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Juice diets are a joke.


Juice diets are a joke.

They make NO impact on markers of health, happiness or performance

They dramatically REDUCE these, in fact

All for the sake of a quick loss of a few pounds of water weight and dropping a few pounds of undigested food (there's no food in the system, hence you're lighter)

If you know someone who's tried a juice diet

Or you've done a 'course' yourself

Trust me, all you'll see is negatives...

> hunger

> cravings

> tiredness and fatigue

When you then fail to improve your body shape

You blame yourself when in reality you've simply been conned

Fitness and the weight loss industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars globally

Do you think there may be just a few people in it just for the money?

You bet

Herbalife, juice plus and all the rest make money from distributors kicking profits up the chain

First one personal trainer is recruited and sells his clients a juice diet

Then part of his profits are paid up to his 'mentor'

Then he recruits five other trainers who sell to their clients and kick profits up to him

And on and on

Essentially it's a pyramid scheme that they call 'multilevel marketing' (how cunning)

It is Based around MONEY

Nothing to do with HEALTH and helping you get LEANER

The list of ingredients in the shakes is enough to confuse a cheap drug dealer, chemicals and sugar water basically

Your body is unhealthy, and so loses weight quickly at first, then stops - note I said 'weight' and not body fat

Instead You must base your diet around FOOD

Foods with ONE ingredient, not shakes with a hundred

There are NO shortcuts in getting the body you want

Smart, fast and simple methods, sure

But nothing life changing is gonna be achieved in 3-4 weeks.

More like 6-12 months

Let's face it, people, maybe you included, only fall for these scams because it seems easier

We are wired to take the easy option

> stay in bed vs get up for work

> watch TV vs walk the dog

> drink juice shakes vs train harder than rocky

Thing is, anyone can get in shape

You just need the motivation, knowledge and environment you're in to be based around success and support

DEFINITELY not someone who offers juice plus or herbalife to his/her clients

...and I have seen quite a few in Warrington....

Run like hell if you're around someone like this, there's no integrity or care for you

but thats another story I can rant about another time :-)

Remember - beware of juice scammers, it's not healthy, it's potentially fraudulent and illegal and you're only gonna lose cash in the long run. Start a program designed for strength, fitness, health and happiness over the long term

Play the long game and get in shape properly

Apply for a strategy call where we'll help you get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and how to get there

We have 7 places left this month on our 8 week summer body transformation

Typical results are...

Losing 1-2 dress sizes and transforming the way you look and feel... just in time for summer hols

Unlike juice diets you're going to eat whole, healthy and clean foods and lots of them with our Raw Strength Nutrition System

Plus - we have a great time training as a team and with your own coach

But first you need to apply and we can go through the details on a call

Apply now:

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

This is really sad….

I’m afraid today I’m going to start off on a very serious note.


You would not believe the amount of emails I receive from people who are in a really bad way.


They don’t believe in themselves anymore.


They don’t have life goals.


Their life consists of work/sleep/work on a repetitive cycle with no end in sight - and they’ve settled for that.


The minimal free time they do have is jam-packed with doing things for OTHER people.


Taking the kids to kid stuff. Meeting up with family on the weekends.


I don’t know how these people are trudging through life, day by identical day.


But they do.


Yet a few reach out to me and ask for help.


After they share their story and explain why they want help to get healthier I always ask, ‘how long has this been a problem?’


5-10 years is COMMON!


This is really sad.


I mean it makes me unhappy to think that there are people who could have better lives, happier and healthier lives, yet are stuck.


Almost as if trapped in a slow, boring nightmare. 


But none of us are getting any older, so it’s time this spell was broken.


…and here is my BEST method for doing so.


FIRST - ask yourself if you are truly happy in life. Look at the bad. If you carry on as you have been, will things improve?


Personally, I struggle with this. Last year I struggled so badly I wanted to shut the gym DOWN.


Long days, the wrong members of staff, nasty and vindictive clients, a lack of self belief. That was my life.


I went through 5 months of almost no training, eating shit, sleeping in to 9-10am (normally I am up by 5am).


I quit some hobbies too.


I had very little to look forward to in my life.


Then it hit me - I had OPTIONS.


I could choose to carry on as I had been - lazy, depressed, unmotivated.


But then I looked at what that would have got me:


a) fatter, weaker and more unfit


b) more depressed, more likely to eat shit food and stay in bed


c) loss of money, potentially losing a business I’ve owned since I was 22


This was PAINFUL as fuck to self-analyse and absorb.


And that is probably what’s stopping you do the same.


But do it, because you can’t make a change without knowing exactly where you are right now.


So that’s the first step.


SECOND - look at your schedule. Could you trim away some useless activity and get more organised?


Last year - during my darker months as I said - my schedule would consist of me waking up late, looking at the clock and wondering how the hell it had got to 1pm without me doing anything.


I would then go to starbucks, try to answer messages from my clients and employees, then turn my phone on airplane mode and hide.


Damn. This is actually quite painful to write and relive!!!! I was so shit and acting such a victim.


Anyway, I’d then drive to the gym and work from 4 or 5pm until 9pm.


And believe me, I got NOWHERE. 


I wasn’t doing enough to drive new business, attract new members, train myself, help my staff.




Compare that to right now, I have every single hour of my day schedule out as a script.




0445-0520: wake-up, make coffee, go for a walk

0520-0550: drive to the gym

0550-0700: coach 6am group

0700-0800: marketing tasks


and on and on


I get shit done.


I mean a helluvalottashit gets done this way.






Because my work is so efficient I also don’t feel guilty about having time off (something that plagues business owners and sales-type jobs)


So I enjoy my free time, and I enjoy my work because every 30-60 minutes I’m ticking off a completed task which is actually proven to give you a little dopamine hit




So what are you doing in your life that can be removed?






Useless trips to shopping centres? Order food online!!!


Useless trips out or drinks with friends who are only keeping you where you are? 


I don’t know your life, only you can do that.


But cut the crap and get a schedule


That’s the second thing.


THIRDLY - and now, onto the last thing for today as I’m running out of time (on my script, I’m organised don’t cha know!)


Take responsibility for what you need to do


And I don’t mean saying, ‘ooh I’m so responsible for this and that and him and her’




I mean quietly do the shit you need to do.


Show the world you can get shit done.


Need to do a food shop? Go do it.


Need to pay off some debts? Go do it.


Need to hit the gym? Go do it.


Stop saying you are going to do it (and faking the responsibility)


Shut up and go and DO (and be responsible for it)




It is sad when people are living quiet, depressed lives. I have been there myself.


In most cases you can get yourself out of the funk by yourself.


First, be honest and look at your failures and look at where you are headed.


Second, make a schedule that includes DOING all the actions you need to do to hit your goals.


Third, quietly do the shit that needs doing and demonstrate responsibility rather than talking about it.


The most common excuse I hear is “I’m too busy to >>INSERT FITNESS ACTIVITY<< and that’s why I’m fat”


Shut up and get your shit sorted.


I had to do it.


You will have to do it.


Now is better than later.


If you want some help, book a consultation with me for a FREE 6 week body transformation.


Book here >>


Think of it as a reset button for your life.




talk soon




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym



Want some motivation, help and a big challenge to kickstart your fitness?


We have 10 places left this month for our best ever 6 week transformation challenge, and it is absolutely free.


Truthfully, this is all our best stuff from the past 8 years put into one fast-track program.


We’ve now transformed over 500 people and have the longest running transformation program in Warrington.



But consultations can only be booked TODAY or tomorrow, these places will go FAST!


In the consultation we’ll have a chat about your goals, commitment levels, and if you qualify - we will sign you up.


When you sign-up for the challenge, here’s what you get:


> Up to 5 sessions per week, coached - in our awesome private gym.


> Train with other people with similar goals and have fun in the gym (possibly for the first time ever)


> Begin implementing proven nutritional methods into your day-to-day life with our simple homework modules


> Ask questions and get motivated with your coach on hand online and in the gym for support


> We’ll customise your program with more strength training, conditioning or muscle building work - depending on your personal goals.


> Train in a place where everyone knows your name, cares about your progress and notices if you don’t show up!




The goal is to notice rapid improvements in your strength & fitness


See radical and visible changes in the mirror 


And feel on FIRE mentally.


BUT if you aren’t ready to work, don’t bother applying.


If you’re not excited to see if you can do this for the long haul (12-18 months) don’t bother applying.


This is a free program, but it doesn’t mean we don’t expect something back.


The payment is hard work, dedication, discipline and daily effort.


Why are we doing this?


We get more people to know about us and boost our reputation.


You get a brand new body with absolutely no risk.




Apply here:

I wrote some goals out this morning..

...and I was surprised at how far away they seemed.


