The BIGGEST mistake YOU are making in your training


The ONE thing that annoys me more than anything else in sport is the old school coach, who insists the best way for players to get fit for team sports like football and rugby, is road running, or jogging round the field or some other drawn out boring exercise.


These guys need to EVOLVE and change their beliefs, team sports are about speed and power and running through other people. Yes, some endurance is needed (and there are better ways to train for it as I’ll demonstrate), but the only way you are going to run over the top of someone is if you are STRONG!


Training to improve your strength and endurance levels at the same time, using extended aerobic exercise, has a NEGATIVE effect on your strength gains.


Constant jogging about will also make you LOSE muscle! Not good.


The solution is to hit the weights hard 2-3 times a week DURING THE SEASON, and if you aren’t……don’t expect to be dominating your opponents anytime soon.


Your endurance will come from performing INTENSE conditioning for 3-10 intervals of 30 secs to 3 minutes, now you can do almost anything for this; sprint, swing a kettlebell, drag a sled, wrestle a bear……but you’ll get the most out of it by making it specific to your sport.


So if you play rugby, and each phase of play lasts between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Train using intervals anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, sprint and use strongman tools without stopping, have 1-2 minutes rest and go again.


Josh 'chilling' after an intense session at Raw Strength!

Short, intense conditioning has been proven to increase your aerobic endurance AND maintain muscle mass…..and if you’re a little fatty it’ll melt the fat away.  So when your coach tells you to jog round the pitch a couple of times…..flip a tyre on his head and sprint off!


If any coaches are reading this, please use shorter, intense conditioning for your players and email me when you win more games :)


Drop any comments or questions below and I will respond!


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