, "will this help my goal AND can I do this for the next 3 years?"


^^ instantly rules out cabbage soup type diets right?


If it does not help my goal I don't do it


If I can't see myself doing it for the next 3 years I don't do it


Whatever I choose for training or diet has to be run successfully through this question.


Believe me, it is very clarifying to have less pressure and more focus.




Anyway to sum up:


I freaked out that I wasn't seeing results in the mirror




> I looked at the facts and looked at the positives


> I used the negatives (calves could be bigger, arms could be bigger etc.) to re-ignite my FIRE and keep my motivation high


> I re-focused on the fact that time goes by whether I like it or not


> I set a realistic goal over a 3 year period to take the pressure off


> I created a focusing question: "will this help my goal AND can I do this for the next 3 years?"




Hope that helps your focus.


I believe that you can achieve everything you want in the gym and in the mirror over a 3 year period.


But sometimes it's tough to get started, I get that.


You likely don't know what to do, how to train around an injury perhaps, or you just can't seem to stick to your diet.


When all this is going on and you don't have solutions you can feel lost, unconfident about your body and it sucks, I have been there believe me.


Fact is you got two choices:


1) smile and ignore it (remember though that time will pass whether you like it or not)


2) get OUT of your comfort zone and ask for help.


My team and I run completely tailored 12 week programs for people like you, inside our private gym in Birchwood Park, Warrington, just off the M62.


If you're interested, email me back with what you'd like to achieve.


We can then book a call in with Sara to have a quick chat.


Then Sara will book you in for a movement screening with me at the gym.


I'll take you through our proven goal setting formula, going through sleep, stress, emotions, strength goals, fitness goals


Together we'll find out exactly what the priorities are for your health, strength and fitness.


Then I'll run you through a battery of movement and flexibility tests so that our coaching team has all the info needed to write you a customised program based on facts.


You'll also get an in-depth nutrition program tailored to your goals, age and bodyweight.


And then we get on with the work and train!


it is 3 days per week, coached in a very small private group with your own program


nutrition support is delivered online so you can ask any question any time you get stuck


We'll keep you on track and make sure your body has a phenomenal transformation in the first 12 weeks


After that, if you enjoy it and have the drive and the commitment, we'll set a longer 6-12 month goal and then move you even closer to your dream body.


The program is only £997 for 36 sessions, a movement screening, a nutrition plan + online support.


All in our private gym, all with a guaranteed result at the end.


Or you can split that into £332 per month if you'd like.


Anyway, last 3 places going (all the other spaces have been booked up)


If you're interested, do yourself a favour and take action today.


Simply email me back with your goals and start the conversation


I can't help you if I don't know you exist!


And time, marches on....


Speak soon


Anthony Shaw


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

3 examples of why strength training is important

Today you're going to discover:


> 3 important benefits of strength training

> how we run our personal training program

> how you can get a free trial of our personal training program






Ryan started our personal training program a few months ago....


....and he crushed 3 of our strength records in his first 12 weeks!


Just so you grasp the gravity of what I'm saying - these are records set over the past 7 years by hundreds of men and women!


How did we get Ryan to this point so fast?


Let's take a look!


BENEFIT #1 - Strength training finds your weaknesses.


Ryan came in for a movement screening before we wrote his program.


We tested his flexibility, mobility and basic strength.


This is important as we then know exactly what to work on.


You don't want to keep working on things you are already good at.


Here's a tip: If you don't like training something in the gym, you probably need to work on that thing!


That's why LOADS of guys skip leg day - it hurts!


So we made sure Ryan was working on his most hated exercises, finding his weaknesses and turning them into strengths!


BENEFIT #2 - Strength training is easily measured.


A few weeks into Ryan's program we re-tested his strength.


Ever go to the gym and wonder if what you're doing is working?


Me too.


It sucks to feel like that.


Which is why strength training is really important to work on because the bar does not lie.


If you lifted 80kg on your squat last month and this month it's 85kg, well that's progress!


Embrace that progress!


Ryan's tests allowed us to review his program and tweak a few things moving forwards so we started seeing results fast.


BENEFIT #3 - Strength training changes your body shape.


Lifting more and more in the gym, working on your weaknesses and tracking your progress is really beneficial to your physique.


Because stronger muscles are closely correlated with bigger muscles.


Ladies - this is very relevant to you as well.