First goal: gain 5kg of muscle - gaining 0.5kg (or 1lb) of muscle each month this is 10 months away presuming epic commitment to diet and training, no holidays etc.


Second goal: gain 10kg of muscle - that's at least 2 years away.


For you, let's make some quick goals now...


SET A TARGET: If you want to gain muscle, how much do you want?


BE REALISTIC: Gain a pound or half a kilo a month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


Or maybe you want fat loss...


SET A TARGET: If you want to lose weight, how much do you wanna lose?


BE REALISTIC: you can lose 4 pounds (or 2kg) each month...


TIMEFRAME: How many months away is your goal?


If you want to gain a stone of muscle, that's a 14 month goal.


If you want to lose 50lbs, that's a year away.



That's the shite none of us want to hear.


But think of it like this:


These goals are based on FACTS.


you can choose to not believe in facts


But it doesn't change the validity of the facts!


So wake up, realise that you're going to have to get onto a nutrition and training plan that will take 1-2 years to achieve your goals


and just know that that is OK!


Know that everyone, me included, have to face the facts and commit to things long term!


Big businesses aren't built in 2 weeks


Imagine if I tried to sell you a 'get rich in 28 days' program


You'd laugh in my face


But you've probably bought a juice shred or starved yourself for 2 weeks and wondered why you didn't have abs.




1-2 years folks


1-2 years.


Which obviously sucks but you gotta take account of a few things:


1) you will ONLY stay on a program for 1-2 years if you like the training and enjoy the food.


2) you can't enjoy a program if you train alone in a gym, or if you train with nobheads.


3) you must be able to keep your mind on the day to day details (like cooking healthy meals, doing the food shop, stretching and showing up to the gym)


4) you must also be able to keep your mind on the faraway goal - the reason you are doing the day to day stuff.



So how far away is your goal?


Don't be de-motivated, we're in this together.


I'll have my goal in 2 years time


will you?




PS - if you'd like to kickstart your fitness journey with a proven fat loss plan, we are currently accpeting new clients on our 60 day summer SHRED!


Everyone who completes the program loses 8-11kg of body fat in just 8 weeks


it's insane


You can do it too, and trust me it's so much easier when you have our expert, highly experienced coaches by your side


...when you can ask all of our clients for help and advice on our private FB group


....when you can look forward to going to the gym because everyone else is just like you (35-50 years old, wanting to look better and have fun)


anyway, want more info/times/price etc then click the links below:






We have 5 places left on each program, you can start anytime between now and 14th June.


Be brave and fill out an application, all we do next is have a conversation over the phone, super friendly, set some goals and see if we can even help you (if we can't we'll refer you on)


so it's all good. win/win


Email back if you have any questions


Or apply here:





Not seeing fitness results?

Think about this....


....everything you are experiencing right now IS a result.


Not happy with your belly?


that's a result


Unhappy with your strength?


that's a result.


SOMETHING has caused these things to happen.


You may think you're doing everything right


but in fitness going 99% of the way often leads to no results.


It's the extra 1% that takes you to 100%


1-2 sessions a week can lead to zero results


but 3-4 sessions a week could be life changing!


Same with nutrition...


4-5 days a week of super clean eating could lead to zero results


But 6-7 days a week of eating spot on could give a radical improvement in your physique!


What I'm trying to say is go that extra 1% every day.


Stop blaming your scenario, schedule, other people, social events or anything else for your lack of a good physique.


You are responsible for your results.


Many people don't understand how to improve their body, I get that, that's why we teach our clients exactly how much food to eat, when and how.


We also teach how to train for a new body.


But having the information is one step, DOING the work is the all-important 'gap' that many people can't bridge.




So let me bring it back to my 'point of the day'.....


Whatever you are doing right now, whether right or wrong, is bringing a result into your life.


Are you doing good stuff that will bring the good stuff?


Or are you doing bad stuff that will bring the bad stuff?


It's common sense, but does require some self-honesty.


You see, one thing that I've noticed with successful clients, is they all take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions.


Unsuccessful clients try to blame me for not getting them results.


Life don't work like that folks.


DO the work, be honest when you don't, and take responsibility for your actions.


Don't think of results as results


Think of results as CONSEQUENCES.


What will be the consequence of todays actions?


Pizza = bad consequences (bad results)


Salad = good consequences (good results)


But don't for one second think that somehow time and life and 'the rules' don't apply to you...


consequences are coming my friend!


