The Big Hairy Fitness Monster.....


Quick one before we get to today's fitness lesson....


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Now back to the lesson.....


There is a big, hairy monster that we all fall victim to


It's name is narrative fallacy (NF).


NF occurs when you tell yourself a lie to explain past events in your life.


For example, you may tell yourself that you 'can never lose weight'.


Is that true?


Or is that a false story you've made up to explain why over the past 5 years you've spent £2000 on gym memberships, diet books and a slimming world membership but you're still overweight?


Sucks to tell yourself the truth, right?


Don't know about you...but I don't want to look in the mirror and tell myself I could've worked harder. I could've eaten less sugar. I could've trained harder etc.


So I tell myself a nice little story about being busy, no time to prep food, I'm getting older etc.




This is EXTREMELY damaging.


This is the narrative fallacy in action.


Each time you make up a story to explain away your failures, you're letting yourself off the hook.




You are denying your brain the opportunity to LEARN.


But on the other hand... can't beat yourself up about not being 'successful' (whatever that means) because you'd give up very quickly!


Instead, I recommend you do something a little different.


Here's what I do:


Rather than creating a narrative fallacy: 'the reason I'm not in shape right now is because I'm too busy and I can't afford some amazing supplements'


Instead I say,


'I COULD be in shape right now but for some reason I am not. To make sure this doesn't happen again, what has held me back?"


^^ I ask a good ol' question!


Then, the answer tends to pop right into my head...


'Ant, the one thing that's held you back is you've missed 4 workouts over the past month, pick your game up!'


Then I think, 'oh shit, forgot about that, I'll make sure to hit all my workouts hard over the next month'


Important point: then I MOVE THE FUCK ON with my life.


Don't dwell on mistakes, or missed potential. Move on and succeed.


So to sum up, don't create a narrative fallacy to explain away your failures with a nice fairytale.


On the other hand, DON'T look at the truth and beat yourself up.


DO look at the truth and ask a few enlightened questions.


Find the answers, adjust course and move on.


I see MOST people fail to do this and as a result we have 40 year old women telling me they're 'getting too old' to lose body fat.




We have men in their 60s saying 'I can never build muscle'


right, ok


We have millions of people who are overweight and who say 'I've always been overweight and I always will be'




Because you can change, you can get stronger, you can build muscle & destroy body fat.


It takes a lot of honesty, and a small amount of action each day.


I mean, you ALREADY eat food each day.


you already breathe and move.


Just tweak the foods you eat and move with purpose (AKA lift weights).


And you will have the body you deserve.


The moment you start believing your own horseshit is the moment you've failed.


Be honest, find the truth, ACT.


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Train hard.




Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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