Men - don't think you're going to look like Arnie right away.


More muscle means:


+ better mobility and flexibility

+ less body fat due to higher energy 'burn' whilst sat on your arse

+ better posture

+ less joint pain (stronger and more mobile joints = less pain)

+ stimulates testosterone release (improved hormone balance for BOTH genders)

+ better looking body (more confidence)

+ higher aerobic capacity (stronger and leaner people have more endurance)


....I could go on and on.


Back to Ryan, his goal was to lose a lot of body fat.


(It's important to note we combined his training with a detailed nutrition plan, you can't just rely on training.)


Just look at his results!



Oh, and his strength testing results?




Bench Press - 145kg

Squat - 160kg

Deadlift - 200kg




Bench Press - 160kg

Squat - 200kg

Deadlift - 245kg



All from our PROVEN personal training process:


1) Movement screening and 'weakness finding'

2) Baseline strength testing

3) Customised program written for your goals

4) Personalised nutrition program

5) Constant re-assessments and progam tweaking



Imagine what this process could do for you.


Would you like a free 2 week trial of this personal training program?


Email me back and let me know.

Include your name, mobile number and your MAIN goal.


We'll have a quick call & book your movement screening.


After the screening IF it's the right thing for your goals, you'll be coached through a 2 week trial period before moving into a full 12 week plan.


The full 12 week program is:


> 3 days per week


> customised to you and coached inside our private gym


> includes nutrition coaching and accountability


The program is only £997 (or 3x £332 if that's easier for you).


Only 3 trial places available by the way.


So email me TODAY.


Have a great day




Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington.




Fitness is broken because...

....what if you can't see what you could become?


You will never achieve what you can't see and feel in your mind.


Going a step further, even if you've seen others achieve your goal and you know the path is there, you'll give up if you can't see the path and don't get guidance.


For example:


Imagine a client coming to me and saying they'd only like to lose 1 stone, or 'tone up' before their holiday.


Ok, but when I can see strength, muscle, endurance, reduced stress, a happier life AND 3-4 stone lost so they actually have a flat stomach and abs....


Well I prefer my picture to theirs! It's my job to get them to see the same thing.


Most coaches and PTs say 'ok here's what to do to lose a stone'


Nooooo, I cry!! That is f**ked up!


That is exactly like me saying we are going on a journey of a 1000 miles and you only want to go 10.


I'd be like, "Ricardo, not this shite again, 10 miles doesn't even get us to Stockport! Let's go the full thousand you *#&@."


Go all the way!


Why not?


The right coaching, food, training and lifestyle for 3-5 years, done with serious grit, determination and hard work is GUARANTEED to bring you the absolute best result possible...that is, a result that is beyond your wildest dreams right now.


A result you can't see with your current mindset!


I hope I'm dragging you kicking and screaming out of the matrix right now!


Or at least away from those gimmick-artists, sorry, I mean really honest trainers who really can shred your abs in time for your holiday in 3 weeks.




Look, if it's easier for you to not achieve excellence in 3-5 years and instead do a juice shred and lose 7lbs in 7 days then who am I to rock the boat.


But if you want to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes....


1. Start lifting weights. Repeat for a long time (this can be fun btw, just making a point!)


2. Join a structured program with decent coaches in it (people who inspire you)


3. Eat whole, real foods every day. No more starving and you may have a metabolism one day.


4. Sleep well and stop giving quite so many f*cks away to others. Then find a way to ENJOY that for the rest of your life.


^^^ that's a healthy lifestyle by the way. It's actually fairly simple.


We ALREADY know how to get humans in great shape, it's called sports science.


But because those big shiny companies haven't worked out how to sell a lifetime of sweat and effort to you they're sticking with the 7 day gimmicks, powders, pills and potions.


Let's all move away from gimmicks and start treating our bodies like they are going to last a lifetime......hmmmm


Some of the best days of my life have been lifting in the sun with my mates, actually laughing and enjoying training (shock!), having a BBQ or going to Nando's afterwards too.


And when it's tops off time on the beach, well I can check that box because my life has a few hours a week dedicated to training in a way that stimulates my soft, mushy, human body to be a little more wild like our caveman ancestors.


Anyway, if I haven't made my case that you must commit to a life of health because it's the only one you get, then I probably never will.