Be pro-active, be in control.


Train hard




PS - if you want to get guaranteed results, then our next 60 day program is starting in just a few weeks!


Most people lose 6-10kg (1-1.5 stone!!) of body fat


But we also lift weights to get you stronger


We eat real foods so you'll feel strong and healthy and not be starving


You'll train as part of a team to get pushed beyond your usual comfort zone


And one of our coaches will stand by your side every session, 4 days per week for 8 weeks.


It's a great program and a great price...


More info and to apply go here:






When you can't finish a program...

You know, I've probably started more programs than I've finished.


In fact, who am I kidding, I definitely have!


I've been lifting weights for over 17 years now


And every 2-3 weeks since day one I pretty much get excited about some new program, or diet, or exercise, or gimmick...


....and I want to jump in and try it!


But let it be known my followers, thy divine secret of all future gainz is....






You thought I was going to say the secret was a super scientific program?




Maybe you thought it was doing a 'special' diet, counting naughty points or something?


It ain't!


The only thing that will get you to where you want to be is effort and consistency.


But WHY?


I think it's going to be helpful for you all to understand exactly why.


There's a principle of specificity (don't worry, that's the longest word I'll use today haha) that states you get SPECIFIC results.


Specific to what?


To what you work on.


Going deeper, 4-8 weeks of work on ONE thing is required for your body to adapt. Say heavy deadlifts, for example.


You can't deadlift heavy ('heavy' relative to your strength, of course) on week one, week two, then get mad that you're not Eddie Hall on week three.


You'd have to push hard, on ANY program that required consistent heavy deadlifts, for 4-8 weeks.


Or what about fat loss?


You can't eat a cucumber for breakfast on Monday, a salad for lunch on Tuesday, then get mad you're not ripped to the bone by Wednesday (...then go home and have a bottle of wine and an apple crumble to comiserate)


You know this to be true.


Yet I have done this so many times it's embarassing.


I bet you have too!


It's funny to think about.


But destroys motivation over the long term.


And here's what nobody wants to talk about....


....if you don't pick ONE training program and go all in, commit, dominate and achieve mastery in it.


You will fail to see any results whatsoever.


That doesn't mean you can go the gym 2-4 times a week and it's all good.


What I mean is you MUST go to the gym 2-4 times a week, AND stick to one program until it's FINISHED (4-8 weeks minimum, 12 weeks maximum on most programs)...


...and then it's all good.


Same with diet. You gotta stick with it.


Or you just starved yourself for nothing.




Really contemplate this for a second.


This is WHY nobody is in great shape.


It takes a huge amount of faith to NOT see results for 2-5 weeks yet stick with the same program.


it seems ludicrous. Yet if you only knew that the GOLD was around the corner on week 6-8, you'd stick with the program.


But we can look to elite athletes for inspiration, to see that it can be done.


Take an olympian.


They start a FOUR YEAR training cycle, not knowing how the next olympic final is going to go.


Imagine that pressure, oh, and it's your job too. So win or lose your job (or at least, earn less than you could have)


Lot's of pressure! They can't change program halfway through, they have to stick with the plan or they'd have wasted valuable time....


SO they work as part of a team and they have:


> a strength and conditioning coach


> a nutritionist


> training partners


> emotional support and motivation from a psychologist




Unless you have insane self motivation and impeccable discipline.


I know that I don't


If you've read this far, you probably don't either


So if you'd like to finish a program for once and see impressive results, we have a 28 day program called LEAN in 28 that will give you:


> 3kg of body fat loss in 28 days or your money back


> a place on our awesome private training program, you'll have training partners, a coach, an online group for support and motivation


> your own customised, yet simple, nutrition program so you can fit in awesome, healthy meals in your day and watch the body fat drop off


> 3 team training sessions each week in our private gym. This is nothing like a commercial setting, us coaches know everybody by name. We motivate the team, and the team (including you) motivates each other. The atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed, this DRIVES you to push waaaaayyy harder than you could if training alone.


At the end of your first 4 weeks we sit down, set some longer term goals and make sure this is the first step of a complete lifestyle overhaul.


You'll make new friends, actually enjoy going to the gym, and see visible results in the mirror.


The price?


only £97


that's £24 per week for a private gym, a coach, a nutritionist, training partners...


...and half a stone of body fat lost or your money back!


