The Acceleration of Results...

Most people make a BIG mistake when trying to get in shape Not understanding this concept is something I see all the time

And it amounts to more frustration, lots of quitting and just unnecessary pain

I call this concept the Acceleration of Results...

Imagine this...

You're driving into a wall at 1mph - you are still alive (or not dead)

At 25mph - you are shaken up...

But importantly... not dead

At 50mph you're in pain, maybe in a bad way - but you're probably not dead

At 100mph you are dead.

On a graph, your 'deadness' is represented by a flat line for all speeds

Except the 100mph speed, which would cause an ACCELERATION in the curve on the graph

Nothing, nothing, nothing

Then BAM! Everything all at once.

Now apply this to your fitness goals...

1 day of eating clean and training hard - you are not changed

7 days of eating clean and training hard - you are not changed

14 days of eating clean and training hard - you're starting to see a change, but it's not dramatic

Now do 100 days of constant clean eating & training hard 3 days per week

Guess what?!

Your results just went off the chart!

The key is that 100 days of work gets FAR MORE than 100x the results of 1 day

It's the accumulation that matters.

50 days does not get you half the results of 100 days

25 days doesn't get you a quarter of the results of 100 days

Same as how driving into the wall at 25mph doesn't get you a quarter dead!

Yet we think the result of training should be a linear effect

I.e. 1 week of training = 1lb lost, 12 weeks = 12lbs lost


We do 3 days of training = 0lbs of weight lost

We get upset

We then multiply that by 10 to calculate a month's worth of results

which again, is zero

Instead, get it into your head that you will not see a change for a few weeks

Possibly 4, 5 or 6 weeks!

Then suddenly, as a result of building up your momentum

You'll SMASH through your personal bests

See a rapid acceleration in results

And have a dramatic body transformation right before your eyes.

Yes, you can look BACK over 12 weeks and say that you lost 12lbs

Which is a pound a week

But in reality, nothing happened for the first 5 weeks

Then you lost between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs of body fat for the final 7 weeks

Play the long game and results come quicker

Counterintuitive? YES!

but trust me, it's the only way to play the game.

Most people give up before this incredible effect

So hang in there

Or get something started TODAY.

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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