The Endurance Project

This is a shout out to people who are fed up with normal training, regular diets and less than perfect results. Let everyone else settle with mediocre health and take yourself to the next level of human performance..... We now have a training group called 'THE ENDURANCE PROJECT' where you can train twice a week (usually at 8pm) and compete like a champion. Read more below the pic!

Have you experienced a plateau or boredom in your running training?

Have you been injured whilst training or racing?

Do you have less time than ever to train due to other commitments/responsibilities?

Do you want a challenge?

Wanna recover from old/recurring injuries, train intensely and meet other like-minded people?

Wish you could enjoy training again?....

....and most importantly….enjoy running, racing and the feeling of freedom that running gives?!!

Then read on.....and learn more about the brand new Endurance Project.


Is this a great group for you?

 This is what you get (so you can decide!):

- Your own dedicated strength and conditioning coach with every session

- Intense running workouts designed for your ability, but with a friendly push forwards!

- Your personal strength program to get those powerful legs you’ve always wanted!

- Awesome mobility/soft tissue program suited to your old injuries and tight spots

- Comprehensive recovery, nutrition and training programs so no need for another gym membership. This is your own private gym!

- Weekly time trials on Sat morns (if you’re not busy winning races of course!)

- Monthly socials and fun days


This is not a regular 'running group'. Workouts are based on heavy strength training and intense conditioning workouts with a nice bit of movement/technique work thrown in.

You will run faster from session one.

Email us to join or simply for more info. This will literally change the way you move!


Stay Strong