For those of you who want help we are running an 8 week summer transformation for men, it’s £199 x 2 (or £350 up front) and you’ll get:


  1. 4 intense but fun group weight lifting sessions each week, with a coach, so you can blast the fat away, gain strength and actually enjoy training for once!


  1. An 8 week proven nutrition programme, tweaked for your weight, goals and activity level, so you burn fat fast, a lot of our guys lose 8-10kg (1-1.5 stone) on this exact programme


  1. Access to online support so you can ask questions about food (what to eat? How big of a portion?) You get support 24/7 because we are guaranteeing an epic result!


Want a brand new body this summer?


The time is now


After all, you're already halfway through 2017.


Let's take action together


Apply here and Sara will text you back to arrange a phone consultation:


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym


PS - Many of you watch from the shadows! Trust me I know.


90% of the people that join us spent 4-12 months following us online before taking the plunge.




Fill out a form and let’s have a chat, there is no risk at all from having a human-to-human conversation.


And know this, I would never promote a program with a money-back guarantee if I didn’t KNOW it was the best program in Warrington (by far).


You have my personal belief in this program, a money-back guarantee, and a free phone consultation.


I can’t make it easier to join than that.


Stop shadow-watching - start filling out this form:



Dieting but GAINED weight? Here's what to do…

First of all, relax, it's quite normal for this to happen in a number of situations.


And remember that gaining weight and gaining fat are two very different things. Mi


I feel this is a really important thing to discuss because you may be on track for great results, you may be training and dieting spot on…. then you gain weight and give up!


So let's look at a few scenarios.


SCENARIO A - you've been low carb for ages...


If you've been extremely low carb with your recent dieting and gained weight when reintroducing carbs:


  1. Your body is simply storing glycogen - carb stored within the liver and muscles - this weighs something!

  2. Storing glycogen can pull water into the muscles and increase your water weight


SCENARIO B - you've been 5:2 fasting (or any other fasting type diet)...


If you've been fasting recently then gained weight when going back to normal healthy eating:


  1. Your metabolism (daily calorie burn at rest) has slowed due to fasting, you eating more food can add glycogen/water weight (as above)

  2. Eating a normal amount of food after a fasting type diet may initially put you into a calorie surplus because your body isn't used to dealing with the extra food. You'll find yourself possibly gaining muscle and likely gaining fat - but this is necessary for a few weeks to boost your metabolism and make future fat burning easier AND to prevent longer term metabolic damage from long term low calorie dieting.


SCENARIO B - You've done neither fasting or low carb but have still gained weight:


  1. If training hard and eating on target, weight gain is hopefully muscle gain BUT be wary of emotional thinking and take constant waist, thigh and upper arms measurements and regular progress pics THAT SOMEONE ELSE REVIEWS for you.

  2. You may have to up your training frequency or train harder, progress the weights you’re lifting, do an extra session or some homework (walking, stretching, 50 kettlebell swings per day etc.)

  3. If eating on target and training hard, be aware of fat-sparing activities (we don't want fat spared we want it obliterated!) like these below:

    1. cups of tea & coffee - whilst the drink is low calorie, milk and/or sugar is not. A few hundred calories less each day could be the difference maker for you!

    2. Alcohol - any amount is detrimental no matter the calories. Alcohol cannot be stored and must be burned off by the body before fat melting can be switched back on.

    3. Stress and sleep - less than 7 hrs a night sleep will slow down fat burning as your body and brain will be in a stressed state. Nap and sleep a little more. To reduce stress, take a walk each day or sit and breath deeply for 5 mins. This is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Stress hormones prevent fat burning.



Let's not overlook the obvious either, you may just be eating crap or eating too much.


Make a food diary and make sure you're eating for your goals.


Want help setting up your own nutrition targets, meal plan and tracking results?


We are running an 8 week summer transformation for men, it’s £199 per month and you’ll get:


  1. 4 intense but fun group weight lifting sessions each week, with a coach, so you can blast the fat away, gain strength and actually enjoy training for once!

  2. An 8 week proven nutrition programme, tweaked for your weight, goals and activity level, so you burn fat fast, a lot of our guys lose 8-10kg (1-1.5 stone) on this exact programme

  3. Access to online support so you can ask questions about food (what to eat? How big of a portion?) You get support 24/7 because we are guaranteeing an epic result!