It's an epic deal


We have a launch seminar this Saturday 11am


I will personally walk you through the nutrition, get you set up with a goal, get rid of your nerves and make sure that you're gonna get the results by the 28th day.


Up for it?


The first step is talking about your goals


Fill out an application here:


Sara will text you back and arrange a phone call.


There are just 5 spaces left on this program, first come, first serve.


So if anything I've said today struck a nerve, be brave, fill out an application and let us help you.


Speak soon (hopefully on Saturday!)



I Only Want To Help ONE Person With This Message

Fitness does not 'work' for everyone


....and that includes our programs too


Reason is, group training programs can't make everyone happy because they can't fix underlying issues such as:


> being too overweight to train intensely


> being on medication and needing a 'lighter' training program


> having a joint replacement and needing specialist personal training


> working odd hours or shifts and unable to make 'normal' fitness class times


> wanting to get back into training but feeling way too nervous/weak/unconfident to start a group program




The need for a personalised program is real if you have one or more of these issues.


If you feel like you need a little help to overcome these types of obstacles


message me back NOW with your goals AND your concerns


I'm here to listen, help and advise.


That is quite literally, my job.


I have one space left in a 9:30am PT group that may allow me to help you move past ALL your obstacles and blocks...


....I'll help you reinforce your goal and your decision to become a better version of yourself.


Together we'll move all your activity onto the achievement of your goal


But like I said, I only want to help ONE person with today's message


If that person is you, please have some courage and email/message me back


The 3 hardest things to say in life are:


1) "I don't know"


2) "I need help"


3) "I was wrong"


If you don't know, need help and feel like you've made mistakes with your fitness and health in the past.




I'm here waiting to help.


Talk to you soon




Our Next LEAN in 28 Program Starts Soon...

We're looking for 20 people that would love to kick start their body transformation on our next LEAN in 28 program so you can look and feel great in 2017.


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So if you:


- Want to find an enjoyable way to get back into fitness, and lose a guaranteed 3kg of bodyfat in your first 28 days


- Want motivation and accountability from a coach who’s already transformed hundreds of people with a clear, proven plan. 


- Can train at our New, Private Gym in Warrington (Birchwood Park WA3 6AX) 3 times a week.


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- And willing to follow an individualised nutrition plan.


... then you might fit the criteria to join our LEAN in 28 program.


The best part?


The best transformation over the 28 days will not only walk away with a new body but also....


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12 hours of hell.

There's no way to say this nicely


I hate walking, unless it's around a park, or on a beach...


I really hate walking up mountains.


But my lovely clients convinced me to walk the Yorkshire 3 peaks this past Easter weekend.


And you know what.....


I hated it, haha




But I did it!


And so did 30-odd other people in our group, raising money for charity and challenging our bodies and minds.


My feet are swollen and sore


But I want to talk to you about commitment.


You see commitment gets misunderstood when it comes to fitness


People think, 'oh all I need to do is raise up my commitment and discipline and I'll get in shape'


Which leads to you trying to eat salad and go jogging every day


Which sucks


Then you quit and CONVINCE yourself that you have no commitment.


I guess you're just 'one of those people' who can't stick to a diet.




I know you can get in shape.


I know you can stick to a diet.


You can even ENJOY training in a gym


Yep, I'm talking to you.


You have the commitment and the discipline inside of you


You're just doing the wrong things.


And the revelation hit me at the top of the 2nd peak on Sunday.....


Because, at any point on that mountain, if I wanted to quit, to go home. I would have had to walk FURTHER to get back to our bunkhouse than if I did the walk in the first place.


I had 'skin in the game'


I couldn't quit even if I wanted to


Can you apply this to your fitness?


Because this mindset forces you to stay committed.


This is why brides always make incredible transformations in the gym just before their wedding: they can't quit!


Or.....if they did quit they'd look like crap on their wedding pics.


Which is a clear, negative driver.


For me, on those mountains, having to walk further than I absolutely had to (if I quit) was a clear, negative driver.


This is why betting you can lose the weight with your friends is a great motivator.


or someone at work telling you you look fat.


That dark, evil shit inside your brain comes out and FIRES you up like nothing else!!


So what's your negative drive?


What don't you want to let happen in your life? Or to your body?


Maybe it's dying before reaching old age due to being overweight.


Maybe it's not getting into your 50s or 60s with joint problems or back pain


Maybe you don't want your kids to see you as a bad role model for health and you don't want them to have weird issues with food


I don't know.


