take control of your body with this trick

Remember back when you were young


Ah, the good old days


Life was simple


You used to play for hours


And then, the dreaded two words would drift into your ear..





^^ if you’re anything like me you HATED going to bed when you were younger


(I was an absolute nightmare child apparently….so maybe I’m being mean to you guys)


Staying up late was a treat


Watching TV past 9pm was reserved only when I’d been the best son in the world


Can you relate?


….well, compare that to now...


You likely stay up way later than you should


You’re perpetually sleep deprived


You don’t ever feel rested


And when  you have to get up 30 mins earlier than usual




You may as well be a zombie.


So here, my friends, is the ONE thing to save your sleep


To reset your brain


And yes, to even burn more fat!


^ the stress hormone cortisol is released when you under-sleep. Which causes fat storage.


So sleep more and you shall be leaner!




Anyway, the thing...






Set it, stick to it


Get in bed at a certain time


Cos think about it..


You probably wake up at the same time each day, right?


Yet with differing bed times, you get wildly varying sleep lenghts


So fix it!


And I hear a few of you out there..


“I’m too busy, I’m too important, a bed time won’t work for me!"


Well, nobody I know does good work, good friendship time, good family time past 9pm


If anyone called you at 10pm for a chat, you’d tell them to F-off!!


So get into bed and allow your body the rest it deserves


This could be the secret ingredient for your fat loss!


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