The Anti-January Diet - AKA How to Dominate 2016


2016 for most people will go like this....


"Whoo! New Year New ME!!"


"Let's go crazy"


"write a ton of goals"


"train every day"


"run every morning at 6:30am"


"eat soup and an apple every day"


"I'll be shredded by April"


"this is the year I make a change!"




hold. up. 


don't you say this every year?


Go 100 miles an hour yet crash and burn before January is out.


Let's slow down and do things PROPERLY


Introducing, the ANTI-JANUARY DIET


it ain't a diet


instead this is the time to lay the foundations


You know what success is?


It's doing the things you MUST do when you DON'T want to do them.


^^^ and that's why your resolutions will fail 


Instead, take the time to admit that


1) you don't have a healthy lifestyle as your default setting (more like beers and hot dogs)


2) you don't automatically choose healthy foods (chocolate, takeaways, lots of bread, right?)


3) you don't automatically go to the gym 5 days a week (you don't know what to do, or it bores you, right?)


Perhaps you feel like I'm hitting a nerve here




If your behaviour is NOT automatic right now


You will fail


But if you take the time out to INSTALL new habits and behaviours


then 2016 will be IMMENSE




Write down 3 habits you will FOCUS on daily, every day, throughout January


for example:


1) 10% of the time I will eat crap, but 90% of the time I will eat protein with every meal, only eat whole foods and eat a ton of veggies. 


2) 3 days a week I will hit a TOUGH 30 minute workout that I enjoy. For me this is lifting weights. 4 days a week I'm gonna chill and do nothing.


3) every day I'll take a 20 min walk at some point, well, for at least 4 days per week.


^^^ wording your intentions and habits like this and ACTING on them in Jan will change your life, your habits and success rituals will literally become rewired...


So you can go into February hitting the ground running


Sound a little backwards?


Well, you always struggle to make progress in fitness right?


So forget what you think you know and try something different this new years'


Maybe you could even achieve those goals of yours for once


This works so well it is my secret weapon


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