We are also running a 28 day results accelerator for women in Warrington


It’s perfect if you want a leaner body this summer


It’s just £97 and you’ll get:


  1. 3 intense but fun group workouts, your coach will push and guide you to greater efforts to speed up your fat loss

  2. A 28 day proven nutrition programme, tweaked for your weight, goals and activity level, so you burn fat fast, a lot of our ladies lose 3-4kg (7-9 lbs) on this exact programme - we have achieved 10kg of fat lost in 28 days before but I’m not going to lie to you, that isn't typical, but losing half a stone quickly and safely AND starting a longer fitness journey with us definitely is typical!

  3. Access to online support so you can ask questions about food (what to eat? How big of a portion?) You get support 24/7 because we are guaranteeing an epic result!


Want a brand new body this summer?


The time is now


After all, you're already halfway through 2017.


Let's take action together


Apply here and Sara will text you back to arrange a phone consultation:




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym


PS - Many of you watch from the shadows! Trust me I know.


90% of the people that join us spent 4-12 months following us online before taking the plunge.




Fill out a form and let’s have a chat, there is no risk at all from having a human-to-human conversation.


And know this, I would never promote a program with a money-back guarantee if I didn’t KNOW it was the best program in Warrington (by far).


You have my personal belief in this program, a money-back guarantee, and a free phone consultation.


I can’t make it easier to join than that.


Stop shadow-watching - start filling out this form:







I wrote some goals out this morning..

...and I was surprised at how far away they seemed.


First goal: gain 5kg of muscle - gaining 0.5kg (or 1lb) of muscle each month this is 10 months away presuming epic commitment to diet and training, no holidays etc.


Second goal: gain 10kg of muscle - that's at least 2 years away.


For you, let's make some quick goals now...


SET A TARGET: If you want to gain muscle, how much do you want?


BE REALISTIC: Gain a pound or half a kilo a month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


Or maybe you want fat loss...


SET A TARGET: If you want to lose weight, how much do you wanna lose?


BE REALISTIC: you can lose 4 pounds (or 2kg) each month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


If you want to gain a stone of muscle, that's a 14 month goal.


If you want to lose 50lbs, that's a year away.



That's the shite none of us want to hear.


But think of it like this:


These goals are based on FACTS.


you can choose to not believe in facts


But it doesn't change the validity of the facts!


So wake up, realise that you're going to have to get onto a nutrition and training plan that will take 1-2 years to achieve your goals


and just know that that is OK!


Know that everyone, me included, have to face the facts and commit to things long term!


Big businesses aren't built in 2 weeks


Imagine if I tried to sell you a 'get rich in 28 days' program


You'd laugh in my face


But you've probably bought a juice shred or starved yourself for 2 weeks and wondered why you didn't have abs.




1-2 years folks


1-2 years.


Which obviously sucks but you gotta take account of a few things:


1) you will ONLY stay on a program for 1-2 years if you like the training and enjoy the food.


2) you can't enjoy a program if you train alone in a gym, or if you train with nobheads.


3) you must be able to keep your mind on the day to day details (like cooking healthy meals, doing the food shop, stretching and showing up to the gym)


4) you must also be able to keep your mind on the faraway goal - the reason you are doing the day to day stuff.



So how far away is your goal?


Don't be de-motivated, we're in this together.


I'll have my goal in 2 years time


will you?




PS - if you'd like to kickstart your fitness journey with a proven fat loss plan, we are currently accpeting new clients on our 60 day summer SHRED!


Everyone who completes the program loses 8-11kg of body fat in just 8 weeks


it's insane


You can do it too, and trust me it's so much easier when you have our expert, highly experienced coaches by your side


...when you can ask all of our clients for help and advice on our private FB group


....when you can look forward to going to the gym because everyone else is just like you (35-50 years old, wanting to look better and have fun)


anyway, want more info/times/price etc then click the links below:






We have 5 places left on each program, you can start anytime between now and 14th June.


Be brave and fill out an application, all we do next is have a conversation over the phone, super friendly, set some goals and see if we can even help you (if we can't we'll refer you on)


so it's all good. win/win


Email back if you have any questions


Or apply here:





So last week this happened....


......I consulted with a potential client who was on the cusp of joining our personal training program.


He needed to lose a lot of weight, was on medication for blood pressure and heart issues.


With huge worries of dying young.... to be honest I agreed with him.


He was at risk.


So we spoke, both got excited and I made a positive plan with him to get moving and DO something about it.


Which we started to do....


> me and Jay started working on his program.


> all the coaches were fired up to help someone who was in desperate need of our knowledge and experience.


......then he texted to say he couldn't afford the training and had to cancel.


You know what?




But not for me, it sounds harsh but I can get another client...


He can't get another life.


We all get one go round in life, and whilst the haters out there will cry 'if you cared that much train him for free'


Well...there are three reasons why I didn't...


1. Investing money into yourself is one of the biggest motivators out there.


Especially if doing so makes you broke. You'd better get the work done and get something for your money if it's all gone.


2. We can't work with people who aren't ready to go all in on commitment.


Ask any PT or coach what their number 1 problem is and I bet my gym they'd say "getting clients to show up, do the work and do the nutrition".


So I can't start on the back foot having to convince, explain and persuade. If he's not ready to invest he's not ready to change.




3. Not having money is never a real issue.


CASE IN POINT: if I offered you a £1 million pound ferrari for £'d go find the cash fast (then get that bad boy sold on eBay and hey, you're a millionaire).


Why don't we view fitness as valuable as that?


Why couldn't he have gone and found the money? Got a credit card? Saved a few meals out or shifted his budget somehow?


Money is NOT real, it's a made up thing that for some reason we've all agreed has value. You can always make/find/borrow it.


Life is very real, a healthy life is a real thing that we all have the luck to experience for a short period of time and it's very, very fragile. (i.e. you cannot find/borrow life).




Now, people cancelling does happen a lot, don't get me wrong (....but I'll save that for another rant on the lack of respect the general public has for fit-pros....)..


What I want to share is an extreme example to make you guys realise what's on the line.


Now we're all gonna pop our clogs one day, of course.


My point is if you don't get in shape, healthy, strong, flexible and eat the right foods - you will die BEFORE your time.


Want a fun life, with lots of mobility, no joint pain and be around for your kids, family, friends and grandkids?




And I'm sorry but it doesn't take a genius to see the imbalance between spending £30 a month on your gym membership but £200 on sugar, booze and cheese...




Thoughts for the day crew.


I'm out.




Anthony Shaw

Performance Director

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS - if you want to get guaranteed results, then our next 60 day program is starting in just a few weeks!


Most people lose 6-10kg (1-1.5 stone!!) of body fat


But we also lift weights to get you stronger


We eat real foods so you'll feel strong and healthy and not be starving


You'll train as part of a team to get pushed beyond your usual comfort zone


And one of our coaches will stand by your side every session, 4 days per week for 8 weeks.


It's a great program and a great price...


More info and to apply go here:








a silly story about getting in shape...

every year I CONVINCE myself that I'm 'not in too bad of a shape'


I'm confident about my body and always have been


But as those calendar days get crossed off... my holiday gets closer and closer....


I start to doubt myself.


I look in the mirror and start pinching and grabbing my belly fat and love handles


I take 'before' pictures and set out a ridiculously low calorie diet for myself


I promise myself that 'just 4 weeks' of no cheat meals is doable


I commit to training 5 days a week for 4 weeks


and at the end of 4 weeks, you know what happens?


I always, 100-percent-of-the-time, have quit by wednesday of the first week.


You know why?


I always leave it too LATE to get in shape for hols.


I make the program TOO disciplined and intense (READ: miserable)


I make the diet TOO restricted and boring


It's f-ing emotional to diet and train this way.


Painful to do the bloody thing in the first place


Painful to quit halfway through and think 'oh well, guess I'll try next year'


Want to know what I'm doing this year?


I'm ONLY training on programs that I ENJOY.


I'm ONLY eating foods I want to eat - which means a little more planning and googling 'clean recipes'


but in the long run it means I won't get bored of eating cucumber flakes doused in paprika seasoning (yes, I actually have tried 'that' diet)


And even if my plans for this year aren't perfect.


I'll actually SEE, feel and lOVE the results of a program that I completed.


Vs hating myself for not finishing a program that was too hard in the first place.


Anyway, I'm sure quite a few of you relate to this, so here's what to do.


First, understand that our gym ONLY runs private, group training programs for people just like you. Normal, down-to-earth people who just want to look a little slimmer and feel good about themselves.


this ain't no meathead emporium where we grunt and snort and lift weights.


We actually have fun and get results.....


There is no open gym hours. No classes.


