The fitness lessons of a stale cuppa...

mouldy Today I want to teach you something that I see people misunderstand every single day

Whether it's on the phone with people in consultations, or messages and emails online

It's a BIG problem

Yet by solving and clearly understanding this one concept you can radically speed up your progress in fitness, strength, fat loss, muscle gain WHATEVER you like, and quite easily too

Without it.... not so much

So let me ask you something

Ever seen a cup of tea go stale?

I mean really rotten

And a half full cup of course, for all you pessimists

If not, imagine a university students kitchen

Got the image in your head?


Now, you can see that the tea and the mouldy crust on top are separate right?

The cuppa used to be good when it was hot

Now it's cold as a snowman's armchair

I believe that losing HEAT in your actions and allowing the good stuff to SEPARATE from everything else in your life will result in the exact same thing

A mouldy crust over your life

be it depression, frustration, the feeling of 'almost' getting in shape

Well, 'almost' getting in shape or simply 'trying' to lose weight doesn't get the job done now does it

So two things have happened here that you can directly relate to your fitness push, or upcoming push for the summer

1 - your lifestyle can't be separate from your nutrition & workouts, it's all the same thing! < MAJOR CONCEPT PEOPLE MISS!

2 - your 'HEAT' is your motivation, lose your focus and you'll go cold, even if your lifestyle is pretty healthy and supportive of your diet and training < YOU WILL GO COLD AND MOULDY Make sense?

So remember this, write it down and carry it with you always..

"SUCCESS comes when your lifestyle IS INTEGRATED with your nutrition and training. Have a clear goal, focus on your daily actions and find a motivating way to train your body" The issue comes when we start seeing fitness and nutrition as an 'industry' solely focused on food and gym stuff - when really it is life itself

We're trapped in these fleshy human bodies, there is no separation

Clearly this association is obvious because with a stronger more efficient body you get:

> more energy

> longer focus and productivity at work

> deeper and more restful sleep

> better sex drive and happiness

and on and on

^ is any of that traditionally linked with a fitness program?

Imagine, if i set up an 'increase your sex drive' program

People would laugh at me, right?

But it IS linked, it IS your lifestyle that is improved in ALL areas when you nail this concept

So if you want help and guidance to make your lifestyle integrated and improved because of your nutrition and training

Not suffer because of a restrictive diet or bone crushing workouts

Then apply to join our summer transformation

The result we will achieve for you is individual of course, but typically you'll get 1-2 dress sizes slimmer, a feeling of vitality each day and a fitter, sexier body ready for that beach bikini this summer

The investment is less than £25 per week, for 8 weeks

Included is:

> your own coach for 3 private sessions each week in a motivating group

> a personalised nutrition program

> accountability and focus with our supportive team

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Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington