The Crow Of Destiny... FLEW at my head, scaring the crap out of me and ominously barked out a warning..... Funny story..

Took a walk yesterday

In my favourite park near my house

LOVE listening to the birds

Sitting in the cool Japanese Garden section

...and just relaxing for 20 mins or so every day

^^ really important to do for stress levels by the way!


Yesterday was WAY different

A crow was perched in a tree

I walked past

And it crawed, barked, chirped

- or whatever the hell it's called when a crow makes a crow noise -

And I think nothing of it

Just carry on my chilled out walk

Then the crow appears again and aggressively calls out again

I look up

It flares it's wings and starts banging it's beak on the tree

* click * click * click *

A little bit freaky as pretty sure a Crow is a BAD omen...

It was going so mad at me I try and take a photo on my phone

Damn thing runs out of battery!

So I again, think nothing of it and walk off

Crow appears once more

Again I walk off

But THEN!!!

It swoops down towards me as I walk away

and I'm pretty scared of birds

I can't even walk past the geese next to the local canal!

And this thing DIVEBOMBS me then flies back up to it's tree

So needless to say I am terrified

I poop myself

and left the park double time!

Funny thing is

it got me thinking

About omens, signs, superstitions

Whatever you wanna call it

Aren't these just ways we try to explain LIFE to ourselves?

Especially when things are UNCERTAIN


Where there is uncertainty there is fear

Not sure if you're losing weight at the moment?

You're scared/worried about it

Not sure if you're getting stronger and fitter?

You're scared/worried about it

So you start making up signs and omens of progress

Such as:

> The dreaded scales

> Your partners comments

> The size of your clothes

But you forget that

> the scales measures muscle, water, undigested food AND body fat, it's unreliable

> others comments only reflect opinion, not fact

>the size of clothes differs greatly depending on garments, manufacturers and, for example with jeans, whether they're worn-in or freshly cleaned So today's lesson: Stop looking for signs, omens and those 'black crows'

Start looking for ways to measure your success and KNOW for certain you're making progress

Then you'll be confident

Then you'll feel like every day you're making a change

Then motivation and drive comes EASY

WE teach our clients a very specific way of tracking day to day nutrition

and also bodyfat and body shape targets too

Want to learn how?

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How's that for honesty

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, warrington