Only private programs for people who want to get in shape and do it healthily.


Now look guys, results are what you MUST get out of your hard work and effort in the gym and your prepeation and discipline in the kitchen.


If you aren't getting results, then something needs to change.


Let me help you simply get started with a simple 28 day program:




It's £97 for a 4 week program where you'll be coached 3x a week in our awesome gym


You'll get personalised nutrition targets and MASSIVE help from my coaching team in our members only Facebook group.


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If you want to see the results first, well here's the results pics from our last intake...

I'm really proud of all these guys! 


You can definitely achieve the same level of results, and enjoy the process too.


the next step is to fill out a form here:


then Sara will text you and book in a phone call


You'll go through our proven goal setting process over the phone with Sara, if the program is going to definitely help you, then Sara will secure your place with payment.


Then you're in!


We guarantee a 3kg loss in body fat in 28 days or your money back




So, if you are like me and always leave getting in shape for the summer too late, then this year...shall we start doing it properly?


Apply here:


Talk to you soon




Our Next LEAN in 28 Program Starts Soon...

We're looking for 20 people that would love to kick start their body transformation on our next LEAN in 28 program so you can look and feel great in 2017.


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So if you:


- Want to find an enjoyable way to get back into fitness, and lose a guaranteed 3kg of bodyfat in your first 28 days


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- Can train at our New, Private Gym in Warrington (Birchwood Park WA3 6AX) 3 times a week.


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- And willing to follow an individualised nutrition plan.


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The best part?


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Why fitness is confusing.

Ever had one of those lightbulb moments?


I have them all the time.


not because I'm particularly clever


But usually because I'm doing things so arse-backwards that when I finally see the light it's a big revelation.


Take lifting weights, for example.


When I first realised that adding a little bit of weight to the bar every month gets better results versus crushing myself every workout, it was a nice moment of clarity!


Less pain and more results.




There are so many of these conflicting ideas within fitness...


So it is super easy to be led astray.


Here's just a few thoughts to inspire some 'lightbulbs' of your own:


1) Eating more means you can train harder and progress quicker. Don't starve.


2) Being mentally relaxed when lifting weights stops emotional burn out. Less raging and grunting, more calmness and jokes.


3) Running puts the body into a stressed state. Body fat can't be used for energy when you're stressed. Walk and lift weights for better results.


4) Sitting down causes back pain, not your zumba class or lifting weights or spinning. It's your posture. Stretch.


5) ^^^ related to this ^^^^ muscle is elastic tissue. Stretching once per week won't help much because the tissue springs back to prior poor flexibility. Stretch every day.


6) Use a food diary to plan what you're about to eat, not to record what you've already eaten.


7) Start worrying about your fat intake rather than your carb intake. Your body requires fat to produce many hormones. Poor hormones = poor fat loss and inefficient muscle gain.


8) Omega-3s are not just a supplement, they are crucial for your health.


Modern farming has removed omega-3s from our ancient sources: meat, fish, eggs. So the 'caveman' version of us had TONS of it. We have none.


From now on, see taking fish oil/omega-3 oil as putting back in the good stuff that commercial farming has removed.


9) Sleep in 90 minute sleep cycles, e.g. 6 hours is 10X better than 5.5 hours because it's 4 full 90 min cycles versus 3 full cycles. Nobody is quite sure why this is, but research confirms it.


How many 90 min cycles do you get right now? 4-5 every night is the goal.


10) ^^^related to this^^^ you CAN catch up on your sleep. So if you have a bad night, or lose a 90 min sleep cycle one night. Then add an extra one on the weekend, or have a 90 min nap.


Therefore, if aiming for 4 or 5 90 min cycles per night, you must aim for a weekly sleep target of 28-35 90 min cycles. Or 42-52.5 hours per week. This makes you feel less stressed about losing sleep believe me!




Have any lightbulb moments?


If you want more, join our 6 in 60 day shred because my team and I will change your lifestyle for good.


We'll give you step-by-step instructions


Potentially be straight up with the truth, the brutal truth, if you need to hear it....


....and you'll enjoy training with a team, with a coach helping you out, in our awesome, private gym.


Main thing is the RESULT for you, which will be a 6kg loss of body fat in 60 days or your money back.


best transformation wins £600 too!


....and more strength, more muscle, more fun, more health, more energy, more friends....


I could go on and on, but just go here to read about it:


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talk soon