I just know for a fact that committing to a goal where you simply can't back out is a powerful motivator.


Adding in a clear, negative driver keeps you disciplined.


oh, and trust me, having FUN is really important.


but when you join the right gym or hire the right coach, that stuff should happen anyway!


it's the mindset that has to come first.


want help from my team and I to put a fun, effective workout and training program into your life?


What about actually enjoying going to the gym, having massive support online, on the phone AND in the gym, rather than just being another failed statistic in a commercial gym?


Well, we're running a 60 day program


£350 for 8 weeks of intensive coaching (normally £500+ for 1-1 personal training)


Guaranteed loss of 6kg of body fat or your money back


AND best transformation wins 600 quid CASH!


All the info is on our website below...


ladies click here:


guys click here:


Deadline to apply is THURSDAY!!


speak to you soon




PS - I really do believe that training can be fun, effective and part of a lasting change to your life.


But you have to summon up the courage to reach out to my team and I TODAY.


We simply don't know who is reading these emails until we get an application.


I know you've probably been watching us online for a few weeks or months, the next step is actually NOT training with us, it's a phone call to see if we can help you, then you get to train with us if we can help you.


It's nerve-wracking to apply, yes, but the worthwhile things in life always are....and we're going to talk you through it anyway.


Make sure you apply today.


ladies click here:


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Fancy dining logic bro....

I love eating out, one of the best meals I've ever had was in Hawksmoor, Manchester.


Oak panels, secret passages, old-world feel, old fashioned whiskeys, steak, wine...... you gotta try it.




Fancy dining is great, but I don't depend entirely on restaurant meals for my nutrition.


That'd be stupid, right?


Instead I eat 'bog standard' meals. Rice, oats, chicken, tuna etc. Most of the time.


Once a week, I may go out for a nice meal.


But that's it.


Imagine if I tried to sustain my body on that one fancy meal each week, then starved myself all the other days, what do you think would happen to my 'gains' ?


I'd lose muscle, lose fitness, pile on the weight for sure.


Maybe even DIE.


Now looking at training, it's crazy that people are doing this exact same thing, training once a week with all the bells and whistles.....


....and expecting to sustain/improve their fitness and health.


Uh....hang on a sec.


Once a week isn't enough in any area of life.


Once a week learning spanish and you've forgotten all the words by the time the next lesson rolls around


Once a week training and your squishy, organic body detrains back to it's original fitness level by the second week


once a week'd probably die


The nice thing is we have hunger hormones that remind us to eat every few hours.


We don't have logic hormones that remind us to train every day!


Once a week yoga or massage is also like a fancy meal....your body needs daily practice/rehab to sustain it's mobility and health.


Doing the daily tasks is tough, I get it.


That's where a coach comes in handy.


Something I find helps stimulate my training 'hunger hormones' to remind me to train more often is:


Productive Downtime.


'What the hell is that?' I hear you say!


Well, it's this.....


Rather than sit on the sofa watching a film on the weekend....


I sit on the floor and STRETCH whilst watching that same film




Rather than cook one meal in the evening, I'll cook double portions and set aside a meal for tomorrow.




Rather than finish my workout and go home, I'll sit on the floor and stretch/roll out and PLAN my next workout, I'll write my goal weights in my journal and get my mind onto the next workout asap.


Funny thing is we all have the same 24 hours in a day


So how do i have time for these things and you don't?


Either bad time management OR the real reason.


Real reason is:


you don't want it bad enough


You just think you do.


So dig deep, look in the mirror, find the real reason that you want to get in shape.


Embarassed taking your top off on the beach/swimming pool?


Can't fit into your old jeans anymore?


Want to look awesome on your wedding day? (or just as good as you looked on your wedding day?)


Want to inspire your kids to get into fitness and strength?


Whatever it is that's YOUR reason, it will drive you.


Sure, there are goals along the way like 'lose 5lbs' 'bench 100kg' 'run 5k in less than 25 mins' etc.


But they are purely goals.


they aren't DRIVERS.


What's your driver?


let me sum up....


> once per week isn't enough in any area of health or fitness, do MORE


> like hunger hormones remind you to eat, a coach will remind you to train and stretch - invest in some expert help


> practice productive downtime. Stretch, meal prep, recover when you have spare time.


> stop saying 'I don't have time waaaaa' instead SEARCH for your real emotional driver and go get after it, you can achieve anything you want when you find that inner fire.



Train hard




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